Adjectives for Radio

Adjectives For Radio

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing radio, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a radio can vividly alter the image or message conveyed. A local radio taps into the community's heart, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences. Contrastingly, a portable radio brings a sense of personal entertainment and freedom, allowing music and news to follow you wherever you go. The term commercial radio, on the other hand, paints a picture of broader, advertisement-driven broadcasting, targeting a wide audience with diverse content. Meanwhile, a public radio emphasizes service and education, often funded by the listeners themselves. Each adjective opens up a new dimension of understanding, showing how versatile and impactful a radio can be in different contexts. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'radio' below to explore more nuances.
localI listened to the local radio on my way to work.
portableI listened to the news on my portable radio
commercialI listened to the commercial radio on the way home.
wayThe pilot spoke through the way radio to the control tower.
publicI listen to public radio every day.
nationalI heard the news on the national radio
shortwaveI used to listen to distant lands through the crackle of my shortwave radio
germanI listened to the German radio yesterday.
waveI listened to the wave radio and enjoyed the music.
mobileThe company has a wide range of mobile radios that are perfect for keeping in touch on the go.
americanMy favorite radio show plays on American radio
amateurAmateur radio enthusiasts often experiment with different antennas and transmission modes.
digitalI listen to digital radio every day.
educationalThe educational radio program aired a segment on the history of the American Revolution.
cellularThe cellular radio signal was weak in the basement.
privateShe listened to her favorite show on private radio
frenchI listened to some French radio on my drive home.
britishJohn listened intently to the news on the British radio
shortHe fiddled with the short radio hoping it would help pass the time.
blackMy grandfather listened to black radio all day.
freeI love listening to free radio while I'm driving.
satelliteI love listening to satellite radio on my road trips.
sovietThe Soviet radio was very powerful back in the day.
bigThe sound was deafening as the big radio blared out the latest hits.
liveI love listening to live radio
controlledThe controlled radio station broadcast messages to the surrounding area.
poweredThe powered radio blared out the latest news.
christianTune into your favorite Christian radio station for uplifting music and inspiring messages.
soundI listened to the news on sound radio
independentI listened to independent radio on my drive home from work.
marineThe captain used the marine radio to contact the other ships in the area.
wirelessThe wireless radio played music throughout the house.
clandestineThe clandestine radio broadcast provided crucial information to the resistance movement.
japaneseI enjoy listening to Japanese radio
languageThe language radio station played music from around the world.
cognitiveThe cognitive radio system detected the unoccupied spectrum dynamically and efficiently.
israeliI listened to Israeli radio while I was in Tel Aviv.
tinyI listened to the news on my tiny radio
secretThe secret radio broadcast reached the isolated village.
powerfulThe powerful radio signal reached across the galaxy.
italianI listened to Italian radio all day long.
hamI enjoy listening to ham radio during my free time.
officialThe official radio station of the city announced the news.
crystalHe was listening to the radio broadcast on his crystal radio
spanishI listened to Spanish radio on my drive home from work.
ownedHe owned radio stations in three different states.
domesticThe news was broadcast on domestic radio
timeThe time radio program will be aired every morning.
canadianHe eagerly listened to the latest canadian radio broadcasts.
cheapI listened to the news on my cheap radio
nationwideThe announcement was made on the nationwide radio
swedishSwedish radio is the national public radio broadcaster of Sweden.
noncommercialI listen to noncommercial radio every day.
loudThe loud radio drowned out the conversation.
undergroundI listened to underground radio all night long.
daytimeI listened to daytime radio while I was cleaning the house.
rangeI need help troubleshooting my range radio
terrestrialThe terrestrial radio signal was weak in the remote area.
nonThe music player had a non radio setting.
turkishI listened to Turkish radio last night.
shoreThe shore radio crackled with static as the ship approached the coast.
polishI listened to Polish radio on my way to work.
australianI listen to Australian radio when I'm driving in the car.

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