Adjectives for Record

Adjectives For Record

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing record, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the various adjectives paired with the noun 'record' unveils a rich tapestry of meanings and contexts. A 'historical record' transports us to the past, allowing us to revisit events that shaped humanity, while a 'fossil record' offers a silent narrative of Earth's ancient life forms. An 'archaeological record' bridges these two, providing physical evidence of past human activities. In a different vein, 'medical records' are pivotal in healthcare, impacting diagnoses and treatments. 'Permanent' and 'public records' carry a weight of permanency and open accessibility, respectively, each adding a distinct nuance to the information they describe. These examples barely scratch the surface. To uncover more fascinating adjectives used with 'record' and the unique shades of meaning they convey, continue reading below.
historicalThe historical record proves that this event occurred.
fossilScientists often use the fossil record to learn more about prehistoric life.
medicalYour medical record should include a detailed history of your health conditions.
permanentMy actions will be on my permanent record
publicThe meeting's minutes are a matter of public record
completeThis is a sentence with the phrase 'complete record'.
officialThe official record shows that the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM.
criminalThe criminal record of the man was queried by the police.
longShe has a long record of volunteer work.
pastI thought I should take into account your past record when I make my decision.
previousJohn was expected to break the previous record during his last run
accurateThe official kept an accurate record of all the names.
poorThe company has a poor record in terms of customer service.
excellentShe has an excellent record of completing projects on time and within budget.
continuousThe team broke a continuous record of 25 wins.
earliestThe earliest record of the breed is 1576.
fullI need a full record of our sales for the last quarter.
currentThe current record for the 100-meter dash is held by Usain Bolt.
detailedThe team kept a detailed record of their progress.
academicI have a strong academic record and I am confident that I will be successful in this program.
impressiveThe company boasted an impressive record of success.
dailyThe daily record provides a comprehensive overview of the day's events.
geologicalThe geological record is a record of the history of the Earth and its life forms.
militaryThe military record was impressive, but he had no combat experience.
remarkableShe had a remarkable record of service to the community.
betterThe band has a better record than last year.
photographicI have a photographic record of the event so that I can remember it clearly.
entireThe entire record has been deleted.
cumulativeThe cumulative record keeps track of the grades, attendance, and disciplinary actions of the student.
carefulThe researcher kept a careful record of all the data collected during the experiment.
authentic"Let's double check if this trade record is the authentic record."
priorThe defendant has no prior record of criminal activity.
fineHe has a fine record in athletic.
timeWe need to keep a time record of the project.
documentaryThe documentary record provides a comprehensive overview of the organization's history.
badThey had a bad record last season.
briefHe needed to keep a brief record of all applicants.
sellingThe new album is selling record numbers.
perfectThe pitcher has a perfect record this season.
provenThe candidate has a proven record of success in the field.
brilliantHe has a brilliant record in the field of medicine.
electronicThe electronic record contains the patient's medical history.
outstandingThe candidate has an outstanding record of achievement in the field.
distinguishedDr. Lee has a distinguished record in his field.
enviableThe company has an enviable record of customer satisfaction.
contemporaryThe contemporary record offers a comprehensive account of the events.
visualThe book provides a detailed visual record of the medieval era.
cleanJohn has a clean record with no criminal convictions.
valuableThe valuable record was locked away in a safe.
historicThe historic record shows that the climate has changed dramatically over the past century.
patientThe patient record contained all the relevant information for the doctor's diagnosis.
biblicalThe biblical record of creation is found in the Book of Genesis.
geologicScientists can use the geologic record to learn about Earth's history.
graphicThe graphic record of the meeting was a useful tool for summarizing the discussion.
overallThe team has an overall record of 10 wins and 5 losses.
faithfulThe faithful record of the journey was etched in stone.
splendidThe athlete holds a splendid record in his field.
interestingThe museum contained an interesting record of our ancestors.
logicalThe logical record is a collection of related data.
writtenHe carefully kept a written record of all his experiments.
bibliographicThe bibliographic record contains information about the publication, such as the author, title, and publication date.
dismalThe team's dismal record this season has disappointed their fans.

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