Adjectives for Reporting

Adjectives For Reporting

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reporting, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term reporting carries significant weight across various domains, morphing subtly with the addition of descriptive adjectives. Financial reporting, for instance, emphasizes the monetary aspects crucial for stakeholders, whereas investigative reporting delves into uncovering truths, often with societal impacts. The adjectives accurate and objective highlight the essence of reliability and impartiality that is paramount in all forms of reporting. Meanwhile, mandatory reporting underscores obligations imposed by law or regulations. Understanding these nuances provides insight into the multifaceted world of reporting. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that elucidate the intricate layers of reporting below.
financialManagement is responsible for the preparation and presentation of the financial reporting
accurateAccurate reporting is crucial for providing reliable information.
objectiveObjective reporting seeks to present information without bias or prejudice.
mandatoryMandatory reporting of child abuse is required.
underThere is a possibility of under reporting of surgical site infections in primary care.
politicalShe is an experienced journalist who specializes in political reporting
worthIt is worth reporting that the new policy has been well-received by employees.
externalThe external reporting contains the financial statements and other information that a company is required to disclose to the public.
environmentalEnvironmental reporting plays a crucial role in raising awareness and promoting sustainability.
statisticalThe statistical reporting system provides detailed insights into the company's performance.
corporateFinancial regulators have assumed that utility of corporate reporting is a given.
regularThe financial department is responsible for regular reporting and analysis of the company's performance.
factualThe factual reporting of the incident has been published in the newspaper.
detailedThe team provided detailed reporting on the project's progress.
promptPrompt reporting by concerned citizens led to the swift apprehension of the suspect.
inaccurateWe are concerned about inaccurate reporting from the media.
annualThe annual reporting process is crucial for financial transparency and accountability.
falseThe journalist was fired for false reporting
internalThe internal reporting system tracks employee performance and progress.
honestHonest reporting requires transparency and accuracy in the dissemination of information.
betterThe company's better reporting practices led to increased transparency and accountability.
periodicThe company's financial performance is subject to periodic reporting
internationalThe journalist has many years of experience in international reporting
voluntaryVoluntary reporting can be effective in identifying cases and preventing further transmission.
fraudulentThe company was accused of fraudulent reporting of its financial results.
parliamentaryThe latest parliamentary reporting reveals a growing rift between the government and the opposition.
timelyThe timely reporting of the financial results was critical to the company's success.
extensiveExtensive reporting is essential for effective decision-making.
mereMere reporting means simply describing events without judgment or interpretation.
incompleteThe results are still coming in due to incomplete reporting
routineThe routine reporting of the results has been requested by the safety council.
fairThe media must strive to maintain fair reporting to ensure accuracy.
immediateImmediate reporting of any suspicious activity is mandatory.
dailyThe daily reporting process provides valuable insights into the team's progress.
criticalCritical reporting is essential for holding those in power accountable.
formalFormal reporting on the incident is still in progress.
scientificScientific reporting should be accurate, unbiased, and transparent.
overOver reporting can lead to receiving more attention than needed.
depthThe article was characterized by its depth reporting and well-rounded perspective.
systematicThe systematic reporting of data is essential for effective decision-making.
sensationalPeter was found dead by his neighbor after sensational reporting of his wife's death.
officialThe official reporting by the government was not consistent with the facts.
effectiveThe effective reporting helped management make better decisions.
interpretiveInterpretive reporting seeks meaning in the news and provides context and insights that help readers understand its significance.
uniformAuditors play a crucial role in ensuring uniform reporting of financial data.
journalisticJournalistic reporting aims to provide accurate and unbiased information to the public.
carefulThe journalist's careful reporting uncovered the truth about the scandal.
truthfulThe truthful reporting of events is essential for an informed society.
inadequateThe inadequate reporting made it difficult to assess the situation.
spontaneousThe spontaneous reporting system is a valuable tool for identifying and monitoring adverse drug reactions.
adequateThe company provided adequate reporting to its stakeholders.
independentThe independent reporting agency issued a report on the recent election.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive reporting provided a detailed overview of the company's financial performance.
oralI need to work on my oral reporting skills.
frequentWe would like to thank the participants for their frequent reporting of the results throughout the study.
interimThe interim reporting revealed a promising trend in the company's performance.
timeI have finished the time reporting for this week.
monthlyThe company requires monthly reporting on all expenses.
responsibleResponsible reporting is crucial for maintaining public trust and informing the community accurately.
reliableThis newspaper is recognized for its reliable reporting and unbiased perspectives.
quarterlyThe company's quarterly reporting showed a significant increase in revenue.

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