Adjectives for Reach

Adjectives For Reach

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reach, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe reach can significantly impact the perception of your message. Whether it's the easy reach of a nearby shelf or the global reach of a major corporation, each adjective conveys a distinct level of accessibility and influence. Delve into the nuances between a long reach, symbolizing extensive capabilities, and a hard reach, which hints at the challenges faced. Meanwhile, broad and wide reach suggest inclusivity and widespread impact. Every adjective adds a layer of understanding to the noun, enriching your communication with precision. Explore the complete spectrum of adjectives associated with reach to fully express your thoughts.
easyThe remote control was within easy reach of the couch.
globalThe company's products have a global reach
longThe surgeon's long reach allowed him to successfully operate on intricate organs.
hardThe hard reach almost caused him to miss the bus.
broadPrograms with a broad reach can appeal to a large audience.
wideThe news story had wide reach and was read by millions of people.
highestThe mountain's highest reach pierced the clouds.
immediateThe book was within immediate reach of his outstretched hand.
lowerThe lower reach of the river is often more shallow and treacherous than its upper reaches.
upperThe man reached the upper reach of the rock face and began to climb.
financialThe company's financial reach extended globally.
convenientThe remote control is within convenient reach of the couch.
limitedThe company's influence had a limited reach in the remote regions.
greaterSocial media platforms offer a greater reach for businesses to connect with their target audience.
farthestThe farthest reach of their voyage was the desolate island of Tristan da Cunha.
longerThis new feature gives the company a longer reach into the market.
widerThe new campaign will have a wider reach than the previous one.
utmostWe had to go to the utmost reach of the island before we could find any sign of life.
geographicThe company's geographic reach extends across several continents.
geographicalThe company's geographical reach encompasses over 100 countries worldwide.
outThe out reach program was very successful.
closeThe boat sailed on a close reach towards the island.
effectiveThis marketing campaign has an effective reach of over one million people.
vastThe internet has a vast reach connecting people from all over the world.
internationalThe company has an international reach with offices in over 50 countries.
maximumThe maximum reach of the antenna is 100 miles.
straightThe airplane has a cruising straight reach of over 1500 km.
furthestThe furthest reach of their influence was in the distant lands.
easierHis stature gave him easier reach to the top shelf.
andThe climber scrambled up the cliff face, hand over hand, and reached the summit.
difficultThe difficult reach of the shelf made it hard to retrieve the book.
potentialThis program has the potential reach of millions of people.
reasonableThe store is within reasonable reach of the school.
middleThe river runs through the middle reach of the valley.
broaderOur marketing campaign has a broader reach than ever before.
extensiveThe company's extensive reach ensures that their products are available to consumers across the globe.
intellectualHer intellectual reach extended to the far corners of history and literature.
extendedThe company's extended reach has allowed it to expand its customer base.
territorialThe territorial reach of the organization includes several countries in the region.
forwardThe gymnast used a forward reach to grasp the bar.
universalThe company's vision is to achieve universal reach with its products and services.
verticalThe vertical reach of the basketball player was measured at 12 feet.
worldwideThe company's products have a worldwide reach
comfortableThe remote control was within comfortable reach of the couch.
farThe organization's far reach allows them to provide aid in even the most remote areas.
jurisdictionalThe prosecutor's jurisdictional reach extends only to the county in which the crime occurred.
functionalThe patient's functional reach is significantly impaired.
narrowThe company's marketing campaign had a narrow reach failing to attract a wider audience.
imaginative"Her imaginative reach knew no bounds, as she created intricate narratives that transported readers to distant realms."
ultimateThe company's ultimate reach extended to every corner of the globe.
extraterritorialThe extraterritorial reach of the law allowed for the prosecution of crimes committed outside of the country.
widestThe marketing campaign had the widest reach in the company's history.
spatialThe spatial reach of the new technology is impressive.
upwardWith an upward reach she plucked the ripe fruit from the high branch.
tidalThe tidal reach of the river extended far inland.
quickShe used her quick reach to grab the ball before it hit the ground.

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