Adjectives for Ratio

Adjectives For Ratio

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ratio, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives associated with the noun 'ratio' reveals a fascinating dimension of quantitative assessment and comparison. A 'high' ratio might suggest an abundance or a surplus in relation, bringing about implications of efficiency or profitability. In contrast, a 'low' ratio indicates the opposite, potentially hinting at inadequacy or shortfall. When ratios are described as 'the same,' it suggests equality or parity in comparison, which can be vital in analyses of fairness or balance. Descriptors like 'higher' and 'average' further refine our understanding, providing relative and normative perspectives respectively. The 'current' ratio, meanwhile, grounds us in the present, offering a snapshot of now. For a deeper dive into the meaning and impact of these terms, explore the full list of adjectives below.
highThe company's high ratio of debt to equity was a concern to investors.
same"The speed and time are in the same ratio to each other."
lowThe low ratio of patient to doctor made it difficult to receive immediate care.
higherThe study found a higher ratio of boys to girls with autism.
averageThe average ratio of boys to girls in the class is 2:3.
currentThe company's current ratio is 2.5, indicating that it has sufficient liquid assets to meet its short-term obligations.
constantThe resistance of a wire is directly proportional to its length and has a constant ratio
lowerThe lower ratio of sodium to potassium in the diet may help reduce blood pressure.
femaleThe female ratio in the workforce has increased steadily over the past decade.
directThe force of gravity is in direct ratio to the mass of the bodies.
criticalThe critical ratio was calculated as the ratio of the mean difference to the standard deviation of the difference.
totalUsage of total ratio is not recommended.
overallThe overall ratio is 1:4.
voidThe void ratio of the soil was determined to be 0.65.
costThe cost ratio of the project is estimated to be 2:1.
fixedThe fixed ratio schedule reinforces a response with a reward after a set number of responses.
normalThe normal ratio of carbon to oxygen in the atmosphere is 3:2.
maximumThe maximum ratio of the current to the rated capacity of the battery is 10.
benefitThe company's benefit ratio has increased significantly in the past year.
minimumThe minimum ratio of output voltage required is 0.22 volts.
greaterThe greater ratio of height to width made the room feel narrow.
cementThe cement ratio of the concrete mix should be 1:2:4.
meanThe mean ratio of the two quantities is 3:4.
equityThe company's equity ratio which measures the proportion of assets financed by shareholders' equity, is a key indicator of its financial leverage.
initialThe initial ratio of the mixture we used was 1 to 4.
oddsThe odds ratio for exposure to the toxin was 2.5 (95% confidence interval, 1.2-5.1).
laborLabor ratio is calculated by dividing man hours by production output.
actualThe actual ratio of boys to girls in the class is 2:3.
variableThe variable ratio reinforcement schedule involves varying the number of responses required to obtain a reinforcer.
properThe recipe calls for a proper ratio of dry to wet ingredients.
correspondingThe corresponding ratio of the speeds of the two trains is 3:4.
volumeThe volume ratio of the two liquids is 3:2.
axialThe axial ratio of a galaxy is defined as the ratio of its major axis to its minor axis.
maleThe male ratio of the company is much higher.
lowestThe lowest ratio of sodium to potassium was found in the experimental group.
massThe mass ratio of hydrogen to helium in the universe is about 3 to 1.
exactThe exact ratio of the ingredients is essential to the recipe's success.
optimalThe optimal ratio of ingredients is crucial for the perfect dish.
relativeThe relative ratio of students to teachers is 20:1.
netThe net ratio of the two companies' profits was 2:1.
effectiveThe project proceeded at an impressive effective ratio demonstrating the team's exceptional productivity and efficiency.
earningsThe company's earnings ratio is impressive.
largerThe larger ratio of men to women in the company was concerning to the HR department.
geometricalThe geometrical ratio of the sequence is calculated by dividing any term by its preceding term.
correctThe ingredients are in the correct ratio to make a delicious cake.
favorableThe project to reduce waste had a favorable ratio of cost to benefit.
smallerThe smaller ratio of the two numbers is 1:2.
widthIts width ratio is 16:9.
stoichiometricThe reaction was carried out under stoichiometric ratio
nutritiveThe nutritive ratio of this food is perfect for my dog.
grossThe 68.1% gross ratio was based on the full-time equivalent of 78.9 million employees.
quickThe company's quick ratio a measure of its short-term liquidity, improved in the last quarter.
observedThe observed ratio of the two elements was found to be 2:1.
cytoplasmicNucleocytoplasmic ratio is a very important indicator in hematology.
atomicThe atomic ratio of the alloy was determined using X-ray diffraction.
equalThe two quantities are in equal ratio
incrementalThe incremental ratio is calculated by dividing the change in the output by the change in the input.
definiteThe two ingredients were mixed in a definite ratio
labourThe labour ratio was too high for the company to be profitable.
appropriateThe appropriate ratio of ingredients is essential for a balanced dish.
normalizedThe normalized ratio of the sample to the control was 1.5.
liquidThe liquid ratio in the mixture should be two to one.
capitalThe bank's capital ratio is 10%.
numericalThe numerical ratio of the two numbers is 3:4
diameterThe diameter ratio of the two circles is 2 to 3.
gyromagneticThe gyromagnetic ratio of a nucleus is a measure of its magnetic moment relative to its angular momentum.
marginalThe marginal ratio of the rice plant is 4:1, meaning that for every 4 kilos of rice planted, you can expect to harvest 1 kilo.
landThe land ratio is 0.5, which means that half of the area is land and the other half is water.
valueThe value ratio of the two stocks is 2:1.
idealThe ideal ratio of carbon to nitrogen is 12:1.
dimensionlessThe pressure drop can be described by a dimensionless ratio called Reynolds number.
theoreticalThe theoretical ratio of the mixture should be 3:2.
salesThe sales ratio of the company is 2:1.
aboveThe above ratio of 1:10 is a simple ratio to remember.
waveThe wave ratio of the new antenna is 1.5.

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