Adjectives for Reasons

Adjectives For Reasons

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reasons, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to complement the noun 'reasons' can profoundly impact the tone and clarity of your message. Whether you're discussing 'various reasons' behind a decision, 'several reasons' for a phenomenon, or the 'obvious reasons' leading to a conclusion, each adjective unravels a different layer of meaning. Highlighting 'good reasons' emphasizes positivity and justification, while 'many reasons' underscores complexity and depth. Exploring the nuanced use of these adjectives can enrich your understanding and expression, allowing for more precise and engaging communication. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that pair with 'reasons' and how they can elevate your writing.
severalThere are several reasons why you should visit this place.
otherI have other reasons for coming here.
manyThere are many reasons why I love my job.
goodWe have good reasons to believe that he is innocent.
variousThe contract was terminated due to various reasons
obviousThe decision was made for obvious reasons
differentPeople have different reasons for doing things.
politicalThe government made the decision for political reasons
mainThe main reasons for this are its low cost and high efficiency.
followingThe following reasons were cited for the delay.
economicThe company's decision to close the factory was based on economic reasons
practicalThe restaurant is closed for practical reasons
similarI like both apples and oranges for similar reasons
possibleThe possible reasons for this issue are numerous.
personalI'm unable to attend the meeting due to personal reasons
majorEnvironmental pollution is one of the major reasons for the shortage of clean water.
historicalThe school's historical reasons for being in this area are long and involved.
strongThere were strong reasons for believing the case should be dismissed.
technicalThe meeting was rescheduled due to technical reasons
principalThe principal reasons for this were to reduce costs.
financialDue to financial reasons the company had to lay off a number of employees.
religiousI cannot attend the event due to religious reasons
validHe had valid reasons for not attending the meeting.
primaryThe primary reasons for the delay were due to the weather and Covid-19.
soundHer actions were guided by sound reasons
unknownHer absence from the meeting was due to unknown reasons
medicalHer absence was due to medical reasons
chiefThe chief reasons for his resignation were family commitments.
sufficientDue to sufficient reasons we are unable to proceed with your request at this time.
psychologicalThe patient's behavior is driven by psychological reasons
theoreticalThey offered theoretical reasons for justifying their actions.
excellentThere were excellent reasons for the delay.
strategicWe decided to relocate our office to a central area for strategic reasons
aboveThe above reasons are not sufficient to justify the conclusion.
numerousThere are numerous reasons why I love this place.
ideologicalThe company faced criticism for its decision to hire based on ideological reasons
cogentThe jury gave cogent reasons for their verdict.
legitimateI have several legitimate reasons for not being able to attend the meeting.
selfishHe acted out of selfish reasons putting his own needs ahead of the group's.
aestheticThe renovations were made for aesthetic reasons and thus do not need a building permit.
fundamentalThere are several fundamental reasons why this approach is not recommended.
pragmaticThe decision was made for pragmatic reasons
ethicalI cannot fulfill your request for ethical reasons
plausibleThere are plausible reasons why he didn't come.
logicalMaking decisions based on logical reasons can lead to better outcomes.
tacticalThe company's decision to relocate its headquarters to a more central location was based on tactical reasons
sentimentalThe old house held sentimental reasons for her entire family.
weightyThe committee had weighty reasons for rejecting the proposal.
humanitarianThe refugees were granted asylum on humanitarian reasons
cosmeticShe had plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons
relatedPatients are assessed for related reasons such as worsening symptoms.
probableThe probable reasons for the delay are weather and traffic.

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