Adjectives for Regulations

Adjectives For Regulations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing regulations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the complex world of compliance, regulations are often described with adjectives that illuminate their origin, stringency, and scope. Terms like new regulations highlight the constant evolution and updating of legal requirements, underscoring their fresh applicability and possible challenges. Words such as federal and local specify the jurisdictional authority behind the regulations, offering insight into their geographical applicability and enforcement level. Strict and environmental adjectives indicate the nature and intensity of the regulations, suggesting a focus on sustainability and health. Each adjective provides a unique lens through which to view and understand the complexities of compliance. Dive deeper to explore the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich our discussions about regulations.
newThe company was forced to adhere to strict new regulations
suchThere are such regulations by the university which the students must follow.
federalThe company is subject to federal regulations
environmentalThe company had to pay a large fine due to by breaking environmental regulations
localThe local regulations are very strict.
strictThe company has strict regulations regarding the use of social media.
specialThe committee was forced to adopt special regulations for handling such complaints in order to improve efficiency and accuracy.
certainCertain regulations require businesses to adhere to specific safety protocols.
administrativeThe company has implemented comprehensive administrative regulations to maintain orderly operations.
stringentThe company had to comply with stringent regulations in order to operate.
legalAdhering to legal regulations is crucial in this industry.
generalThe general regulations must be followed by all employees.
currentThe company must comply with all current regulations
nationalThe company complies with all national regulations concerning data protection.
specificAll participants must comply with the specific regulations outlined in the tournament handbook.
detailedThe detailed regulations for using the pool are posted on the bulletin board.
finalThe final regulations are expected to be issued by the end of the year.
governmentalThe new governmental regulations have caused a stir in the industry.
sanitaryThe food processing plant must adhere to strict sanitary regulations to ensure the safety of its products.
internationalThe company is required to comply with international regulations
commercialThe company complies strictly with all commercial regulations
presentCompliance with present regulations and standards is our guiding principle.
quarantineThe new quarantine regulations require all travelers to have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival.
restrictiveThe business has to adhere to a number of restrictive regulations
applicableThe applicable regulations must be strictly adhered to in order to ensure compliance.
statutoryManufacturers must comply with statutory regulations regarding the safety of their products.
municipalThe municipal regulations prohibited parking on the street during rush hour.
internalThe bank's internal regulations forbid any employee from engaging in insider trading.
militaryThe soldier was punished for violating military regulations
officialThe company must comply with the official regulations
civilThe organization's civil regulations mandate safe operation of the vehicles.
followingThe company successfully completed the project by following regulations and procedures.
relevantHe must comply with the relevant regulations
financialThe new financial regulations are designed to prevent another financial crisis.
technicalOur products fully comply with the latest technical regulations
properThe company strictly enforced proper regulations regarding environmental safety.
additionalThe company was forced to implement additional regulations to comply with the new law.
domesticThe company's profits were affected by domestic regulations
uniformThe school requires students to adhere to uniform regulations
necessaryNecessary regulations are vital for society to function smoothly and fairly.
reasonableThe government should implement reasonable regulations to protect our environment.
stricterStricter regulations were implemented to ensure compliance.
numerousThe company had to comply with numerous regulations before it could open its doors.
formalHe has been working under formal regulations for years.
appropriateSome contexts, such as value-sensitive design, require careful consideration of the ethical implications to determine appropriate regulations
postalTo ship the package, the sender had to adhere to the postal regulations
rigidAdhering to the rigid regulations the organization ensured compliance.
temporaryThe city council implemented temporary regulations to control traffic during the construction project.
aboveThe company is required to adhere to the above regulations
prudentialFinancial institutions must comply with prudential regulations to ensure the stability of the financial system.
minuteThe company was strangled by minute regulations
relatedPlease see the related regulations in the written response.
wiseThe wise regulations helped to ensure the safety of the community.
useThe company has strict use regulations for its equipment.
provisionalThe provisional regulations will be in effect until the end of the year.
bureaucraticThe company was bogged down by bureaucratic regulations
fiscalThe company must comply with all applicable fiscal regulations
dietaryThe dietary regulations of the Torah are designed to promote health and well-being.
elaborateThe company had a reputation for elaborate regulations
wartimeDuring wartime regulations citizens were required to conserve resources.
legislativeThe company has complied with all the legislative regulations
departmentalThe departmental regulations outline the policies and procedures for conducting research.
protectiveWe must follow all the protective regulations in place during the pandemic.
institutionalWe must adhere to the institutional regulations regarding research ethics and data security.
disciplinaryThe student was found in violation of the disciplinary regulations and was suspended for three days.

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