Adjectives for Resource

Adjectives For Resource

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing resource, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a resource can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, subtly changing its emphasis and meaning. Describing a resource as natural highlights its origin from the earth, emphasizing a sense of purity and sustainability. Labeling it as valuable brings attention to its worth, suggesting it possesses qualities or attributes that are highly sought after. Calling a resource important underscores its critical role or necessity in a particular context, while only suggests exclusivity or scarcity, increasing its perceived value. The term last imbues a sense of urgency or finality, and human reminds us of the personal or labor aspect behind resources. To explore the breadth of characteristics that different adjectives can reveal about a resource, check out the full list of adjectives that follow.
naturalThe preservation of natural resources is essential for the sustainability of our planet.
valuableTime is a valuable resource so use it wisely.
importantWater is an important resource for all life on Earth.
onlyHer only resource was her wits.
lastAs a last resource we called the emergency services.
humanThe human resource department is responsible for the recruitment, hiring, and development of employees.
scarceThe scarce resource was divided evenly among the villagers.
excellentThis book is an excellent resource for learning about ancient history.
majorThis is a major resource for fighting global hunger.
renewableWind power is a renewable resource that does not produce greenhouse gases.
invaluableMarie Curie was an invaluable resource to the scientific community.
usefulThe book was a useful resource for the class.
commonCommon resources can be overused, leading to their depletion.
nationalNational resources, such as oil and natural gas, are often fought over by different countries.
economicEconomic resources are the inputs used in the production of goods and services.
preciousWater is a precious resource that we should not take for granted.
singleThe single resource is not enough to complete the task
richThe country possesses an extensive endowment of natural gas, a rich resource that could prove a major economic boon.
particularThis particular resource is available to all members.
primaryThe primary resource for this project was the company's financial statements.
vitalClean water is a vital resource for all living things.
keyHe relied on his knowledge of local geography as a key resource for survival.
greatestThe library is a greatest resource for students.
criticalThis critical resource is essential for the success of the project.
availableThe researcher used the most recent available resource to complete the report.
mainWater is the main resource for life.
bestTime is the best resource everyone has.
essentialTime is an essential resource
basicThe company provides basic resources for its employees.
potentialThis untapped land holds the potential resource for future development.
chiefTime is considered a chief resource in the hospital environment.
additionalAlthough the budget is tight, we were able to allocate additional resources to the project.
powerfulThe Internet is a powerful resource for learning new skills.
significantThe country's natural resources are a significant resource that contribute to its economic development.
uniqueThe park conserves a unique resource of natural and cultural significance.
culturalCultural resource management can be an important part of land development.
soleTheir sole resource for filling the empty jobs was an ad in the local paper.
principalThe principal resource of the region is fish.
strategicThe company's strategic resource allocation plan ensures optimal utilization of its limited resources.
financialWe need to ensure that our financial resources are allocated efficiently.
comprehensiveThe online encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource for information on a wide range of topics.
educationalThe teacher provided an educational resource to help students learn about the topic.
onlineThe online resource provided valuable insights for my research.
finiteWe must use water wisely, as it is a finite resource
untappedThe untapped resource of the region is its natural beauty.
nonrenewableCoal is a nonrenewable resource
indispensableThe library is an indispensable resource for students.
vastThe Internet has become a vast resource for information.
ultimateHuman capital is often considered the ultimate resource for any organization.
crucialWater is a crucial resource for all life forms.
wonderfulThis book is a wonderful resource for learning about the history of the United States.
productiveThe company has invested heavily in productive resources to increase efficiency.
exhaustibleThe use of fossil fuels, which are an exhaustible resource should be reduced.
environmentalWe must protect our environmental resources for future generations.
helpfulThis article was a helpful resource for my research project.
tremendousThe internet has become a tremendous resource for students and researchers alike.
inexhaustibleThe sun is an inexhaustible resource of energy that can power our homes and businesses.
infiniteThe universe is an infinite resource of awe and wonder.
readyThe ready resource of the library helped me to find the book I needed.
electronicThe electronic resource was very helpful in completing my research project.
globalThe company relies on a global resource network to meet the needs of its customers.
primeThe rapid urbanization resulted in the prime resource of land getting scarcer and scarcer.
expensiveThe rare metal is an expensive resource used in many electronics.
recreationalThe national park is a popular recreational resource for hikers and campers.

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