Adjectives for Recovery

Adjectives For Recovery

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing recovery, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'recovery' becomes vibrant and nuanced when paired with adjectives, each painting a different shade of resurgence. An 'economic recovery' speaks to a macro level of financial rebound, vital for the wellbeing of nations. A 'complete recovery' indicates a thorough return to an original state, often used in the context of health or wellbeing. 'Full recovery' echoes this completeness but with a subtle emphasis on wholeness. 'Rapid recovery' highlights the speed of recuperation, desirable in many contexts from medical to economical. The term 'spontaneous recovery' brings a sense of surprise and ease, often linked to unexpected return to form. 'Good recovery' adds a qualitative judgment, suggesting a satisfactory process of improvement. Explore the rich tapestry of meaning with our full list of adjectives associated with 'recovery'.
economicThe economic recovery has been slow and uneven, but there are signs of improvement.
completeAfter extensive rehabilitation, the patient made a complete recovery from the accident and was able to return to their previous level of activity.
fullThe patient made a full recovery after the surgery.
rapidDespite the severe injury, the patient made a rapid recovery
spontaneousThe therapist asked the patient to imagine a calming scene to induce spontaneous recovery
goodThe patient made a good recovery after surgery.
partialThe patient made a partial recovery from the illness.
functionalThe patient's functional recovery was slow but steady.
slowThe company's sales are expected to experience a slow recovery
speedyI hope you have a speedy recovery from your surgery.
quickI wish you a quick recovery from your illness.
ultimateThe ultimate recovery he made after the accident was nothing short of a miracle.
subsequentThe subsequent recovery was slow and painful.
gradualThe patient's gradual recovery from the accident was a testament to their resilience.
totalThe patient made a total recovery from the surgery.
remarkableHer remarkable recovery from the accident astonished the doctors.
clinicalShe has made a remarkable clinical recovery
apparentThe quick brown fox's apparent recovery amazed the vet.
europeanThe European recovery Program, also known as the Marshall Plan, was a U.S.-sponsored program of economic recovery for Western Europe following the devastation of World War II.
perfectHer perfect recovery from surgery amazed the doctors.
postoperativeThe patient is making good progress in his postoperative recovery
miraculousThe patient's miraculous recovery was attributed to the new experimental treatment.
successfulThe patient's successful recovery was a testament to the skill of the medical team.
elasticThe rubber band snapped back into shape with elastic recovery
incompleteThe incomplete recovery from the injury left him unable to play at his previous level.
industrialThe industrial recovery has been slow but steady.
eventualDespite the initial setbacks, the eventual recovery of the patient was remarkable.
termDoctors often recommend term recovery to patients who have cancer.
maximumPhysical therapy can help patients achieve maximum recovery after an injury.
postwarThe postwar recovery was slow and difficult, but the country eventually emerged from the conflict stronger than ever.
enhancedThe enhanced recovery techniques can assist in speeding up the recovery time from an operation.
promptWe all wish you a prompt recovery from your illness.
excellentThe patient was discharged with an excellent recovery
secondaryEnhanced oil recovery, such as secondary recovery allows oil companies to increase production from existing oil fields.
immediateThe patient made an immediate recovery from surgery.
neurologicThe patient made significant neurologic recovery after surgery.
costCost recovery efforts resulted in significant reductions in operational expenses.
overallThe overall recovery is expected to take several months.
substantialThe company is set to make a substantial recovery in the upcoming quarter.
slightThe company reported a slight recovery in its earnings last quarter.
fastThe patient had a fast recovery after surgery.
satisfactoryThe doctor reported the patient made a satisfactory recovery
solventWe use solvent recovery systems that can effectively recover a high percentage of the solvent used in the cleaning process.
quantitativeResults of the quantitative recovery were summarized by a linear regression of the response versus the concentration of the analyte.
visualAfter surgery, most patients experience a gradual visual recovery
fasterThe new treatment method allows for a faster recovery time.
permanentA permanent recovery is finally in sight for the man who has been battling addiction for years.
pastHis troubles were past recovery
neurologicalPhysical therapy may improve neurological recovery after a stroke.
temporaryThe patient had a temporary recovery from his illness.
warThe war recovery has been slow and difficult.
suddenThe patient's sudden recovery was a testament to the skill of the surgeons.
dramaticJohn made a dramatic recovery from his illness.
efficientOur advanced technology enables efficient recovery from any disaster.
modestThe company's sales have experienced a modest recovery in recent months.
behavioralHer behavioral recovery was remarkable, despite her serious illness.
slowerThe slower recovery of the economy was due to the pandemic.
dynamicThe team's dynamic recovery in the second half sealed their victory.
quickerThe patient made a quicker recovery than expected due to the new treatment.
heatThe heat recovery system captures and reuses waste heat from industrial processes.
easyThe patient's easy recovery surprised the doctors.
prolongedThe prolonged recovery from the injury left him unable to play for several months.
optimalThe patient is expected to make an optimal recovery with physical therapy.
steadyThe patient's steady recovery reassured the anxious relatives.
swiftWe wish you a swift recovery from your illness.

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