Adjectives for Reason

Adjectives For Reason

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reason, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'reason' can significantly affect the tone and clarity of a sentence. For instance, a 'good reason' immediately implies a justifiable cause, whereas a 'main reason' suggests the primary factor among others. When someone mentions the 'only reason,' it points to exclusivity, underscoring that no other factors were considered. The use of 'very' amplifies the importance of the reason, making it more compelling. Meanwhile, a 'real reason' often hints at uncovering truths behind excuses or surface explanations. Each adjective shapes the perception of the reason it describes, adding layers of meaning and understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to enrich your descriptions and narratives by exploring our comprehensive list below.
goodThere was good reason to believe that the suspect was guilty.
sameI need to use the bathroom for the same reason
mainThe main reason for the decline in sales was the economic downturn.
onlyOnly reason I am here is to help you.
realThe real reason why he left is a mystery.
secondThe second reason for the decision is the lack of evidence.
sufficientThe decision was made with sufficient reason
humanHuman reason is a powerful tool, but it can also be a source of great error.
moreI have more reason to be happy than you do.
littleLittle reason exists for this to be done.
simpleThe simple reason for the delay is that I overslept.
importantIt is important to finish the homework before class starts for an important reason
majorA major reason for the delay is the unforeseen weather conditions.
practicalThe judge used practical reason to weigh the evidence and make a fair decision.
apparentDespite all the reasons given, the outcome was odd and without any apparent reason
primaryThe primary reason for her resignation was due to health issues.
muchThe rejection was without much reason
particularI don't have any particular reason to go there.
pureThe philosopher relied on pure reason to guide his thinking.
chiefThe chief reason for the failure was a lack of communication.
principalThe principal reason behind this movement was the quest for self-governance.
specialThe special reason for my absence is that I am sick.
thirdThis is the third reason
possibleThe high price of the product is a possible reason for the decline in sales.
validShe offered a valid reason for her absence from the meeting.
rightThe right reason guided him to make the right decision.
furtherI have a further reason to believe that the suspect is guilty.
betterIt's better to choose a more suitable job for a better reason
additionalThe additional reason for my absence is that I am feeling unwell.
trueThe true reason for his absence was never revealed.
basicThe basic reason for the delay is the weather.
compellingThe compelling reason for her resignation is due to conflicts with the company's direction.
lessI have less reason to be angry now.
soleThe sole reason I'm here is to help you.
soundThe explanation was based on sound reason
logicalAnalyzing data with a logical reason enhances the credibility of the results.
theoreticalThe theoretical reason for this phenomenon is still unknown.
ampleThere was ample reason to believe that the suspect was guilty.
legitimateI have a legitimate reason for being late.
adequateWe must have an adequate reason to proceed.
enoughThe incident gave him enough reason to suspect foul play.
excellentHer excellent reason for being late was that her car had broken down.
underlyingThe underlying reason for the delay was a technical glitch.
probableThe lawyer requested the judge to issue a search warrant based on probable reason
prioriI can't give you a priori reason for my belief.
universalThe universal reason for our existence is to love and be loved.
slightestShe always suspected him even for the slightest reason
plausibleThe student offered a plausible reason for being late to class.
primeThe prime reason for my success is hard work and dedication.
unexplainedI didn't know why he was crying, it was for an unexplained reason
ultimateHe pressed on, motivated by the ultimate reason to find out where his son had gone.
leastWe should not fear the least reason
deeperThe deeper reason for her strange behavior is unknown.
speculativeSpeculative reason is a type of reasoning that is based on conjecture or guesswork.
ostensibleHe gave the ostensible reason** that he was late due to traffic.
instrumentalThe use of instrumental reason seeks to accomplish a specific goal.
inexplicableThe sudden change in behavior had an inexplicable reason
plainI was convinced by plain reason that she was skilled at playing the violin.
abundantShe had abundant reason to mistrust him.
wrongShe was fired for the wrong reason

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