Adjectives for Remarks

Adjectives For Remarks

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing remarks, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe remarks can significantly change the tone and perception of a statement. A few remarks can imply brevity and succinctness, while general remarks may suggest a broader, less detailed approach. When remarks are described as such, it often denotes a specific type or category, imbuing the statement with a sense of exactitude. Introductory remarks are essential for setting the stage, providing context that is crucial for understanding the ensuing discussion. Meanwhile, further remarks build upon previously stated ideas, and critical remarks imply an analysis or critique of the subject at hand. Each adjective shades the noun with subtle differences in meaning, inviting fine distinctions in interpretation. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover the myriad ways remarks can enrich your vocabulary and communication.
fewHe made just a few remarks before leaving.
generalThe general remarks were not very helpful.
suchI'm sorry, I can't make such remarks
introductoryThe introductory remarks set the tone for the rest of the meeting.
furtherThe professor provided further remarks at the end of the lecture.
criticalThe article contained several critical remarks about the government's performance.
similar"My doctor said I should get plenty of sleep and similar remarks"
aboveI cannot deny the above remarks
briefThe mayor gave brief remarks at the town hall meeting.
preliminaryThe preliminary remarks were concise and informative.
foregoingI have nothing to add to my foregoing remarks
concludingIn our concluding remarks we would like to emphasize the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving sustainable development.
finalThe final remarks provided valuable insights into the key findings of the research.
additionalThe witness provided additional remarks during the trial.
interestingHe made some interesting remarks about the situation.
sarcasticHer sarcastic remarks were like daggers, piercing my self-esteem.
derogatoryHer derogatory remarks about the new intern were uncalled for.
prefatoryThe prefatory remarks were brief and to the point.
previousI had to interrupt your previous remarks
casualHis casual remarks got him into trouble.
earlierI would like to emphasize my earlier remarks about the importance of teamwork.
explanatoryThe lawyer delivered explanatory remarks regarding the case.
occasionalDuring the discussion, he made occasional remarks to clarify his points.
insultingHe made insulting remarks about her appearance.
excellentThe professor gave excellent remarks on the student's paper.
wittyThe professor's witty remarks kept the class engaged and entertained throughout the lecture.
pertinentThe speaker made several pertinent remarks during the presentation.
appropriateThe professor greeted his students with appropriate remarks
rudeShe ignored the rude remarks made by the stranger.
valuableThe professor provided valuable remarks on the student's paper.
complimentaryThe board of directors expressed complimentary remarks toward the CEO's leadership.
negativeHer negative remarks about my appearance made me feel terrible about myself.
suggestiveHer suggestive remarks left little to the imagination.
judiciousThe judicious remarks of the judge helped to calm the tense atmosphere in the courtroom.
subsequentThe subsequent remarks by the chairman were met with great enthusiasm.
incidentalThe speaker concluded his speech with some incidental remarks on the upcoming election.
offensiveThe offensive remarks made by the politician sparked outrage among the public.
unkindHis unkind remarks burned like acid on her soul.
uncomplimentaryThe critic made several uncomplimentary remarks about the performance.
humorousHer humorous remarks made everyone in the room laugh.
scatteredThe teacher gave scattered remarks on the student's essay.
pointedHer pointed remarks left no room for misinterpretation.
sensibleThomas made some sensible remarks about the situation.
usefulThe useful remarks from the audience helped to improve the presentation.
cautionaryHeed the cautionary remarks included in the document.
bitterShe left the meeting with bitter remarks still hanging in the air.
unpleasantShe made some unpleasant remarks about my appearance.
semiticThe semitic remarks made the audience uncomfortable.
commonplaceThe professor's monotonous delivery made his commonplace remarks seem even more tedious.
causticHer caustic remarks burned like acid on his wounded ego.
scathingThe reviewer's scathing remarks left the author shattered.
desultoryThe desultory remarks did not contribute to the conversation.
preparedI have added some prepared remarks on my company's upcoming product launch.
curiousThe professor's curious remarks sparked a lively debate.
cursoryThe director gave a few cursory remarks before the show began.
philosophicalThe professor's philosophical remarks provoked a lively discussion among the students.
shrewdThe professor made several shrewd remarks during the lecture.
flatteringThe politician's flattering remarks won him the support of the crowd.
hostileShe ignored his hostile remarks and continued walking.
miscellaneousThe committee is invited to make miscellaneous remarks
methodologicalThe author provided some methodological remarks on the study's design and execution.
crypticThe professor's cryptic remarks left the students scratching their heads.
wiseHer wise remarks belied her youthful appearance.
admirableHer admirable remarks left an unforgettable impression on the audience.
smartThe teacher was not amused by my smart remarks

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