Adjectives for Relationship

Adjectives For Relationship

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing relationship, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the vast array of adjectives that describe a relationship can unveil the multifaceted nature of connections between individuals. A close relationship emphasizes proximity and a strong bond, while a direct relationship points to straightforward and unambiguous interactions. A personal relationship highlights the individualized and unique aspects, whereas a positive relationship underscores mutual respect and beneficial growth. An intimate relationship delves deeper into emotional closeness and trust, and a special relationship signifies the extraordinary and unique aspects that set it apart from others. Each adjective sheds light on the different dimensions and complexities that relationships can entail. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe relationships and the nuances they bring to understanding human connections below.
closeThey developed a close relationship during their time working together.
directThe amount of rainfall has a direct relationship with the growth of crops.
personalHaving a strong personal relationship with her teacher was very important to her.
positiveThe study found a positive relationship between physical activity and academic achievement.
specialOur two countries have had a special relationship for many years.
linearThe strength of the relationship between two variables is called a linear relationship
significantThe study found a significant relationship between income and education.
therapeuticThe therapeutic relationship is a key component of the therapeutic process.
strongThey had forged a strong relationship over many years of shared experiences.
childThe child relationship between the two individuals is close.
maritalShe sought to clarify her marital relationship
symbioticThe two species formed a balanced and interdependent symbiotic relationship
negativeA negative relationship exists between the two variables.
functionalThe functional relationship between the two variables is linear.
possibleWe have a possible relationship but it's not definite.
closerThey developed a closer relationship as they worked together on the project.
term"Term relationships" is a feature in WordPress that allows you to connect different taxonomies with each other.
properShe expressed her hope for a proper relationship with the man.
professionalShe was able to maintain a professional relationship with all of her former coworkers.
clientWe value our client relationships and strive to provide the best possible service.
definiteThe two companies have a definite relationship
mutualTheir mutual relationship has grown over the years.
exactThe exact relationship between the two variables is unknown.
interpersonalMaintaining healthy interpersonal relationships is crucial for overall well-being.
contractualOur contractual relationship with the vendor is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.
unique"It's incredible how some people can forget the unique relationship between humans and nature."
ongoingThe ongoing relationship between the two countries has been strained in recent years.
interThe inter relationship between the two countries is very important.
responseThe response relationship was analyzed with a generalized linear mixed model.
stableMy sister has been in a stable relationship for over 2 years.
harmoniousA harmonious relationship is one in which people can live together peacefully and respectfully.
friendlyWe have maintained a friendly relationship for many years.
dynamicHer dynamic relationship with her family kept her grounded despite her success.
healthyThey had a healthy relationship built on trust and respect.
geneticThe genetic relationship between the two species was determined by comparing their DNA sequences.
meaningfulI am looking for a meaningful relationship with a kind and intelligent person.
dialecticalThe dialectical relationship between freedom and responsibility is complex and nuanced.
warmThey have a warm relationship with their neighbors.
preciseHis assistant has a precise relationship with him.
cooperativeOur two companies have a strong and cooperative relationship
consistentThe researcher was able to establish a consistent relationship between the two variables.
temporalThe temporal relationship between the two events is not clear.
bilateralThe bilateral relationship between the two countries has been strained in recent years.
sonThe son relationship is one of the most important in a family.
dependentThe dependent relationship between the two nations has been strained for years.
structuralThe structural relationship between the two proteins was determined by X-ray crystallography.
quantitativeIncreasing the temperature of a gas causes a quantitative relationship between its volume and pressure.
hierarchicalThe hierarchical relationship between the manager and the employee is clearly defined.
logicalThe logical relationship between the two statements is one of cause and effect.
apparentThe apparent relationship between the two variables was misleading.

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