Adjectives for Removal

Adjectives For Removal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing removal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe removal can significantly impact the perception of the action. A surgical removal implies precision and care, often associated with medical procedures, while complete and total removal signify nothing is left behind, ensuring thoroughness. Immediate removal highlights the urgency and priority of the task, contrasting with partial removal, which suggests a more selective approach. For tasks deemed straightforward, easy removal suggests a hassle-free process. Each adjective paints a different picture, emphasizing various aspects of removal. Explore the full spectrum of nuances below and find the perfect description for your context.
surgicalThe surgical removal of the tumor was successful.
completeThe complete removal of the tumor was successful.
totalThe doctor's orders were to proceed with the total removal of the patient's spleen.
immediateThe doctor ordered the immediate removal of the patient's appendix.
partialThe dental procedure involved a partial removal of the decayed tooth.
easyThis cleaning spray is highly effective in lifting dirt and residue, allowing for easy removal
rapidThe sudden event required rapid removal of personal belongings.
subsequentThe subsequent removal of the offending material was swift and decisive.
earlyThe early removal of the tumor is recommended to prevent metastasis.
selectiveThe selective removal process was used to eliminate unwanted components from the sample.
incompleteThe incomplete removal of the tumor resulted in a recurrence of the cancer.
mechanicalThe mechanical removal of the old wallpaper was a tedious task.
successfulThe successful removal of the tumor was confirmed by the biopsy results.
operativeThe operative removal of the tumor was successful.
suddenThe sudden removal of the carpet left a gaping hole in the floor.
physicalThe physical removal of all the debris took weeks.
promptPrompt removal of the infected tissue is necessary for recovery.
manualThe manual removal of the old system took longer than expected.
gradualThe gradual removal of lead from gasoline has led to a significant reduction in air pollution levels.
effectiveThe use of a powerful vacuum cleaner ensures effective removal of dust and allergens.
finalThe final removal of the old building will make way for the new.
efficientThe efficient removal of toxins allowed for an improved cell culture.
temporaryThe temporary removal of the application did not resolve the issue.
biologicalBiological removal is a process of removing organic pollutants from wastewater using microorganisms.
radicalThe radical removal of the tumor was successful.
actualThe actual removal of the damaged bumper took less than an hour.
permanentThe permanent removal of the document was completed successfully.
sutureThe suture removal went smoothly, and the patient is healing well.
simpleThe simple removal of debris can improve the appearance of the property.
carefulPlease proceed with careful removal of the object.
continuousThe constant rainfall caused a continuous removal of soil.
tumorThe tumor removal was successful and the patient is now recovering well.
entireShe performed the entire removal of the plaster from the wall.
mereMere removal of a diseased organ does not necessarily restore the individual to health.
endoscopicThe endoscopic removal of the tumor was successful.
bilateralThe bilateral removal of the adrenal glands can lead to Addison's disease.
extensiveExtensive removal of the cutaneous tumor is necessary to obtain the maximum chance of cure.
quickThe quick removal of the tree stump was necessary to make way for the new construction.
speedyThe speedy removal of debris is crucial to prevent accidents.
adequateThe appropriate cleaning was completed with adequate removal
simultaneousThe simultaneous removal of old and new material in the creation of ancient Egyptian faience has been observed.
safePlease use the safe removal option to prevent data loss.
frequentThe frequent removal of old files helped keep the system running smoothly.
forcedThe forced removal of the civilians was met with international condemnation.
solventThe solvent removal process was completed successfully, leaving behind a pure substance.
excessiveExcessive removal of vegetation can lead to soil erosion.
eventualWe plan to work with public affairs and administration to request the eventual removal of the op-ed from the school newspaper.
organicThe organic removal of soil from the site occurred over thousands of years due to erosion.
prematureThe premature removal of the supporting structure caused the collapse of the bridge.
progressiveThe progressive removal of the statue was met with resistance from some quarters.
accidentalThe accidental removal of the file caused the program to crash.
wholesaleThe wholesale removal of all the trees in the area was met with fierce opposition from the community.
fatFat removal is gaining popularity in the cosmetic industry.
percutaneousThe percutaneous removal of the foreign body was successful.
metalThe metal removal process was successful.
experimentalThe experimental removal of the treatment group showed significant improvement in patient outcomes.
inadequateThe inadequate removal of the tumor resulted in its recurrence.
periodicThe periodic removal of excess waste is necessary for proper system function.
enzymaticThe enzymatic removal of the impurities resulted in a purer product.
easierThis new design allows for easier removal
instantThe stain disappeared with instant removal
ultimateThe ultimate removal of the old laws was a necessary step for the progress of society.
slowThe slow removal of the bandages was necessary to prevent further pain.
systematicThe systematic removal of employees from the company began last week.
prior"With prior removal of the injured tissue the defect was too large for primary closure."
subtotalThe subtotal removal of the appendix was successful.
maximumThe maximum removal of toxins from the body is essential for overall health.
unilateralThe unilateral removal of the troops was met with strong opposition.
nutrientThe lagoon facilitates nutrient removal without the use of additional chemicals.
laserThe tattoo was faded almost completely after laser removal
consequentConsequent removal of the bandage revealed an open fracture.
fluidThe doctor recommended fluid removal to relieve the patient's discomfort.
readyThe bolts are designed for ready removal

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