Adjectives for Releases

Adjectives For Releases

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing releases, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe releases can dramatically alter the perception of their relevance and timing. A new release sparks interest with its freshness, while a future release builds anticipation and curiosity. Discussing a recent or latest release highlights its current relevance, inviting audiences to explore it promptly. On the other hand, an accidental release may come with a story of unintended consequence, adding a layer of intrigue. Mentioning a previous release, meanwhile, can provide context or contrast to the present or upcoming. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, shaping how audiences perceive and interact with the releases. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'releases' and the nuanced implications they carry.
newI'm excited to check out the new releases at the movie theater.
futureWe will discuss future releases in the next meeting.
recentI've been really enjoying the recent releases from my favorite band.
latestI couldn't wait to see the latest releases at the movie theater.
accidentalThe accidental releases of hazardous materials pose a serious threat to human health and the environment.
previousThe band's previous releases have been well-received by critics.
earlierThe same bug affected earlier releases of the software, too.
toxicThe company is facing fines for its numerous toxic releases in the past decade.
earlyThere were no early releases from prison this month.
subsequentThe subsequent releases of the film were met with critical acclaim.
currentThe current releases are expected to be announced next week.
majorThe company announced that there would be three major releases this year.
officialThe official releases are expected to be announced soon.
laterLater releases have generally improved performance.
newestCheck out our newest releases this week.
environmentalSignificant environmental releases occur through emissions, discharges, and waste generation.
furtherWe expect further releases of the new software soon.
regularThe team makes regular releases to maintain the software.
theatricalThe studio has announced theatrical releases for the next three months.
initialShe asked him about his initial releases
hazardousThe plant manager is responsible for reporting hazardous releases to the appropriate authorities.
multipleThe software company announced multiple releases of their popular program.
plannedThe company announced its planned releases for the next quarter.
annualI prefer to read annual releases rather than monthlies.
monthlyThe software company announced it will have monthly releases of its new product.
potentialThe company released a statement with no information on potential releases or the release schedule.
periodicThe company announced periodic releases of new software updates.
routineThe routine releases can be used to update the downstream applications.
additionalWe expect additional releases in the coming months.
frequentThey opted for frequent releases to get feedback quickly.
olderI prefer older releases of the software than the newest ones.
dailyThe school gave out daily releases to parents about their kids' progress.
priorWe anticipated a positive reaction to our recent product launch, based on the success of our prior releases
softThere will be no updates this week due to multiple soft releases
newerI am more interested in newer releases of movies.
commercialThe album's commercial releases were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
emotionalThe therapist encouraged the patient to engage in emotional releases to process trauma.
weeklyJohn anticipated the weekly releases with great enthusiasm.
suddenThe sudden releases of the spring were followed by an unexpected snowfall.
successiveThe successive releases of the software were met with increasing enthusiasm.
numerousNumerous releases were expected this year.
mutualThe parties involved in the agreement signed mutual releases thereby releasing each other from any future claims.
pastHe enjoyed all of their past releases
quickThe photographer swapped lenses using the camera's quick releases
appropriateThe company provided appropriate releases to the press about the new product.
continuousThe production line's continuous releases ensured that customer demand was always met.
minorWe'll introduce a variety of minor releases in the next few months.
controlledThe company's new drug delivery system uses controlled releases to ensure a consistent dosage over time.
mimeographedThe mimeographed releases provided a record of the historic event.
deliberateThe deliberate releases of the chemical have been linked to health problems in the community.
uncontrolledThe uncontrolled releases of hazardous chemicals into the environment pose a serious threat to human health and ecosystems.
atmosphericThe company is required to monitor atmospheric releases of hazardous substances.
statisticalI found some interesting statistical releases on the website.
partialThe partial releases of the new album were well-received by fans.
conditionalThe prisoners were granted conditional releases after serving half of their sentences.
corporateThe corporate releases were full of jargon and buzzwords.
successfulPlanning for additional successful releases is ongoing and reflects that our development process is agile in nature.
experimentalThe band's experimental releases were met with mixed reviews.
inundativeThe inundative releases from the dam caused widespread flooding downstream.
videoThe studio announced the dates for the video releases of their latest films.
occasionalThe occasional releases of methane are a major source of global warming.
intentionalThe rise in intentional releases highlights the need for a more proactive approach to managing invasive species.
scaleThe scale releases a high-pitched tone.
augmentativeThe augmentative releases were well-received by the community.

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