Adjectives for Republic

Adjectives For Republic

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing republic, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective-noun pair 'republic' reveals the rich tapestry of contexts and nuances this combination can evoke. The term 'new republic' often hints at a fresh start or a revolutionary change, while 'democratic republic' emphasizes governance by the people and for the people. An 'independent republic' speaks to sovereignty and self-determination, whereas 'great republic' might hint at historical significance or achievements. The 'American republic' uniquely ties to the United States, embodying its values and political structure. Lastly, a 'young republic' suggests a nation in its infancy, full of potential and facing the challenges of establishment. Each adjective opens a different window into understanding the complexities and characteristics of republics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'republic' and the nuanced meanings they convey below.
newThe new republic is a government in which the head of state is not a monarch.
democraticThe United States of America is a democratic republic
independentUkraine became an independent republic in 1991.
greatThe United States is a great republic with a rich history and culture.
americanThe American republic is founded on the principles of liberty, equality, and justice for all.
youngThe young republic faced many challenges in its early years.
earlyThe early republic was a time of great economic and political change.
romanThe Roman republic was a period of ancient Roman history from 509 BC to 27 BC.
frenchThe French republic is a unitary semi-presidential republic.
federalThe United States of America is a federal republic consisting of fifty states.
turkishAnkara is the capital city of the Turkish republic
formerThe former republic is now a thriving democracy.
freeThe United States is a free republic where all citizens have the right to vote.
lateThe late republic was a period of political and social turmoil in ancient Rome.
sovietThe Soviet republic quickly rose to power.
autonomousTatarstan is an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation.
chineseAfter the Xinhai Revolution of 1911, the Manchu Qing dynasty collapsed and the Chinese republic was established.
socialistThe Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was the largest country in the world until its dissolution in 1991.
idealThe ideal republic is one where the people are free and equal.
islamicThe Islamic republic of Iran is a Shi'ite theocracy.
germanThe German republic was a short-lived state that existed from 1919 to 1933.
syrianThe Syrian republic is a country in Western Asia.
russianThe Russian republic was established in 1917, after the overthrow of the Tsarist government.
bourgeoisThe French bourgeoisie overthrew the monarchy and founded a bourgeois republic in 1848.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary republic is a form of representative democracy in which the head of government is elected by the parliament.
dutchThe Dutch republic was a confederation of seven provinces in the Netherlands that existed from 1581 to 1795.
sovereignThe sovereign republic of Costa Rica is a peaceful country with a long history of democracy.
laterThe later republic was a period of great political instability and civil war.
livedThe people who lived republic in the early United States were mostly farmers.
ancientThe ancient republic was founded by a group of settlers who had left their homeland due to political unrest.
aristocraticThe aristocratic republic is a form of government in which power is held by a small, elite group of people.
separateAfter an uprising by the Greek Cypriots in 1963, the enclaves were reinforced by Turkey as a separate republic in the north.
venetianThe Venetian republic was a maritime republic in the northeastern part of the Italian Peninsula that existed for over a millennium.
mexicanThe Mexican republic is a country in North America.
constitutionalA constitutional republic is a form of government in which the head of state is not a monarch.
armenianThe Armenian republic was founded in 1918.
infantThe infant republic faced many challenges in its early years.
calledThe country is called republic
southThe South republic is a region in the southern part of the country.
irishThe Irish republic was proclaimed in 1916, but it was not until 1949 that Ireland became a republic
secularIndia is a secular republic where people of all religions live in harmony.
italianThe Italian republic is a parliamentary republic with a semi-presidential system.
florentineThe Florentine republic was a prominent city-state in Italy during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
christianThe United States is a Christian republic not a theocracy.
neighboringShe is a citizen of the neighboring republic
unitedThe United republic of Tanzania is a country in East Africa.
liberalThe liberal republic stands for freedom, equality, and justice.
northernThe northern republic has been at war with the southern kingdom for centuries.
spanishThe Spanish republic was a period of Spanish history that lasted from 1931 to 1939.
unitaryThe unitary republic is the simplest political system.
powerfulThe powerful republic stood strong against its enemies.
cisalpineThe Cisalpine republic was a state created by Napoleon in northern Italy in 1797.
representativeThe United States is a representative republic where the people elect officials to represent their interests.
tinyThe tiny republic of San Marino is located in the Apennine Mountains.
czechThe Czech republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe.
vastThe vast republic encompasses a multitude of cultures, languages, and traditions.
argentineThe formal name of Argentina is the Argentine republic
neighbouringThe neighbouring republic's government is in talks with our own.
universalThe United States of America is a representative universal republic
fledglingThe fledgling republic faced many challenges in its early years.
dominicanThe Dominican republic is a Caribbean nation known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture.
extendedThe extended republic reached its peak during the First Punic War.
gloriousThe glorious republic stood as a beacon of democracy and hope for centuries.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary republic was founded on the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity.
communistThe People's Republic of China is a communist republic
batavianThe Batavian republic was established in 1795 and lasted until 1806.
yugoslavThe Yugoslav republic of Macedonia declared independence in 1991.
finnishThe Finnish republic is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe.
brazilianThe Brazilian republic is a federal republic located in South America.
mightyThe mighty republic stood as a beacon of freedom and democracy.

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