Adjectives for Release

Adjectives For Release

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing release, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'release' when paired with carefully chosen adjectives can dramatically alter the nuances of your sentence, offering a rich palette for precise expression. A 'slow release' suggests a gradual process, unfolding over time, while an 'immediate release' conveys urgency and instantaneous action. The term 'induced release' introduces an external force or factor, leading to a specific outcome. In a medical context, 'histamine release' pinpoints a biochemical process, critical for understanding allergic reactions. Meanwhile, 'sustained release' and 'controlled release' evoke images of meticulously engineered processes, ensuring consistency and precision. Each adjective unlocks a unique shade of meaning, coloring your message with greater depth and specificity. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'release' to enrich your articulation.
slowThe medicine was designed for slow release so it could be taken once a day.
immediateThe company issued an immediate release to the press.
inducedThe induced release of dopamine in the brain is associated with feelings of pleasure and reward.
histamineMast cells are activated by histamine release and cause allergy symptoms.
sustainedThe sustained release of the medication meant it could be taken once a day.
controlledThe medicine is designed for controlled release gradually releasing the active ingredient over time.
earlyThe inmates were granted early release on good behavior.
suddenThe sudden release of the water caused a flood.
finalThe final release of the software is expected next month.
quickThe quick release system made it easy to detach the camera from the tripod.
subsequentThe subsequent release of the software was met with mixed reviews.
initialThe initial release date of the movie has been pushed back.
extendedThe extended release medication provided relief for up to 12 hours.
rapidThe rapid release of the new software caused some glitches.
spontaneousThe spontaneous release of the new album caused a frenzy among fans.
sexualI'm sorry, but I can't write a sentence with "sexual release".
conditionalThe prisoner was granted conditional release after serving half of his sentence.
theatricalThe movie's theatrical release is scheduled for next month.
norepinephrinePhysical exercise stimulates norepinephrine release
latestWe will be using the latest release of Python for this project.
completeAfter the complete release I felt relieved and free from all my worries.
preTickets are available for pre release viewing.
dependentThe drug's dependent release allowed it to be effective over a longer period of time.
temporaryThe temporary release program allowed inmates to leave prison for short periods of time.
accidentalThe accidental release of chemicals caused widespread contamination.
lateralThe surgeon performed a lateral release on the patient's knee to relieve pain and stiffness.
noradrenalineNoradrenaline release is a key factor in the regulation of attention and arousal.
mediatedMediated release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine occurs at the neuromuscular junction.
pulsatileThe intravenous pulsatile release of vasopressin into the systemic circulation is part of the body's response to acute hemorrhage.
officialThe official release of the new product was a huge success.
endogenousThe endogenous release of dopamine is regulated by various neurotransmitters.
surgicalThe surgical release of his subclavian vein was performed without complications.
andScientists are hopeful that the new vaccine will finally and release people from the fear of the virus.
happyWe were all overjoyed at her happy release from prison.
gradualThe gradual release of responsibilities empowered the team to become more autonomous.
excessiveThe excessive release of greenhouse gases has contributed to global warming.
massiveThe massive release of greenhouse gases has caused the earth's temperature to rise.
unconditionalThe prisoners were granted unconditional release after serving their full sentences.
eventualThe eventual release of the new product is highly anticipated.
pituitaryThe pituitary release is the process by which the pituitary gland releases hormones into the bloodstream.
postThe post release was very successful.
continuousThe continuous release of the hormone over time ensures a consistent level of activity.
partialThe court ordered a partial release of the defendant pending trial.
futureWe are excited to announce the future release of our new product.
evokedThe evoked release of neurotransmitter is a crucial step in synaptic communication.
enhancedThe new drug formulation uses an enhanced release mechanism to improve bioavailability.
acetylcholineAcetylcholine release is necessary for memory formation.
netNet release will increase due to declining demand.
speedyThe speedy release of the new product was a success.
simultaneousThe company announced the simultaneous release of their new product in multiple markets.
timedThe timed release of the medication ensured it would work at the desired time.
commercialThe movie is scheduled for a commercial release next month.
australianThe Australian release date for the movie is not yet known.
prematureThe premature release of the prisoner was a mistake.
dayThe prisoner was granted day release from prison to attend his daughter's wedding.
arachidonicArachidonic release is a key event in the inflammatory process.
quantalQuantal release is the process by which neurotransmitters are released from presynaptic terminals into the synaptic cleft.
pretrialHe was released on pretrial release until his trial date.
timeThe medication was designed with a time release so it would be slowly released into the bloodstream.
ultimateThe ultimate release from pain came with the final breath.
consequentThe consequent release of the report came to an end.
welcomeThe welcome release from prison came after several years of wrongful imprisonment.
presynapticThe presynaptic release of glutamate is the primary mechanism of synaptic transmission in the central nervous system.
explosiveThe explosive release of the volcano sent ash and debris miles into the atmosphere.
selectiveThe selective release of information has been a key part of the company's strategy.
stimulatingThe stimulating release of endorphins left me feeling euphoric and energized.
deliberateThe deliberate release of harmful substances into the environment was a serious crime.
delayedThe new medicine has a delayed release of the active ingredient.
intracellularThe virus enters the cell by intracellular release

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