Adjectives for Reports

Adjectives For Reports

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reports, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe reports can drastically alter the perception of the information presented. An annual report implies a comprehensive recap of a year's activities, while a recent report promises new, up-to-the-minute insights. Official reports carry the weight of authority, assuring the reader of their credibility. Conversely, psychological reports delve into the complexity of human behavior, offering a detailed analysis. And when we talk about various reports, we invite a spectrum of topics and findings. Each adjective opens a unique window into the type of data and analysis presented. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives related to reports and how they frame the narrative in the content that follows.
annualInvestors often use annual reports to evaluate the financial performance of a company
severalSeveral reports were received about the incident.
officialThe official reports presented by the research team contained crucial data for the project.
recentRecent reports suggest a surge in the number of online scams.
psychologicalThe therapist reviewed the patient's psychological reports before the session.
variousWe got various reports regarding the issue.
financialThe company's financial reports were released last week.
numerousNumerous reports indicate that the company is facing financial difficulties.
specialI prefer to read the special reports about the recent election.
earlyEarly reports indicate that the suspect is still at large.
latestHe scanned the latest reports and found no mention of the missing shipment.
detailedThe detailed reports provided valuable insights into the company's performance.
monthlyThe monthly reports provided valuable insights into the company's performance.
previousThe study discovers how connections between brain regions, revealed by previous reports change over time.
falseThe false reports of the accident spread like wildfire through the town.
currentThe company is required to file current reports on Form 8-K within four business days of the occurrence of certain events.
regularWe submit regular reports to the head office to keep them informed of our progress.
periodicThe company is required to submit periodic reports to the government.
dailySubmit your daily reports before the end of the day.
technicalMany technical reports were published over the last few months.
earlierEarlier reports show a different picture.
initialInitial reports suggested the damage was not as extensive as first thought.
verbalThe police will take verbal reports of citizens.
anecdotalHis anecdotal reports of seeing UFOs have yet to be proven.
clinicalThe clinical reports were reviewed by the medical team.
quarterlyThe company's quarterly reports showed a steady increase in revenue.
statisticalThe statistical reports showed a significant increase in sales over the past year.
finalThe final reports of an investigation into the cause of the accident were released.
medicalThe medical reports were thorough and detailed.
subsequentSubsequent reports indicated the patient's condition had improved.
weeklyI have to submit my weekly reports by Friday afternoon.
oralThe students gave their oral reports on their research projects.
preliminaryThe preliminary reports suggest a high likelihood of a favorable outcome.
frequentShe submitted frequent reports to her supervisor.
occasionalThe team provides occasional reports on the progress of the project.
contemporaryContemporary reports indicate a significant increase in the use of social media across all age groups.
scientificNumerous scientific reports have confirmed the efficacy of the treatment.
separateThe two companies issued separate reports on their earnings.
formalFormal reports are an imperative tool for documenting and communicating important information within organizations.
conflictingThere were conflicting reports about the accident.
interimThe interim reports were filed by the end of the month.
confidentialThe confidential reports were intended for the eyes of the CEO only.
favorableThe company received favorable reports from the auditors.
subjectiveWe classified reports as subjective reports if they included personal perception and preference.
printedWe have to investigate our printed reports in order to understand the issue.
briefThe conference concluded with brief reports from the breakout sessions.
accurateWe are preparing accurate reports for the meeting this afternoon.
availableThe available reports include sales figures, marketing data, and financial statements.
retrospectiveThe retrospective reports provided a comprehensive analysis of the project's progress and outcomes.
contradictoryThe department issued contradictory reports stating its budget was sufficient and insufficient.
exaggeratedThe exaggerated reports made the situation seem much worse than it actually was.
unpublishedJohn and Mary used a variety of sources, including published articles, unpublished reports and conference presentations.
reliableWe rely on the reliable reports on the official website.
consularThe consular reports provided valuable insights into the local customs.
yearlyThe team presented their yearly reports at the conference.
earliestAccording to the earliest reports the Spanish were amazed by the size of Lake Texcoco.
unconfirmedThe unconfirmed reports suggest that the company may be facing financial difficulties.
periodicalThe company submitted its periodical reports to the SEC.
secretThe secret reports contained sensitive information.
writtenThe written reports showed a steady increase in sales over the past quarter.
newspaperI read the newspaper reports every morning.
corporateAnalysts have been closely examining corporate reports for signs of a slowdown in the economy.

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