Adjectives for Ratings

Adjectives For Ratings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ratings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe ratings can deeply influence the reader's perception. For instance, high ratings often suggest excellence and reliability, compelling users to trust and choose a service or product. In contrast, low ratings might signal issues or shortcomings, cautioning potential users. Even more nuanced, average ratings could imply satisfactory but not exceptional quality, setting realistic expectations. Meanwhile, the distinction between higher and lower ratings can navigate readers through comparative analysis, suggesting a trajectory of improvement or decline. Uncover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with ratings to grasp the subtleties conveyed in assessments and evaluations.
highThe movie received high ratings from critics.
meanThe mean ratings for the movie were quite low.
lowThe movie received low ratings from the critics.
lowerThe movie received lower ratings than expected.
averageThe average ratings for the movie were not very high.
subjectiveThe subjective ratings of the product were very positive.
highestThe product achieved the highest ratings from the critics.
selfI think my self ratings are pretty accurate.
currentThe current ratings of the motor are 10 amps at 120 volts.
overallThe overall ratings of the product were very high.
globalThe company achieved global ratings for its sustainable practices.
individualThe survey shows that the individual ratings of the candidates were very high.
positiveThe product received positive ratings from its users.
clinicalWhile self-report questionnaires provide symptom measures for screening and monitoring, they do not yield clinical ratings used by clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluation of treatment outcomes.
independentThe independent ratings of the movie were very high.
numericalThe numerical ratings of the students were considerably high.
navalThe naval ratings were given a hero's welcome when they returned home.
favorableThe company received favorable ratings from customers.
negativeThe product received several negative ratings due to its poor quality.
poorThe movie received poor ratings from critics.
lowestThe movie received the lowest ratings from the critics.
similarThe two movies received similar ratings from critics.
supervisoryHis supervisory ratings were consistently high.
maximumAdhere to the maximum ratings posted on the equipment.
behavioralThe company uses behavioral ratings to evaluate employee performance.
finalThe final ratings for the show were disappointing.
initialThe movie received initial ratings of 8 out of 10.
separateThe organization used separate ratings to evaluate the job performance of its employees.
sociometricThe sociometric ratings were used to determine the students' social status.
topThis product has top ratings and is highly recommended.
standardThe company has received standard ratings from the credit agencies.
betterThe new show received better ratings than expected.
relativeHe discovered that relative ratings don't actually predict box-office results.
excellentThe movie received excellent ratings from critics.
actualThe actual ratings are higher than the estimated ones.
daily"The hosts received daily ratings that were largely negative."
comparativeThe comparative ratings of the two products are very close.
objectiveThe hiring manager noted several other objective ratings on the employee's performance review.
compositeThe composite ratings are based on multiple factors.
extremeThe movie received extreme ratings from glowing reviews to scathing critiques.
horsepowerThe Mustang GT is expected to have horsepower ratings exceeding 480.
maternalMaternal ratings of the child's behavior were used to assess the child's social competence.
accurateThe company's products received accurate ratings from the consumer reviews.
typicalThe show garnered typical ratings
presidentialThe presidential ratings have been consistently high throughout his term.
reliableThe product has reliable ratings from satisfied customers.
occupationalThe occupational ratings were determined by a panel of experts.
superiorYour performance has received superior ratings from your manager.
absoluteUsing absolute ratings does not take into account differences in rater severity.
octaneOctane ratings measure the fuel's resistance to knocking.
expertExperts participating in the study provided detailed expert ratings of the collected data.
evaluativeThe evaluative ratings of the product were mostly positive.
semanticThe semantic ratings of the text were high.
reportThe company released its latest report ratings yesterday.
basedThe new restaurant had low based ratings
satisfactoryThe restaurant's food received satisfactory ratings from critics.
quantitativeThe study found that students who received quantitative ratings performed significantly better on standardized tests.
summatedThe team's summated ratings were very impressive.
peerPeer ratings can provide valuable feedback on an employee's performance.
sovereignThe sovereign ratings of many countries have been downgraded in recent years.
qualitativeThe qualitative ratings of the products varied from excellent to poor.
psychiatricThe patient's psychiatric ratings improved significantly after starting the new medication.
identicalThe two products received identical ratings from consumers.
visualThe visual ratings were very low.

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