Adjectives for Research

Adjectives For Research

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing research, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'research' often conjures images of laboratories and scholars poring over pages of data. However, the nuances brought about by different adjectives can drastically alter its perception. 'Further research' suggests an ongoing quest for knowledge, while 'scientific research' emphasizes a methodical, empirical approach. 'Recent research' highlights cutting-edge discoveries, propelling us towards 'future research' that promises uncharted territories of understanding. 'Basic research' underpins these explorations with foundational insights, whereas 'social research' connects them to human behavior and societal trends. Each adjective opens a new window into the vast world of inquiry and investigation. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'research' to grasp the subtleties and power of language in shaping our understanding of this critical endeavor.
furtherFurther research is needed to further explore this topic.
scientificScientific research is key to understanding the world around us.
recentRecent research suggests that regular exercise can improve mental health.
futureFuture research will focus on developing more effective treatments for this condition.
basicThe team carried out basic research on the effects of the new drug.
socialSocial research is the scientific study of human society and social problems.
empiricalWe analyzed empirical research on the effectiveness of online learning.
moreI need more research to find the answer to your question.
currentThe current research has shown that the new drug is effective in treating the disease.
qualitativeQualitative research relies on non-numerical data to offer insights and understanding.
muchMuch research had been done on the subject.
historicalStudents spent hours engaged in historical research to create their projects.
medicalOur medical research team made an important breakthrough last week.
extensiveThe extensive research conducted by Dr. Smith yielded valuable insights into the topic.
clinicalResearchers have made advancements in clinical research for cancer treatment.
previousThe previous research has shown that this method is effective in improving student learning.
educationalEducational research plays a vital role in improving teaching and learning practices.
experimentalThe researcher conducted experimental research to investigate the effects of the new drug on patients.
additionalI need to do additional research on the topic.
originalThe original research was conducted by a team of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley.
academicHer academic research into medieval literature resonated with the class.
agriculturalA new agricultural research project aims to develop drought-resistant crops.
considerableThe team conducted considerable research before making a final decision.
comparativeThe study employed comparative research to examine the different approaches to teaching reading in various countries.
subsequentSubsequent research has been done on the topic.
quantitativeQuantitative research uses statistical data to prove or disprove the hypothesis of an investigation.
archaeologicalArchaeological research has uncovered evidence of ancient civilizations that thrived thousands of years ago.
fundamentalFundamental research is the basis for many scientific advances.
systematicThe team conducted systematic research to analyze the effectiveness of the training program.
sociologicalSociological research provides valuable insights into the behavior and patterns of social groups.
biomedicalBiomedical research is the application of medical and biological sciences to the development of new knowledge and therapies for the prevention and treatment of human diseases.
biologicalThe biological research was conducted to understand the genetic basis of the disease.
intensiveIntensive research has yielded promising results in the field of medical advancements.
industrialIndustrial research is crucial for developing new technologies and processes.
culturalThe cultural research team conducted extensive interviews to gather insights into the target audience.
ethnographicThe ethnographic research was conducted over a period of 18 months, during which time the researcher lived in the community and participated in the daily lives of its members.
earlierEarlier research has shown that the drug is effective in treating cancer.
scholarlyThe scholarly research was conducted over a period of several years.
behavioralThe behavioral research team examined the effects of different rewards on student motivation.
ongoingOngoing research is being conducted to further explore this topic.
appliedThis applied research resulted in the development of a prototype tool.
contemporaryThis contemporary research brought forward a formula to relieve stress.
pastPast research has shown that this is an effective method.
carefulThe careful research conducted by the team led to the development of a groundbreaking new technology.
relatedThe related research supports the hypothesis that the intervention is effective.
anthropologicalThe anthropological research provided insights into the cultural practices of the community.
geneticGenetic research has made significant advancements in understanding the human genome.
pureScientists conduct pure research to expand our understanding of the universe.
relevantThe relevant research supports the hypothesis that early childhood education has a positive impact on long-term academic achievement.
longitudinalLongitudinal research collects data over time to track changes in variables of interest.
feministFeminist research explores the ways in which gender and power dynamics shape women's lives and experiences.
independentI conducted independent research to support my thesis.
participatoryParticipatory research involves collaboration between researchers and community members to address issues and develop solutions.
psychicalPsychical research is the study of psychic phenomena, such as telepathy and clairvoyance.
theoreticalThe theoretical research will include an investigation of the basic principles of the new technology.
detailedThe detailed research uncovered a wealth of information.
interdisciplinaryInterdisciplinary research is a collaborative approach to solving complex problems by bringing together researchers from various disciplines.
collaborativeThe collaborative research project brought together scientists from different disciplines to tackle a complex problem.
developmentalDevelopmental research is conducted to increase knowledge about the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children.
priorThe results of the current study are in line with prior research
latestThe latest research indicates that the new vaccine is 95% effective.
preliminaryPreliminary research suggests that the new drug may be effective in treating the disease.
linguisticLinguistic research is the scientific study of language.
operationalThe team used operational research techniques to optimize the distribution network.
orientedIn the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources, oriented research to the accurate and fast formation layer evaluation has a crucial role.
archivalThe archival research yielded a wealth of previously unknown information.
cognitiveThe research team conducted a cognitive research study to investigate the effects of mindfulness meditation on attention and memory.
availableA major obstacle today is the lack of available research on the best ways to use data to inform our decisions.
jointThe two universities are conducting joint research on the topic of climate change.
organizationalOrganizational research plays a vital role in the continuous improvement of business strategies.

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