Adjectives for Requirements

Adjectives For Requirements

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing requirements, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe requirements can significantly alter the perception of what’s needed, whether it’s for a project, a job, or a legal procedure. Describing requirements as minimum emphasizes the bare essentials, while specific ones denote a need for particular criteria. Legal requirements highlight the necessity to comply with laws, whereas special requirements often refer to unique or additional needs. Calling requirements basic or certain can also guide the reader’s understanding towards either fundamental needs or those that are definite and unquestionable. Each adjective shades the noun with different levels of necessity, precision, and urgency. For a more detailed exploration of how these adjectives enrich communication, see our full list below.
minimumWe must first ensure that the computer system meets the minimum requirements for running the software.
specificThe vendor must meet specific requirements to qualify for the contract.
legalIn order to maintain compliance with legal requirements we must provide our customers with a clear and concise privacy policy.
specialThe event has special requirements for attendees.
basicShe was only able to complete the basic requirements
certainThe company has certain requirements for new employees.
generalThe general requirements for the university can be found on the website.
functionalThe functional requirements for the system are defined in the SRS document.
additionalThe additional requirements for the job are a bachelor's degree in a related field and two years of relevant experience.
nutritionalA balanced diet is essential for meeting the nutritional requirements of the human body.
followingThe document must adhere to the following requirements
technicalThis project has complex technical requirements
regulatoryThe company maintains compliance with all the regulatory requirements
stringentThe organization has stringent requirements for membership.
statutoryIt is essential to comply with the statutory requirements
educationalThe educational requirements for this position include a bachelor's degree in computer science.
totalThe product can be produced without the total requirements of water.
essentialThe essential requirements for this job are a master's degree and three years of experience.
physicalThe job posting listed all of the physical requirements for the position.
futureWe need to consider our future requirements carefully.
financialThe financial requirements for the project are substantial.
formalThe formal requirements for the program were extensive.
individualThe plan will be tailored to meet the individual requirements of each student.
currentThe current requirements for this position are a bachelor's degree in computer science and three years of experience in software development.
militaryThe army's modernization plans included new weapons to meet future military requirements
minimalThe applicant met the minimal requirements for the position.
dailyThe athlete's daily requirements include a balanced diet and proper hydration.
environmentalThe company has many environmental requirements that must be met by their contractors.
structuralThe construction project had to adhere to strict structural requirements for safety and stability.
operationalThe operational requirements for the system are minimal.
strictThe company has strict requirements for applicants.
aboveThe candidate met the above requirements and was offered the position.
federalThe company must comply with all federal requirements for the project.
proceduralThe procedural requirements for the project must be completed before construction can begin.
necessaryThe necessary requirements for the job are a high school diploma and two years of experience.
actualWe must meet the actual requirements for the project to succeed.
domesticWe can meet the domestic requirements by increasing hydroelectric power production.
detailedThe detailed requirements for the project are outlined in the attached document.
practicalThe practical requirements for the project were carefully considered.
fundamentalThe fundamental requirements for a successful business include a strong customer focus, a clear business strategy, and a sound financial plan.
academicThe university has strict academic requirements for its students.
dietaryPlease let us know about any dietary requirements in advance.
constitutionalThe state legislature has proposed a new law that conflicts with the constitutional requirements for free speech.
uniqueOur company has unique requirements for our new software.
immediateThe team is currently facing immediate requirements
mandatoryMandatory requirements must be met in order to complete the application.
applicableThe applicable requirements for this project must be met prior to implementation.
administrativeThe company has established clear administrative requirements for all employees to follow.
rigidThe school has rigid requirements for attendance.
overallThe team must understand the overall requirements for the project.
keyThe key requirements for the position include a bachelor's degree and at least five years of relevant experience.
conflictingThe project faced constant delays due to conflicting requirements
organizationalThe new system must meet all organizational requirements
computationalThe application has demanding computational requirements
exactThe project manager defined the exact requirements for the new software.
exactingThe project had exacting requirements that demanded precision and attention to detail.

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