Adjectives for Rank

Adjectives For Rank

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing rank, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe 'rank' can significantly impact the perception of status or order. For instance, 'high rank' implies notable prestige or position, while 'first rank' suggests precedence or leadership. Conversely, 'higher rank' subtly denotes a comparison or improvement in status. Additionally, 'front rank' might convey leading or forward positions, either literally in spatial arrangements or metaphorically in fields of expertise. The nuance each adjective brings intricately colors the meaning, portraying various levels of stature, priority, and position within a hierarchy. Similarly, 'social rank' introduces a dimension of societal or communal standing, further diversifying the context. Explore the full palette of adjectives suited for 'rank' and refine your narrative with precise descriptors.
highThe general held a high rank in the military.
firstHis first rank last year was 501
highestThe general with the highest rank commanded the troops.
frontThe front rank of the army was decimated by the enemy's artillery fire.
higherHe was promoted to a higher rank due to his exceptional performance.
socialHe attempted to climb the social rank ladder.
sameThe two soldiers have the same rank
secondShe wanted to be a four-star admiral, but she was only a second rank
lowerThe soldier had to salute his superior officer, who held a lower rank
equalThe two candidates finished the race with equal rank
militaryHe was awarded the military rank of lieutenant colonel.
inferiorShe was the officer of inferior rank but she was still in charge of the operation.
lowestThe private rank was the lowest rank in the army.
lowThe low rank soldier was assigned to clean the barracks.
superiorThe general was of a superior rank to the colonel.
relativeThe relative rank of the two candidates was difficult to determine.
fullThe matrix has full rank
foremostThe foremost rank of students was awarded to the top performers.
officialThe official rank of the general was very high.
exaltedThe king's exalted rank placed him above the other nobles.
thirdThe third rank player in the tournament was awarded a bronze medal.
rearThe rear rank of soldiers marched in perfect formation.
middleThe middle rank officer was in charge of the operation.
nobleHe inherited the noble rank of duke from his father.
lesserThe lesser rank officer was in charge of the operation.
topHis performance has met the top rank that the company requires.
brevetThe pilot had a brevet rank of major.
distinguishedThe general, who held the distinguished rank of four-star general, was awarded the Purple Heart for bravery.
academicHe achieved the academic rank of professor.
averageThe average rank of the students in the class was 15.
meanThe mean rank of the student was 85th percentile.
formerThe former rank of the soldier was captain.
senatorialThe committee is chaired by a member of senatorial rank
hereditaryThe prince's hereditary rank gave him a place of honor in the royal court.
consularThe diplomat held the consular rank of ambassador.
fourthThe fourth rank military officer was in charge of the operation.
seniorHe reached to a senior rank after years of dedicated work.
secondaryThe applicant only holds a secondary rank in the selection process.
royalThe young prince and princess were both of royal rank
equestrianHis equestrian rank was higher than a Knight's rank.
humble Despite his humble rank he was well-respected by the community.
ministerialTwo of them were journalists, one was a diplomat, and one held ministerial rank
honoraryThe veteran was bestowed an honorary rank for his service.
temporaryThe general had to accept the temporary rank given by the emperor.
equivalentTwo lieutenant colonels of equivalent rank and different services saluted each other.
subordinateThe subordinate rank of the soldier made him less likely to be promoted.
fifthThe fifth rank officer is responsible for overseeing the operations of the entire department.
princelyThe prince was of princely rank
respectableThe candidate held a respectable rank among the applicants.
permanentThe soldier was promoted to a permanent rank of sergeant.
juniorThe junior rank officer was assigned the duty of guarding the perimeter.
ecclesiasticalThe bishop held the highest ecclesiastical rank in the diocese.
eminentThe professor is an eminent rank in the academic world.
professorialHe held the professorial rank of associate engineering professor.
correspondingThe corresponding rank was given to him in quick succession.
occupationalHe was awarded the occupational rank of 'senior designer'.
genericThe general produced a report for his generic rank
supremeThe general held the supreme rank in the entire army.
ambassadorialThe newly appointed ambassador to the United Kingdom will hold ambassadorial rank
diplomaticHis diplomatic rank was ambassador.
episcopalThe archbishop holds episcopal rank
honourableThe hero was awarded the honourable rank of general.
firftThe patient was admitted to the hospital with a firft rank of symptoms.
loftyThe general held a lofty rank in the military.
navalThe officer of naval rank called to speak to the captain.
imperialHe was a man of high imperial rank

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