Adjectives for Resolution

Adjectives For Resolution

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing resolution, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'resolution' can subtly alter its meaning and impact. A 'high resolution' image offers clarity and detail, appealing to those seeking quality visuals. 'Spatial resolution', on the other hand, refers to the precision of a measurement with respect to space, crucial for scientific and technical fields. 'Joint resolution' navigates into the realm of decisions made collectively, emphasizing cooperation and shared goals. Meanwhile, 'low resolution' suggests limitations, a compromise in quality for other benefits, and 'final resolution' brings a sense of conclusion and decisiveness. Each adjective steers the conversation in a unique direction, highlighting different aspects and considerations. Explore our full list of adjectives associated with 'resolution' to find the perfect nuance for your context.
highThe image has a high resolution of 300 dpi.
spatialThe spatial resolution of the image was impressive.
jointThe joint resolution passed by the Senate last week aims to address the ongoing budget crisis.
higherThe image has a higher resolution than the original.
lowThe image had a low resolution and was difficult to see.
finalThe final resolution of the conflict was a peaceful agreement.
temporalThe temporal resolution of the data was 10 seconds.
completeThe complete resolution of the conflict was a relief to all involved.
betterThe new camera has a much better resolution than my old one.
peacefulWe should strive for a peaceful resolution to this conflict.
conflictThe team worked together to find a conflict resolution that satisfied both parties.
successfulThe dispute came to a successful resolution
angularThe telescope has an angular resolution of 0.1 arcseconds.
firmShe approached the task with a firm resolution to succeed.
spontaneousThe spontaneous resolution of his symptoms was a relief to all.
poorThe image had poor resolution so it was difficult to make out the details.
lowerI have a lower resolution than your monitor.
lateralThe lateral resolution of the image is 500 nanometers.
verticalThe vertical resolution of the display is 1080p.
satisfactoryThe matter was put to rest with a satisfactory resolution
concurrentThe concurrent resolution was passed by both the House and the Senate.
sufficientThe image had sufficient resolution to be printed as a poster.
suddenThe sudden resolution of the conflict surprised everyone.
highestThis image has the highest resolution available.
alternativeThe parties agreed to an alternative resolution to the dispute.
horizontalThe horizontal resolution of the monitor is 1920 x 1080.
ultimateThe board of directors came to an ultimate resolution on the stalemate by voting to liquidate the company.
formalThe board adopted a formal resolution to acquire the property.
maximumThe image was captured at maximum resolution
desperateWith desperate resolution she steeled herself for the perilous journey ahead.
limitedThe microscope had limited resolution making it difficult to distinguish fine details.
effectiveDue to its effective resolution the microscope provided clear imagery of the microscopic specimen.
unanimousThe club passed a unanimous resolution to build a new clubhouse.
excellentThe camera's excellent resolution captured every detail of the landscape.
rapidThe company's rapid resolution to the customer's complaint impressed them.
atomicAtomic resolution provides detailed images of the atomic structure of a material.
congressionalThe congressional resolution was passed by a majority vote.
adequateThe microscope provided adequate resolution to visualize the cell structure.
axialThe axial resolution of the microscope is 2 microns.
opticalThe optical resolution of the lens is excellent.
partialThe artist's partial resolution of artistic conflict was evident.
quickAny dispute arising from the terms of the agreement shall be submitted to quick resolution
spectralThe spectral resolution of the spectrometer was 1.5 nm.
finerThe microscope's new lens allows for finer resolution of images.
bitThe 12-bit resolution of the camera provides excellent image quality.
eventualThe eventual resolution of the conflict was a diplomatic compromise.
famous"New Year's resolution" is a famous resolution
superiorThe new camera's superior resolution captures every detail with stunning clarity.
coarseThe image was displayed at a coarse resolution
promptWe strive for prompt resolution of all customer inquiries.
speedyThe CEO demanded a speedy resolution to the company's financial crisis.
judicialThe court's judicial resolution was binding on all parties involved.
extraordinaryThe Hubble Space Telescope captures images with extraordinary resolution
heroicShe faced the challenge with heroic resolution
finiteThe finite resolution of the image made it difficult to distinguish the details.
improvedThe new camera has improved resolution
definitiveThe definitive resolution of the conflict was achieved through diplomacy.
sternHe set off with a stern resolution to accomplish his mission.

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