Adjectives for Relations

Adjectives For Relations

Discover the most fitting adjectives for relations, such as social, international, public, and diplomatic, in our detailed guide. Enhance your understanding of how to accurately describe various types of relations with carefully selected examples for each adjective. Ideal for writers, communicators, and anyone looking to enrich their vocabulary.

socialI am interested in studying social relations
internationalInternational relations are complex and often involve multiple actors with competing interests.
publicThe public relations plan was very successful.
diplomaticThe two countries established diplomatic relations in 1971.
humanHuman relations are important in a healthy society.
economicRussia has economic relations with many countries.
goodWe hope to maintain good relations with our neighbors.
foreignThe United States has a long history of foreign relations with other countries.
friendlyThe two countries have enjoyed friendly relations for many years.
industrialIndustrial relations has an impact on employee morale and productivity in the workplace.
personalShe was always good at handling personal relations
americanWe should improve American relations with China.
externalThe company has been working to improve its external relations
commercialThey have strong commercial relations with each other.
mutualThe two countries have established mutual relations based on trust and respect.
causalThe causal relations between smoking and cancer are well-documented.
sovietThe Soviet relations with the West have been strained for years.
normalWe hope to establish normal relations with our neighbors.
bilateralThe two countries have enjoyed close bilateral relations for decades.
cordialThe two countries enjoy cordial relations
domesticDomestic relations are a complex and often challenging area of law.
internalThe internal relations of the organization were complex and hierarchical.
betterWe hope to have better relations with other countries.
closerIt is time for the US and China to establish closer relations
ethnicEthnic relations are complex and often shaped by historical events.
intergroupThe book explores the complex intergroup relations within the community.
stateThe state relations department is responsible for managing relationships between the state and other states.
peacefulThe two countries have enjoyed peaceful relations for many years.
capitalistThe factory was a microcosm of capitalist relations with workers toiling in squalor while the owners lived in luxury.
managementManagement relations were strained as negotiations reached an impasse.
harmoniousLet us work to build and maintain harmonious relations within our community.
strainedWe were able to mend our strained relations after a sincere apology.
japaneseThe Japanese relations with China have been strained in recent years.
complexThe complex relations between the characters made the movie difficult to follow.
logicalApplying logical relations to artificial intelligence can help us build more sophisticated systems.
westWest relations deteriorated when the country refused to cooperate with the international community.
formalHe broke off formal relations with the collaborators.
reciprocalWe examined the reciprocal relations of the financial market and the real economy.
structuralThe structural relations between the elements of the sentence are complex.
amicableThe two countries have maintained amicable relations for decades.
childParents should be aware that child relations are delicate.
semanticThe semantic relations between words can be complex.
intergovernmentalIntergovernmental relations are the relationships between different levels of government.
functionalFunctional relations are relationships between variables that are defined by a specific function.
contractualWe have contractual relations for 6 more months.
nearestMy nearest relations are my parents and siblings.
interThe inter relations between the two countries were strained.
cooperativeCooperative relations are important for maintaining a healthy community.
quantitativeThe study found statistically significant quantitative relations between physical experiences and confidence in the ability to perform the same tasks visually.

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