Adjectives for Request

Adjectives For Request

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing request, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany 'request' can significantly impact the tone and urgency of your message. A 'special request' might imply a need for particular attention or an exceptional circumstance, whereas an 'urgent request' conveys immediacy and critical importance. Utilizing 'own' can personalize and emphasize ownership or responsibility, whereas 'last' suggests a final appeal or effort. The shade of earnestness is added with 'earnest,' inflecting sincerity and deep seriousness. Each adjective, from 'own' to 'earnest,' frames the noun in a unique light, affecting the reader's perception and response. For a deeper understanding of how adjectives modify 'request,' explore the full list below.
ownShe left the company at her own request
suchI apologize, but I am unable to fulfill such request
urgentI need an urgent request
specialCan I make a special request to have a window seat on the flight?
lastShe had a last request before passing away.
formalI would like to make a formal request for a leave of absence from my current position.
reasonableI made a reasonable request to my boss for a raise.
specificI have a specific request to make.
simpleThis is a simple request
secondI need to send you a second request
particularI have a particular request to make.
similarI received a similar request earlier today.
initialThe initial request was sent out at 10 am.
originalWhat was the original request in your ticket?
interruptThe interrupt request vector indicates the type of interrupt that the processor is currently servicing.
strangeI received a strange request from my boss this morning.
personalCould you please accept my personal request to assist with the project?
unusualThe unusual request surprised everyone in the room
httpThe HTTP request returned a 200 status code.
humbleI have a humble request to ask of you.
officialThe official request was submitted to the relevant authorities.
currentI am sorry, but I am unable to fulfill the current request
unreasonableThe unreasonable request left me stunned and speechless.
finalMy final request is that you forgive me.
httpservletrequestYou can use 'httpservletrequest request' to retrieve information about the client that sent the HTTP request.
previousPlease see details from your previous request
explicitThe manager's explicit request was to finish the work before the deadline.
getI sent a get request to the server.
incomingPlease process the incoming request as soon as possible.
earlierUnfortunately, I cannot accommodate your earlier request
jointA joint request was made by the two lawyers.
verbalThe applicant submitted a verbal request for a leave of absence.
subsequentPlease submit your subsequent request through the appropriate channels.
oddThe teacher received an odd request from a student, who wanted to learn the history of the universe in one day.
extraordinaryThe manager denied my extraordinary request
readPlease send me the read request
unanimousThe unanimous request for a new playground was granted by the town council.
sovietThe allies of the Soviet Union supported the Soviet request for an investigation.
writtenThe written request should be concise and clear.
foiaThe reporter filed a foia request to obtain the police report.
legitimateThe customer made a legitimate request for a refund.
aboveI will try my best to finish the above request by tomorrow morning.
courteousThe receptionist approached the visitors with a courteous request for their identification.
boldI have a bold request to make of you.
frequentThe frequent request of customers has made the manager take a lot of measures.
automaticThe automatic request was processed quickly.
presidentialThe presidential request was met with mixed reactions.
royalThe king made a royal request to the blacksmith to forge a sword worthy of his son.
routineI submitted a routine request to the maintenance department.
validPlease process this valid request
singularI have a singular request to make.
connectI would like to send you a connect request

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