Adjectives for Reserve

Adjectives For Reserve

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reserve, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'reserve' coupled with adjectives unlocks a world of nuanced meanings. The adjective 'large' suggests magnitude and abundance, transforming 'reserve' into a concept of vast possibilities. 'Coronary' and 'cardiac' narrow the scope significantly, directing thoughts towards health and medical discussions. Meanwhile, 'certain' introduces a tone of assurance and specificity, and 'strategic' elevates 'reserve' to a level of careful planning and tactical importance. 'General', on the other hand, broadens the interpretation to a wider, more inclusive context. Each adjective colors the noun with unique shades of meaning, illustrating the power of language to shape our understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'reserve' and their compelling sentences below.
largeThe company has a large reserve of cash and other assets.
coronaryCoronary reserve a measure of the heart's ability to increase blood flow, can be diminished by factors such as smoking and obesity.
certainMaria met her new neighbor with a certain reserve
strategicThe company has a strategic reserve of foreign currency to mitigate exchange rate fluctuations.
generalThe company's cash balance and general reserve are the main sources of liquidity.
cardiacThe patient's cardiac reserve is significantly diminished due to the recent myocardial infarction.
naturalThe natural reserve is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.
lessThe manager treated me with less reserve than I expected.
functionalThe patient has a good functional reserve for his age.
adequateOur company has a $3 million line of credit, which provides us with adequate reserve in case of an economic downturn.
specialThe special reserve whiskey was only available to VIP guests.
considerableThe project was undertaken with considerable reserve
totalThe total reserve of the central bank fell to its lowest level in a decade.
nationalThe national reserve is home to a wide variety of plants and animals.
legalInsurance companies are required to maintain a certain amount of assets as a legal reserve
foreignThe country's foreign reserve has increased by 10% in the last quarter.
coldThe surgeon maintained a cold reserve throughout the critical operation.
navalThe Naval reserve is a component of the United States Navy that is composed of civilians who train part-time.
mobileThe mobile reserve arrived quickly to assist the police with crowd control.
sufficientThe company has sufficient reserve to survive the economic downturn.
limitedOur limited reserve of clean water means we must use it wisely.
biosphereThe core area of a biosphere reserve is often a legally protected area.
centralThe central reserve of the road was wide enough for two cars to pass through.
alkalineThe alkaline reserve is a measure of the body's ability to neutralize acids.
habitualHis habitual reserve made it difficult for others to get close to him.
indianThe Indian reserve is located in the northern part of the province.
usualShe broke her usual reserve and confided in her friend.
dignifiedHer dignified reserve commanded respect from all who met her.
largestPetrol stations typically have the largest reserve of petrol.
vastThe organization has a vast reserve of resources at its disposal.
prudentHe maintained a prudent reserve in his dealings with strangers.
nativeI've lived on the native reserve for as long as I can remember.
federalThe Federal reserve is the central bank of the United States.
extremeHe spoke with extreme reserve about his experiences during the war.
marineThe marine reserve is home to a variety of marine life.
minimumTo ensure that commercial banks have enough money on hand to meet depositor withdrawals, the Federal Reserve has established a minimum reserve requirement.
cautiousShe approached the unfamiliar dog with cautious reserve
greatestThe greatest reserve of oil in the world is located in Saudi Arabia.
metallicThe central bank was required to retain a minimum metallic reserve
divisionalThe divisional reserve reinforced the northern flank of the army.
largerThe cave held a larger reserve of water than expected.
initialHer initial reserve melted away as she got to know him better.
secondaryThe secondary reserve is a portion of the bank's reserves that can be used to meet unexpected withdrawals or other liquidity needs.
leastThe team with the least reserve has to give up.
proudShe spoke with a proud reserve
modestShe answered questions with modest reserve
hugeThe company has a huge reserve of cash on hand.
substantialThe company has a substantial reserve of cash on hand.
readyThe battalion's ready reserve was able to repel the attackers until reinforcements helped secure the perimeter.
renalThe decline in renal reserve may result in irreversible kidney damage if left untreated.
lawfulThe central bank increased the lawful reserve requirement to curb inflation.
coolThe captain maintained his cool reserve even during the storm.
secretI can't tell you about the secret reserve
fractionalThe fractional reserve system is a banking system in which banks hold only a fraction of their customers' deposits in reserve.
diminishedThe diminished reserve was a cause for concern for the financial institution.
enormousThe company has an enormous reserve of natural gas.
availableThis company has an available reserve of $4 billion in cash.
myocardialThe patient's myocardial reserve was significantly reduced.
impenetrableAmelia's impenetrable reserve made it difficult for others to get close to her.
emotionalHe maintains a strong emotional reserve rarely allowing his feelings to show.
contractileThe contractile reserve is the difference between the pressure that a muscle can generate at a given length and the pressure that it actually generates when stimulated.
haughtyShe glanced at him with haughty reserve
hepaticThe patient's hepatic reserve is low, indicating a need for urgent liver transplantation.
acreThe acre reserve is located near the river.

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