Adjectives for Recording

Adjectives For Recording

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing recording, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a recording can significantly alter the perception of its quality and relevance. A worth recording suggests value and importance, compelling the audience to listen. Describing a recording as sound emphasizes its technical proficiency and auditory clarity. The term continuous conveys a seamless, uninterrupted experience, often sought in live or experimental formats. Magnetic and digital highlight the medium's physical or virtual nature, affecting its preservation and accessibility. Meanwhile, simultaneous recordings capture moments happening in real-time, providing a unique, unedited perspective. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives to discover how each shapes the narrative and appeal of a recording.
worthThis moment is worth recording for posterity.
soundThe sound recording captured the meeting in its entirety.
continuousThe security camera records a video with continuous recording
magneticMagnetic recording uses magnetic tape or magnetic disks to store data digitally.
digitalThe digital recording captured the entire performance with remarkable clarity.
simultaneousThe simultaneous recording of EEG and fMRI signals provides a comprehensive view of brain activity.
audioI played the audio recording of the interview.
accurateThe accurate recording of data is critical for scientific research.
intracellularIntracellular recording is a technique used to measure the electrical activity of a single neuron.
originalThe original recording of the song was lost.
directThis is an example sentence with direct recording
photographicThe photographic recording was of great quality, despite the challenging lighting conditions.
tapeI found a tape recording of my grandmother singing in the attic.
completeI would like to request a complete recording of today's discussion.
electricalThe electrical recording showed a clear pattern of spikes.
automaticThe automatic recording captured the entire conversation.
opticalOptical recording technology is used to store and retrieve data using light.
videoThis video recording will be submitted to HR.
systematicThe systematic recording of data enables researchers to track changes over time.
carefulThe team documented their findings with careful recording
liveThe live recording captured the raw energy of the performance.
actualThe actual recording was of a live performance.
extracellularThe extracellular recording revealed that the neuron was firing at a rate of 10 Hz.
electronicThe band's concert was recorded on an electronic recording device.
intervalResearchers used interval recording to observe the frequency of the child's aggressive behavior.
commercialThe band made a commercial recording of their new single.
detailedA detailed recording of the conversation was made for future reference.
mereThe mere recording of the conversation was not enough evidence to convict him.
graphicGraphic recording is a visual way to document discussions and meetings.
properIt is essential to have a proper recording of the meeting minutes.
initialThe initial recording of the song was lost in a fire.
mechanicalThe mechanical recording captured the distinct sounds of the rainforest.
timeTime recording allows for accurate tracking of employee hours.
holographicThe holographic recording was so realistic that it seemed like I was actually there.
typicalThe typical recording features a textured backing with a glossy front.
trackHer track recording in sales made her a top candidate for the job.
visualThe meeting will use visual recording to document the key ideas.
permanentThe permanent recording captured the entire event.
electrophysiologicalElectrophysiological recording is a technique used to measure electrical activity in cells.
excellentThis album boasts an excellent recording capturing every nuance of the band's performance.
potentialShe looked forward to future journeys and the potential recording of all of them.
cell Researchers have utilized cell recording to investigate the physiological mechanisms that control brain activity.
hourThe company implemented an hour recording system for its employees.
objectiveThe objective recording provided valuable data for the research project.
perpendicularThe hard disk drive uses the perpendicular recording technique to achieve higher storage capacity.
qualityThis is a quality recording
minuteThe meeting's minute recording was very detailed.
bipolarThe electroencephalogram (EEG) is a bipolar recording of the electrical activity of the brain.
eventEvent recording is an essential part of any security system.
longitudinalLongitudinal recording is a data collection method that involves gathering data from the same subjects over an extended period of time.
dailyMy daily recording is stored in the cloud.
musicalShe loves to listen to musical recordings of classical music.
successfulThe band's successful recording earned them a Grammy nomination.
ambulatoryThe ambulatory recording captured the patient's daily activities and vital signs.
multitrackMultitrack recording allows multiple audio tracks to be recorded simultaneously.
electrocardiographicThe electrocardiographic recording showed a normal sinus rhythm.
faithfulThe faithful recording captured the essence of the performance.
polygraphicResearchers used polygraphic recording to simultaneously collect multiple physiological signals during the experiment.
termThe term recording refers to the time period during which a sound recording is protected by copyright.
routineThe routine recording of police interactions with the public has become increasingly common.
preciseThe precise recording captured every detail of the conversation.
conventionalThe conventional recording provided a clear representation of the event.
manualThe program combines automatic and manual recording features.
adequateThe meeting lacked an adequate recording
electromyographicThe electromyographic recordings of the biceps muscle showed an increase in activity during the movement.

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