Adjectives for Reality

Adjectives For Reality

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reality, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of reality through adjectives unveils vast landscapes of perception and understanding. When paired with reality, descriptors such as social, objective, ultimate, physical, and external highlight the multifaceted nature of our existence. For instance, social reality dives into the collective understanding that shapes our interactions, while objective reality attempts to stand impartial, unaffected by our biases. The concept of virtual reality, on the other hand, blurs the lines between the tangible and the artificial, challenging our perceptions even further. Each adjective opens a new dimension, inviting us to explore the depths of reality in unique ways. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with reality below, each shedding light on the nuances that shape our world.
socialThe social reality of our time is one of great change and uncertainty.
objectiveThe objective reality is what we perceive as the world around us.
ultimateThe ultimate reality is the nature of existence.
physicalThe physical reality of the world around us is undeniable.
externalThe external reality is the world outside of our own minds.
virtualI am immersed in a virtual reality world.
historicalThe historical reality underlying the myth is unclear
politicalThe political reality of the situation made it difficult to reach a consensus.
onlyOnly reality can satisfy me now.
presentOur present reality is one of deep uncertainty and rapid change.
concreteThe concrete reality of the situation was unlike anything he had ever seen.
spiritualThe spiritual reality of the cosmos is beyond our comprehension.
empiricalThe empirical reality of the situation belied the optimism of the forecasts.
economicEconomic reality is often ignored by utopian thinkers.
trueThe true reality is often hidden behind a veil of illusion.
harshThe harsh reality of life can sometimes be difficult to accept.
everydayThe unexpected visitor shattered her everyday reality
psychologicalThe psychological reality of the situation was far more complex than it seemed on the surface.
divineThere is a divine reality to the universe that connects us all.
innerExploring one's inner reality can lead to profound self-discovery
actualIt's not a virtual game, it's the actual reality
complexWe live in a complex reality where nothing is as it seems.
practicalEmbracing the practical reality of the situation will help you achieve your goals more effectively.
independentThe independent reality of the external world is a fundamental assumption of science.
currentI am facing my current reality head-on.
starkThe stark reality of the situation dawned on him.
contemporaryThe artist's work reflected the contemporary reality of the city.
grimThe grim reality of the situation dawned upon us.
transcendentThe transcendence of our mortal existence leads us to question our place in the transcendent reality beyond.
psychicThe psychic reality of the experience was undeniable.
hardThe hard reality was that I had to face the truth and move on.
subjectiveEveryone experiences their own subjective reality shaped by their unique experiences and perspectives.
fundamentalThe fundamental reality of existence is that we are all connected.
outerWe must turn away from our attachments to outer reality to find inner peace.
supremeThe supreme reality is beyond our comprehension.
immediateThe immediate reality of the situation dawned on her with a heavy thud.
culturalOur cultural reality is shaped by the stories we tell.
ordinary I cannot distinguish between ordinary reality and the dream world.
eternalThe eternal reality of the universe is beyond our comprehension.
essentialThe essential reality is that we are all connected.
sadThe sad reality is that many people live in poverty.
dailyHer daily reality was a constant struggle for survival.
soleThe sole reality was that she was alone in the dark.
highestThe highest reality is an eternal and infinite ocean of consciousness.
terribleThe terrible reality of the situation dawned on him.
tangibleThe tangible reality was visible to all who looked.
deeperExploring the deeper reality behind the physical world.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical reality is often invoked in discussions of spirituality and philosophy.
painfulWe must accept the painful reality that our current path is unsustainable.
livedThe lived reality of the homeless is often ignored by policymakers.
sternThe stern reality of the situation quickly set in.
biologicalThe biological reality of the situation is that we are all mortal.
dayDespite the day reality I still dream of a better tomorrow.
substantialThe substantial reality of the situation was that the company was in financial trouble.
ontologicalThe ontological reality of the universe is a mystery that has puzzled philosophers for centuries.
existentialOur existential reality is a complex interplay of our subjective experiences and the objective world.
phenomenalThe phenomenal reality is an illusion that our minds create.
sovietIn Soviet reality the government controlled all aspects of daily life.
universalThe universal reality is that we are all connected.
visibleThe visible reality is often influenced by our beliefs and expectations.
transcendentalThe transcendental reality of the universe is beyond our comprehension.
unpleasantThe unpleasant reality of the situation was gradually sinking in.

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