Adjectives for Rates

Adjectives For Rates

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing rates, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe rates can significantly alter the meaning conveyed. High and higher rates often imply a level of expense or intensity that might be daunting, while low and lower rates suggest affordability or reduction in intensity, appealing to those seeking value or decrease. Different rates highlight variation and choice, suggesting a range of options. The term real rates brings in a layer of authenticity, focusing on the actual value after accounting for factors like inflation. Each adjective not only tweaks the nuance but also guides perception and decision-making. Ready to explore how each adjective reshapes your understanding of rates? Discover the full list below.
highMany people have experienced high rates of inflation recently.
higherDue to the recent economic downturn, the company has reported higher rates of unemployment.
lowWe offer low rates on car insurance.
lowerDue to lower rates we are anticipating higher yields.
differentObjects travel at different rates in space.
realThe US Federal Reserve raised real rates from 0.5% to 0.75%.
highestThe highest rates of absenteeism were recorded in the winter months.
averageThe average rates of unemployment are rising.
annualThe annual rates of house price growth were 10%.
termInvestors prefer long-term rates to short-term rates.
specificInterest was calculated based on specific rates
relativeThe relative rates of reaction between two different molecules can be determined by the Arrhenius equation.
currentThe current rates for electricity are very high.
specialI am pleased to offer you special rates on your next trip to Hawaii.
nominalThe nominal rates for the year were 4%.
marginalMarginal rates are the rates of taxation on additional income.
lowestWe offer the lowest rates on the market.
reasonableWe offer reasonable rates for our services.
effectiveThe company announced effective rates for the new tax year.
overallThe overall rates for this year are up.
differentialThe differential rates of inflation will have a significant impact on the economy.
poorThe village had the third lowest poor rates in the county.
actualThe actual rates are a result of the latest market data.
rapidThe population growth rate is increasing at rapid rates
yearThe interest year rates on the loan are 5%.
maximumThe maximum rates were achieved with the interpolation of data.
minimumThe minimum rates were set by the government.
flexibleThe company offers flexible rates for their services.
slowWater flows at slow rates during dry season.
hourlyWe charge our clients hourly rates for our services.
domesticWe offer domestic rates for all our services.
infantInfant rates in rural areas were found to be twice as high as urban areas.
femaleThe female rates are higher than the male rates.
futureThe company's future rates are expected to remain high.
slowerThe company grew at slower rates than expected.
fasterThe team moved at faster rates than expected.
officialThe official rates for this product are indicated on the website.
equalThe team worked at equal rates until the last stretch.
negativeI was surprised to see negative rates on my bank account.
netThe net rates for the hotel are available on the website.
forwardCentral banks usually explain their paths for short-term interest rate policy by announcing the expected path for future forward rates
standardPlease charge me the standard rates for the service.
crudeThe crude rates of birth and death have fallen in recent years.
variableThe interest on the bond fluctuates with variable rates
correspondingThe corresponding rates for the year are shown in the table below.
exorbitantThe exorbitant rates for the service made it inaccessible to many.
moderateWe offer moderate rates on all our services.
preferentialSome people are able to get preferential rates on their loans.
meanThe company offers competitive mean rates for its employees.
excessiveThe company is charging excessive rates for its services.
competitiveWe offer competitive rates on all our products and services.
observedThe researchers observed rates of ALS of 1.6 per 100,000 person-years.
stableWe offer stable rates for long-term contracts.
corporateThe hotel offers corporate rates for business travelers.
favorableWe offer favorable rates on all of our loans.
uniformThe company provided health insurance to all employees at uniform rates regardless of their ages or health conditions.
postalThe postal rates have increased again this year.
comparativeThe comparative rates of growth between the two groups were statistically significant.
comparableThe two companies' sales increased at comparable rates
monthlyI'm looking for monthly rates on a one-bedroom apartment.
cheapThe company is offering cheap rates on car rentals.
progressiveThe progressive rates system ensures that higher income earners pay a larger percentage of taxes on their earnings.
adjustedThe company adjusted rates to match market conditions.
respectiveThe students finished their homework at their respective rates
maternalMaternal rates are a key indicator of the health of a population.
fixedThe company now provides fixed rates for its services.

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