Adjectives for Reference

Adjectives For Reference

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reference, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Utilizing adjectives with the noun reference can dramatically shift its implication, painting a more vivid picture of the subject at hand. A special reference might imply a note of significance or uniqueness, while a particular reference suggests a focus on a specific detail. A specific reference, on the other hand, denotes precision and clarity. Looking ahead, a future reference can hint at relevance in upcoming events or discussions. A direct reference is unequivocally explicit, leaving no room for ambiguity, whereas a further reference implies additional information is to follow. Each adjective paired with 'reference' unlocks a new layer of meaning, showcasing the power of descriptive language. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover the nuanced shifts they can bring to your writing.
specialI would like to make special reference to the excellent work of our staff.
particularThe report highlighted certain key findings with particular reference to the financial performance of the company.
specificThe specific reference to the document was not clear.
futurePlease keep this document for future reference
directThe book provides a direct reference to the original document.
furtherYou can consult the document for further reference
briefPlease provide a brief reference to the document you are referring to.
quickKeep this document as a quick reference for the main principles and guidelines you should follow when writing content for the website.
frequentI make frequent reference to my notes when studying for exams.
constantWe relied on a constant reference in the manual to complete the task.
readyThe encyclopedia provides a ready reference for all sorts of information.
easyThe document is provided for your easy reference
especialWith especial reference to the last point, I would emphasize the importance of preparation.
earliestThe earliest reference to the existence of the game goes back to the 13th century.
clearThe research paper provides a clear reference to the existing literature.
standardThat article is not a standard reference for this information.
originalThe original reference was cited in the article.
usefulThis is a useful reference
historicalThe Battle of Gettysburg was a historical reference to the American Civil War.
occasionalWith occasional reference to the report, the presentation gave an overview of the project.
obviousThe obvious reference to the novel was clear in the movie.
immediateCould you please send that information for my immediate reference?
convenientThis website acts as a convenient reference for names of people and places.
externalThe external reference number on the invoice is incorrect.
objectiveThe objective reference is the reference to the object itself.
excellentThe candidate provided excellent references who spoke highly of their work ethic and skills.
earlierMy earlier reference to you was a mistake.
casualHe made a casual reference to the incident, which was news to me.
biblicalThe biblical reference for the story of Adam and Eve is Genesis 2-3.
mereThe mere reference to the incident brought up uncomfortable memories.
slightestThe slightest reference to the subject was enough to start an argument.
handyThe handy reference provided relevant information at my fingertips.
detailedThis report contains detailed reference to the research project.
visualStudents can use a visual reference to understand the concept.
symbolicThe dove was a symbolic reference to peace.
valuableThis book is a valuable reference for researchers in the field.
continualThe continual reference to the report was helpful.
essentialThe dictionary was an essential reference for the students.
apparentThe book's apparent reference to the author's personal life raised eyebrows among critics.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive reference provided all the necessary information for the research project.
distinctThe album cover for Dark Side of the Moon has a distinct reference to the paintings of René Magritte.
incidentalThe incidental reference to their previous meeting was unexpected.
veiledThe speaker made a veiled reference to the scandal during her speech.
exactThe exact reference of the book is found on page 10.
soleThe sole reference to the incident was in the local newspaper.

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