Adjectives for Report

Adjectives For Report

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing report, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'report' can significantly impact the perception and understanding of the document. An 'annual' report suggests a routine, year-over-year update, encapsulating a period's achievements and challenges. A 'final' report carries a sense of conclusiveness and authority, often summarizing the culmination of a project or study. The descriptor 'first' infuses the report with a sense of newness and initiation, possibly sparking more interest due to its novelty. 'Preliminary' reports indicate an initial overview, potentially subject to change, setting the stage for more in-depth analysis to follow. An 'official' report lends a formal, authoritative weight, implying a sanctioned or definitive statement. Meanwhile, a 'recent' report offers timely insights, highlighting information that is up-to-date and relevant. Each adjective shades the noun with unique nuances, inviting readers to explore the text with specific expectations. Dive deeper into the diverse adjectives that can accompany 'report' and discover how each one frames the context and reception of the information presented.
annualThe annual report will be released in March.
finalThe final report is ready.
firstThe first report of extreme weather should be ignored.
preliminaryThe preliminary report indicates that the project is likely to be successful.
officialThe official report detailed the company's financial performance.
recentA recent report showed that the economy is growing at a steady pace.
fullYou can read the full report and information on the website.
specialThe special report included groundbreaking findings.
detailedAfter the thorough investigation, we submitted a detailed report of our findings to the board.
secondWe are happy to release our second report
unpublishedI have an unpublished report on the subject.
lastThe last report indicates that sales are up 10%.
writtenI have prepared a written report regarding the project.
interimThe interim report was released on Monday.
briefThe brief report summarized the main points of the study.
monthlyThe monthly report has been submitted to the board.
originalThe original report was published in 2015.
technicalThe technical report provides a detailed analysis of the project's objectives.
thirdI will submit the third report to you later.
initialThe initial report was inconclusive.
falseThe false report caused a panic in the city.
completeI submitted the complete report to my supervisor last week.
comprehensiveThe agency submitted a comprehensive report on the findings of its investigation.
pageCan you send me the page report in PDF format?
financialOur financial report yielded very favorable results, exceeding market estimates.
latestHe mentioned the latest report to me.
dailyPlease submit your daily report before the end of the day.
formalThe formal report was submitted for approval.
medicalHe will receive a copy of the patient's medical report
selfThe self report was not completed.
quarterlyThe quarterly report shows a significant increase in revenue and profit.
fourthWe've sent you the fourth report
confidentialI am sorry, I cannot share this confidential report with you.
earlierThe earlier report suggested that the economy would grow by 2%.
verbalThe nurse gave a detailed verbal report on the patient's condition.
previousI have reviewed the previous report and it appears to be in order.
favorableThe bank gave me a favorable report on my loan application.
oralThe oral report was very informative.
weeklyThe weekly report is due on Friday.
loudThe loud report startled the people nearby.
biennialThe biennial report provides a comprehensive overview of the organization's activities and accomplishments.
subsequentThe subsequent report documented an increase in sales over the previous period.
laterWe will provide a later report on the findings.
printedThe meeting's minutes will be available in a printed report at the registration desk.
lengthyHe regretted having to read such a lengthy report
statisticalThe statistical report showed an increase in revenue.
fifthThe audit team presented their fifth report to the board of directors.
secretThe secret report was delivered to the president in a sealed envelope.
jointThe joint report provided valuable insights into the project.
famousThe famous report was widely discussed by scholars.
favourableThe bank gave Brad a favourable report for his loan application.
progressThe committee reviewed the company's progress report
aboveRead the above report carefully before signing any contract.
sharpThe officer fired his weapon with a sharp report
accurateThe accurate report revealed a concerning trend.
yearI read the company's year report last night.
seventhThe seventh report is now available.
publishedThe published report detailed the findings of the study.
elaborateThe team presented their elaborate report on the market analysis.
yearlyI have reviewed the yearly report and it looks very positive.
verbatimThe verbatim report of the meeting was released to the public.
stenographicThe stenographic report was riddled with spelling and grammar errors.
sixthHere is the sixth report

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