Adjectives for Repair

Adjectives For Repair

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing repair, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe repair can significantly alter the perception of the task at hand. A good repair restores your faith in durability, while a bad one can leave you frustrated and mistrustful. Opting for a surgical repair implies precision and expertise, almost as if the item were under the care of a skilled physician. On the flip side, a complete repair suggests thoroughness, leaving no stone unturned. The term operative repair, often used in technical contexts, hints at functionality and efficiency. The choice of adjective not only colors the repair itself but also the expectation and outcome. For a comprehensive exploration of how adjectives paint our understanding of repairs, peruse our full list below.
goodThe car was in good repair
surgicalThe doctor was able to correct the issue with surgical repair
primaryPrimary repair was carried out under local anesthetic.
operativeThe operative repair was successful.
badThe car was in bad repair and it wouldn't start.
completeThe technician performed a complete repair of the system.
immediateThe immediate repair of the damaged equipment was crucial for preventing further delays.
successfulMargaret was very proud of her successful repair of the broken vase.
openThe mechanic performed an open repair on the car's engine.
aorticThe patient underwent aortic repair surgery to correct the severe aortic stenosis.
poorThe house was in poor repair
cleftThe surgeon began the cleft repair by making an incision along the lip.
thoroughThe car was in thorough repair after the accident.
endovascularThe endovascular repair was successful, and the patient was discharged from the hospital the next day.
directThe team can direct repair the spaceship in 15 minutes.
majorThe car needs major repair
mitralThe mitral repair procedure is used to fix a leaky mitral valve.
properThe proper repair of the car was completed.
definitiveThe definitive repair of the aircraft required extensive welding and riveting.
laparoscopicThe surgeon performed a laparoscopic repair of the hernia.
excellentThe antique furniture was in excellent repair after the restoration.
constantThe old car was a constant repair and annoyance for its owner.
perfectThe perfect repair job made it look like the car had never been damaged.
plasticPlastic repair can fix cosmetic flaws, such as wrinkles, scars, and birth defects.
inguinalThe patient underwent an inguinal repair to correct a hernia.
secondaryThe secondary repair was completed successfully.
subsequentThe subsequent repair was inevitably expensive
nucleotideNucleotide repair is a process that repairs damaged nucleotides in DNA.
electiveThe elective repair of the roof was completed on time and within budget.
betterThe mechanic performed a better repair than the previous one.
extensiveThe extensive repair of the historic building took over a year to complete.
arterialThe arterial repair was successful and the patient made a full recovery.
defectiveThe washing machine was not working properly due to a defective repair
abdominalThe patient underwent abdominal repair surgery to fix a hernia.
minorThe minor repair was completed quickly and efficiently.
meniscalThe meniscal repair surgery was a success and the patient is recovering well.
temporaryThe temporary repair held the broken machine together long enough to finish the job.
vascularAdvanced vascular repair techniques provide new hope for patients with complex vascular conditions.
vaginalShe underwent vaginal repair surgery to correct the damage caused by childbirth.
stageThe stage repair took several hours to complete.
arthroscopicThe arthroscopic repair of the meniscus was successful.
rapidEmergency teams are conducting rapid repair on the damaged infrastructure.
initialMy car is now at the shop for its initial repair
nonThe appliance is now beyond non repair
strandAfter several rounds of strand repair the DNA molecule was still faulty
recombinationalThe mutation rate could be reduced by homologous recombinational repair
promptNotify the contractor about prompt repair of the leak.
necessaryThe necessary repair on the old car will cost over $1,500.
adequateThe damage to the car was minor and could be fixed with an adequate repair
palateThe surgeon skillfully performed palate repair surgery on the young child.
satisfactoryThe service provided satisfactory repair for my car engine.
quickThe quick repair fixed the car in minutes.
tolerableThe damage was only tolerable repair
automotiveMy car is in the shop for automotive repair
structuralThe building needs structural repair
intracardiacThe cardiothoracic team performed an intracardiac repair on the patient's atrial septal defect.
cellularRegular exercise promotes cellular repair and rejuvenation.
perinealThe perineal repair was performed using a running 2-0 Vicryl suture.
anteriorThe anterior repair was performed using a combination of sutures and mesh.
softThe old painting underwent a soft repair to restore its original beauty.
frequentThe frequent repair of old equipment is a drain on resources.
posteriorThe posterior repair was successful and the patient is recovering well.
peripheralThe patient underwent peripheral repair surgery to correct the nerve damage.
excisionThe excision repair pathway is a major DNA repair mechanism that removes damaged nucleotides from DNA.
partialThe property had been subject to a partial repair prior to completion.
delayedThe delayed repair cost them a lot of money.
paravaginalThe pelvic organ prolapse was corrected via the paravaginal repair using monofilament polypropylene mesh.
urgentThe urgent repair of the electrical system was completed quickly and efficiently.
anatomicThe incision was closed with anatomic repair to minimize scarring.
thoracoabdominalThe patient underwent thoracoabdominal repair to treat the aortic aneurysm.
prostheticThe patient underwent prosthetic repair of the anterior cruciate ligament.
endThe damaged ends of the DNA were repaired by the end repair mechanism.
functionalThe functional repair of the damaged tissue was successful.
cardiacCardiac repair can be achieved through stem cell therapy and other innovative techniques.
efficientThe efficient repair service restored the machine to its original working condition.
conventionalThe team provided a conventional repair to the broken pipe.
epithelialEpithelial repair is a complex process that involves multiple cell types and signaling pathways.

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