Adjectives for Ray

Adjectives For Ray

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ray, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'ray' can be transformed dramatically depending on the adjective placed before it, unveiling the multifaceted beauty or danger it may signify. Describing a 'first ray' of sunlight brings hope and a new beginning, while a 'central ray' could highlight the focus or intensity of something powerful. A 'single ray' suggests isolation or uniqueness, and the 'last ray' rings with a sense of finality or loss. 'Chest ray' moves us to the medical realm, showing the seriousness or health implications. An 'ordinary ray', on the other hand, brings everything back to the mundane. Each adjective shades the noun with distinct emotions and imagery. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'ray' below and discover the nuanced stories they tell.
firstThe first ray of sunlight peeked through the blinds.
centralThe central ray of a hyperbola is the line segment joining the center point and any point on the hyperbola.
singleWe saw a single ray of sunshine breaking through the darkness.
lastThe last ray of sunlight peeked over the horizon.
chestThe doctor ordered a chest ray to check for any abnormalities in the lungs.
ordinaryThe ordinary ray is the refracted ray that follows Snell's law.
refractedThe refracted ray passes through the second medium in a straight line.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary ray passed through the calcite crystal.
cosmicThe cosmic ray's path through the Earth's atmosphere was charted by the LOFAR radio telescope array.
gammaThe gamma ray burst was so powerful that it could be seen from across the galaxy.
brightThe bright ray of sunlight streamed through the window.
mentalThe mental ray rendering engine is used to create realistic images and animations.
visualI can see the visual ray from the sun clearly today.
lateralThe lateral ray of the fish is used to detect movement in the water.
redThe red ray of light pierced through the darkness.
faintA faint ray of sunlight peeked through the blinds.
medullaryThe medullary rays in oak can be seen with the naked eye.
plainThe plain ray swam gracefully through the clear water.
principalThe principal ray of the telescope is parallel to the axis.
cathodeThe cathode ray struck the glass of the oscilloscope, creating a bright spot of light.
abdominalThe neonate was noted to have an abdominal ray on the chest x-ray.
directThe direct ray of sunlight streamed through the window.
purestOnly the purest ray of sunlight could reveal the secret of the glowing crystal.
solarThe solar ray warms our hearts and souls.
softThe soft ray of sun peeked through the clouds.
emergentThe emergent ray from the prism was refracted.
feebleThe feeble ray of light illuminated the dark cave.
goldenThe golden ray of sunlight peeked through the blinds, illuminating the room.
polarizedThe polarized ray has a property that its wave vibrates in a single plane.
roentgenThe illuminating roentgen ray allowed doctors to see inside a patient's body for the first time.
electricThe electric ray is a type of fish that can generate powerful electric shocks to defend itself and to stun its prey.
chiefThe lighthouse's chief ray pierced through the dense fog.
lightThe light ray illuminated the dark room.
longestThe longest ray of sunlight I ever saw was on the day of the eclipse.
yellowA yellow ray of sunshine peeked through the blinds.
axialThe curved lines on a cut board are axial rays.
luminousThe luminous ray of light pierced through the darkness, illuminating the path ahead.
thinThe thin ray of sunlight pierced through the darkness.
greenThe green ray flashed across the horizon, signaling the end of the day and the beginning of night.
paleThe pale ray of the moon illuminated the path.
correspondingThe corresponding ray passes through the center of the circle.
blueI watched a blue ray movie last night.
divineThe divine ray of sunlight illuminated the path of the pilgrim.
dimThe dim ray of light illuminated the dark room.
heatThe Martian invasion began with the fiery heat ray
suddenThe sudden ray of sunlight pierced through the dense foliage.
fourthThe fourth ray of the sun was shining through the window.
verticalThe vertical ray of sunlight penetrated the dense canopy.
tinyThe tiny ray of hope kept me going.
pureThe pure ray of sunlight warmed her skin.
fifthThe fifth ray of sunlight shone through the window.
paraxialThe paraxial ray approximation is valid for small angles of incidence.
straightThe straight ray pierced through the darkness.
routineThe routine ray gleamed through the vast expanse of space.
obliqueThe oblique ray of sunlight illuminated the dusty room.
characteristicIts characteristic ray casts no shadow, because the photon energy absorbed by the molecule is instantaneously transformed into ground-state vibrations.
leastThe least ray of light pierced through the cracks in the curtains.
horizontalThe horizontal ray of the sun shone through the window.
diffractedThe crystal, through which the X-rays were transmitted, diffracted rays.
dorsalThe dorsal ray of the male fish is longer than that of the female.
sunnyThe sunny ray shone brightly through the window, warming the room.
broadThe broad ray of sunlight illuminated the dark room.
solitaryThe solitary ray of sunlight pierced through the dense canopy.
marginalThe marginal ray of the pectoral fin is well-developed.
faintestThe faintest ray of sunshine peeked through the clouds.
scatteredThe scattered ray of sunlight reflected off the water, casting dancing shadows across the room.
postoperativeThe patient had to go to physical therapy after his postoperative ray
genialThe genial ray of sunlight illuminated the room.
slowThe slow ray crept through the darkness, illuminating the path ahead.
polarisedThe polarised ray of sunlight illuminated the surface of the water.
brighterThe brighter ray of hope illuminated the path that lay ahead.
heavenlyThe heavenly ray of sunlight illuminated the garden.
brightestThe brightest ray of sunshine peeked through the clouds and illuminated the meadow.
brilliantThe brilliant ray of sunlight illuminated the dusty room.
wanThe wan ray of sunlight barely illuminated the room.

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