Adjectives for Requests

Adjectives For Requests

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing requests, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of communication, the noun 'requests' carries significant weight, embodying pleas, appeals, or demands made by individuals. The adjectives used alongside 'requests' - such as 'specific,' 'special,' 'numerous,' and 'several' - add layers of nuance, pointing to the quantity, nature, and urgency of these appeals. A 'specific' request draws attention to its detailed and pointed nature, implying a need for precision. Meanwhile, 'special' requests underscore the unique or exceptional circumstances surrounding them. The varieties of adjectives preceding 'requests' color them with different shades of meaning, emphasizing the complexity and diversity of human desires and needs. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives accompanying 'requests' below for a deeper understanding of their implications.
suchPlease help me to process such requests
manyI have many requests to handle today.
specificCould you please help me with some specific requests?
specialCould you please accommodate my special requests as noted in the comments section?
numerousThe customer service department received numerous requests for assistance throughout the day.
severalI had several requests for the item.
moreCould you please accommodate more requests?
multipleThe customer made multiple requests for the same product.
urgentI have several urgent requests that need to be addressed immediately.
similarI've had similar requests before.
frequentThe cashier had to deal with frequent requests for change.
reasonableWe will make reasonable requests of you regarding the use of our service.
furtherPlease submit further requests via our online portal.
individualEach researcher submits a request for human subjects approval before initiating studies involving individual requests
subsequentI'll add more information to subsequent requests
incomingThe server received a lot of incoming requests
patientThe doctor complied with the patient requests
httpHTTP requests are used to get data from a server.
directShe submitted her direct requests to the manager.
additionalThe team leader informed his members about the additional requests from the client.
simpleShe only made simple requests
futurePlease submit any future requests to our new online portal.
formalWe appreciate you submitting formal requests through our online portal.
unreasonableI'm sorry, I can't do unreasonable requests
interruptThe operating system handles interrupt requests from devices.
simultaneousThe server processed the simultaneous requests efficiently.
interlibraryStudents and faculty may access materials not available at their home library via interlibrary requests
constantThe salespeople were overwhelmed with the constant requests for information.
initialCustomers submitted initial requests for the new product immediately after the announcement.
legitimateThe team will consider all legitimate requests for a transfer.
verbalPlease submit your verbal requests to the appropriate authorities.
outstandingThe client has several outstanding requests
concurrentSeveral web servers can simultaneously handle concurrent requests from multiple devices.
previousShe repeatedly failed to comply with previous requests
persistentShe eventually gave in to her friends' persistent requests
routineThe board received a number of routine requests for information and action.
parentalThe school district is required to respond to parental requests for special education evaluations in a timely manner.
budgetaryThe finance committee will review the budgetary requests next week.
officialWe have sent numerous official requests but they have all been met with silence.
remoteThe team has been receiving an increasing number of remote requests lately.
followingPlease provide the following requests
unusualThe customer's unusual requests required the team to think outside the box.
foiaI filed several foia requests to obtain information about the government's activities.
fewerThere are fewer requests this week than last week.
departmentalCould you please outline the departmental requests for the upcoming budget meeting?
endlessThe relentless barrage of endless requests left me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
congressionalThe White House has complied with all congressional requests for documents.
legislativeThe student government is considering several legislative requests for next year's budget.
writtenWe can confirm that we will no longer process written requests
modestThe merciful beggar made modest requests
occasionalThe employee handled the occasional requests from the customer without any difficulty.
insistentThe insistent requests led to an agreement.
asynchronousThe server promptly responded to the asynchronous requests
sovietI cannot fulfill soviet requests
reprintPlease address reprint requests to the corresponding author.
relatedMy computer is not working, and I need to fix it. I would like to know if there are any related requests
unsolicitedWe kindly ask you to refrain from sending unsolicited requests
readThe library received numerous read requests for the latest popular novel.
innumerableThe professor was overwhelmed by the innumerable requests for extra credit.
humbleThe professor received humble requests for an extension on the assignment.

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