Adjectives for Replacement

Adjectives For Replacement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing replacement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'replacement' carries a weight of renewal and recovery, but the adjectives preceding it can significantly alter its nuance. A 'total replacement' might suggest an overhaul that leaves nothing of the original, evoking a sense of comprehensive change. In medical contexts, terms like 'aortic replacement' or 'mitral replacement' specify the focus on heart valve surgeries, underlining the precision and critical nature of such procedures. 'Joint replacement' hints at orthopedic surgery, promising mobility and pain relief. Meanwhile, 'complete replacement' underscores the thoroughness of the change, and 'partial replacement' implies a more conservative approach, retaining some of the original. Each adjective unwraps a layer of meaning, enriching our understanding of the term. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that complement 'replacement' and the distinct shades of meaning they contribute below.
totalThe total replacement of the old system with the new one was completed successfully.
aorticShe needed immediate aortic replacement to fix her damaged heart valve.
jointAfter years of pain, Jane decided to undergo a joint replacement
completeThe complete replacement of the old system with the new one will take several months.
mitralThe patient underwent mitral replacement surgery to correct a severe mitral valve regurgitation.
partialThe partial replacement of the old system was completed last week.
prostheticThe patient has a prosthetic replacement for their right knee.
adequateThe company provided us with an adequate replacement for the damaged item.
gradualThe gradual replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources is essential for combating climate change.
immediateThe immediate replacement of the faulty component is crucial for the system's functionality.
suitableThe project is running out of funding and may need a suitable replacement
rapidWith rapid replacement the company was able to quickly improve their infrastructure.
frequentThe frequent replacement of parts is necessary to keep the machine running smoothly.
fluidThe doctor ordered fluid replacement for the dehydrated patient.
temporaryThe temporary replacement for the CEO is well respected in the company.
possibleThe possible replacement for the CEO has been announced.
directThe direct replacement for the broken part is now available.
eventualHer eventual replacement was to be named later
intravenousThe doctor ordered intravenous replacement fluids for the dehydrated patient.
fibrousThe fibrous replacement of the myocardium by dense fibrous tissue is a common finding in patients with end-stage heart failure.
isomorphousThe method of isomorphous replacement can be used to determine the structure of small molecules.
permanentOnce this card is replaced by a permanent replacement the original card should be destroyed.
surgicalThe patient underwent surgical replacement of the aortic valve.
subsequentThe subsequent replacement of the worn-out tire ensured a smooth and safe journey.
periodicThe old pipes will require periodic replacement
inadequateThe inadequate replacement caused severe problems.
easyThe broken part is an easy replacement
oralThe patient received an oral replacement for the lost tooth.
appropriateThe appropriate replacement will be made as soon as possible.
cardiacThe patient underwent a cardiac replacement procedure to restore his heart function.
extensiveThe extensive replacement of outdated equipment improved efficiency by 20%.
hormonalHormonal replacement therapy can help relieve symptoms of menopause.
thyroidThe patient was started on thyroid replacement therapy for their hypothyroidism.
successfulThe successful replacement of the old system with the new one led to a significant increase in efficiency.
progressiveThe company announced a progressive replacement of its current model with a new one.
artificialThe artificial replacement of lost body parts has become increasingly successful.
massiveThe massive replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy is essential for combating climate change.
continuousThe continuous replacement of old parts with new ones ensured the machine's longevity.
wholesaleThe company announced the wholesale replacement of its executive team.
generationalThe generational replacement of employees in the company is expected to be completed by next year.
regularThe regular replacement of filter media ensures optimal performance.
constantThe constant replacement of equipment kept the factory running smoothly.
hormoneHormone replacement therapy can help improve symptoms of menopause.
potentialThis potential replacement could be used in a variety of applications.
tricuspidHe recently underwent a tricuspid replacement due to significant tricuspid regurgitation.
doubleWhen two ionic compounds exchange ions to form two new ionic compounds, the reaction is called a double replacement reaction.
promptThe prompt replacement was done quickly and efficiently.
effectiveAn effective replacement for the outdated software was discovered.
metasomaticThe metasomatic replacement of limestone by dolomite is a common process in carbonate rocks.
quickThe quick replacement of the defective part saved the day.
termThe term replacement has encountered a unexpected error.
renalPatients with end-stage renal disease require renal replacement therapy, such as hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.
satisfactoryI'm sorry, but I cannot find a satisfactory replacement for this item.
exactThe machine has an exact replacement motor.
functionalThe functional replacement of the damaged part was essential for the machine's operation.
molecularThe structure of the protein was determined by molecular replacement
fatThe new fat replacement is made from konjac fiber.
bloodThe blood replacement was a risky procedure, but it saved his life.
continualThe continual replacement of worn-out parts ensured the machine's longevity.
pancreaticPancreatic replacement is the medical treatment of conditions concerning the pancreas.
aggressiveThe aggressive replacement of traditional retail by online shopping has resulted in the closure of many high street stores.
routineThe routine replacement of the equipment ensures optimal performance.
minuteThe technician performed a minute replacement of the defective component.
graftThe patient required a graft replacement to restore heart function.
acidShe used acid replacement to alleviate her heartburn.
ultimateThe ultimate replacement for your outdated software is now available.
mechanicalThe mechanical replacement parts arrived on time, much to the relief of the maintenance team.
idealThe ideal replacement will possess the necessary skills and experience.
optimalThe optimal replacement of this component will save us time and money.
potassiumThe doctor recommended potassium replacement to combat the patient's low potassium levels.
postmenopausalPostmenopausal replacement therapy refers to the use of hormones to treat symptoms associated with menopause.
selectiveHe replaced the old words with the new ones by using the selective replacement method.
belowThe fertility rate had fallen below replacement
electiveThe elective replacement of the damaged knee joint was successful.
valveThe patient underwent valve replacement surgery to correct the aortic stenosis.
acceptableThe new material is an acceptable replacement for the original.

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