Adjectives for Recommendations

Adjectives For Recommendations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing recommendations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the diverse world of advice, the adjectives paired with 'recommendations' significantly shape their perception and effectiveness. 'Practical recommendations' provide actionable guidance, often appreciated for their realism and direct applicability. In contrast, 'specific recommendations' cater to precise needs or situations, offering tailored advice that speaks directly to individual circumstances. 'General recommendations', on the other hand, cast a wider net, aiming to offer guidance that applies broadly. Meanwhile, 'current recommendations' keep pace with the latest trends or information, ensuring advice remains relevant and up-to-date. Understanding the nuanced impact of these descriptive words can deeply influence the reception and implementation of the recommendations given. Explore our full list for more insights into how adjectives transform the nature and reception of recommendations.
practicalLet's jump into some practical recommendations on how to achieve your goal.
specificWe need specific recommendations for how to proceed.
followingThe doctor made some following recommendations regarding her diet.
suchThe board of directors unanimously approved such recommendations
currentFollow the current recommendations to maintain good health.
severalI have several recommendations for you.
dietaryThe dietary recommendations include reducing the intake of saturated and trans fats.
finalThe committee made their final recommendations to the board.
mainThe supervisor emphasized the importance of following the main recommendations of the study.
certainThe doctor gave me certain recommendations to improve my health.
detailedThe detailed recommendations outlined in the report provided valuable insights.
importantThe group made important recommendations about diversifying the workforce.
majorThe major recommendations of the report were adopted by the committee.
appropriateHe took into account all the appropriate recommendations
variousThe team received various recommendations from the consultants.
furtherThe committee will make further recommendations in its next meeting.
aboveWe need to follow the above recommendations in order to improve the quality of our software.
additionalIn addition to the ones I've already mentioned, I have some additional recommendations
keyKey recommendations for the project are as follows.
similarI received a few similar recommendations for books that I might like.
medicalShe ignored all medical recommendations and went to her child's play instead.
concreteThe report presents concrete recommendations for improving the infrastructure.
clinicalPhysicians should follow the clinical recommendations to ensure optimal patient outcomes.
principalWe will now discuss the board's principal recommendations
definiteThe committee proposed several definite recommendations for the project.
recentThe recent recommendations were to reduce spending and increase savings.
numerousI received numerous recommendations for this product.
positiveThe company has received numerous positive recommendations from satisfied customers.
therapeuticDr. Johnson reviewed the patient's test results, and made his therapeutic recommendations
previousPlease refer to previous recommendations for further guidance.
usefulThe group received useful recommendations from the expert.
legislativeWe review the current legislative recommendations on the use of digital health tools.
technicalConsider the technical recommendations before proceeding.
basedThe algorithm provided based recommendations on my previous purchases.
officialThe official recommendations were followed in the development of the new software.
earlierWe followed the earlier recommendations and it worked out well.
clearThe report provided clear recommendations for improving patient care.
formalThe board had numerous formal recommendations for the CEO.
firmThe commission made firm recommendations for how to improve the school's performance.
valuableThe consultant provided valuable recommendations that helped us improve our business.
chiefTake into account the chief recommendations of your colleagues.
excellentHer work history shows excellent recommendations from previous employers.
standardShe adhered to the standard recommendations for the treatment.
tentativeThe committee released tentative recommendations for reform.
relevantConsider consulting an expert for relevant recommendations
subsequentThe subsequent recommendations were presented to the board.
preliminaryThe committee issued preliminary recommendations for improving the program.
broadThe report provides broad recommendations for improving the efficiency of the organization.
latestPlease follow the doctor's latest recommendations and guidance.
nutritionalWe should follow the nutritional recommendations of health experts.
necessaryThe committee submitted several necessary recommendations to the CEO.
suitableThe manager provided suitable recommendations for improvement.
unanimousThe committee made unanimous recommendations for changes to the policy.
soundI appreciate your sound recommendations
constructiveWe appreciate the constructive recommendations you provided.
definitiveThe definitive recommendations have been made after many years of研究.
explicitThe report contained explicit recommendations for improving the efficiency of the company.
preciseThe doctor provided precise recommendations for the patient's treatment.
jointThe team generated joint recommendations for improving the quality of the product.
alternativeThe team has alternative recommendations for the project.
foregoingWe appreciate your consideration of the foregoing recommendations
interimWe will be issuing interim recommendations by the end of this month.
comprehensiveThe report provides comprehensive recommendations for improving the company's performance.
methodologicalThe researchers followed the methodological recommendations for conducting the study.
urgentThe regulatory body made urgent recommendations for the safety of the public.

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