Adjectives for Response

Adjectives For Response

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing response, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a response can profoundly affect the tone and implication of a sentence. An immune response might convey a biological reaction, whereas an inflammatory response could imply both physical and metaphorical inflammation. An emotional response speaks to feelings, contrasting with a positive response, which suggests acceptance or pleasure. The urgency or timeliness can be highlighted by an immediate response, while an appropriate response denotes suitability or correctness. Each adjective opens up a different facet of 'response,' evoking specific imagery or understanding. For a deeper exploration, view our complete list of adjectives commonly used with 'response' below.
immuneYour immune response is designed to protect you from harmful substances.
inflammatoryThe inflammatory response is a complex biological process that occurs in response to tissue injury or infection.
emotionalThe movie elicited a strong emotional response from the audience.
immediateAn immediate response is required for emergency situations.
appropriateSarah's question got an appropriate response from the teacher.
correctThe correct response is the one that is both accurate and appropriate.
initialThe initial response indicates that the patient should be monitored closely.
normalI gave a normal response
clinicalThe patient showed a positive clinical response to the new treatment.
conditionedThe dog's conditioned response to the bell was to salivate.
directThis is a call to action designed to elicit a direct response
rapidThe team's rapid response saved the day.
quickThe customer service provided a quick response to my query.
transientThe transient response of the system was satisfactory.
adaptiveThe adaptive response of the system ensured its continued operation even under adverse conditions.
favorableThe CEO was very pleased with the team's favorable response to the new initiative.
typicalThis is a typical response
dynamicThe dynamic response of the system was impressive.
physiologicalThe physiological response to exercise can include increased heart rate and respiration.
therapeuticThe patient has shown remarkable therapeutic response to the new drug.
cellularThe cellular response to the infection was robust.
effectiveThe company is seeking an effective response to the market conditions.
properThat was a proper response
adequateThe team's performance was not at an adequate response
criticalThe play was met with a critical response
acuteThe patient's acute response to the medication was promising.
allergicThe allergic response to the bee sting caused severe swelling and difficulty breathing.
humoralThe humoral response is the production of antibodies by B cells in response to an antigen.
secondaryThe emergency evacuation was a secondary response to the fire alarm.
verbalThe verbal response was immediate and direct.
behavioralThe animal exhibited a stereotypical behavioral response to the novel environment.
sympatheticHe nodded in sympathetic response
enthusiasticWe received an enthusiastic response when we announced our new product.
linearThe linear response of the system is characterized by its frequency dependence.
maximumThe maximum response was achieved through extensive optimization.
overallThe staff were efficient and friendly, the food was great and the overall response was very positive
partialThe partial response from the server was not enough to complete the request.
automaticThe machine uttered an automatic response
abnormalThe patient's abnormal response to the medication was unexpected.
slowThe customer service team had a slow response to our inquiry.
usualWe can all agree that the usual response to bad weather is to stay inside.
differentialThe cells showed a differential response to the drug.
readyThe team's ready response to the emergency situation saved lives.
biologicalThe treatment led to a positive biological response
mediatedThe mediated response to the conflict allowed for a peaceful resolution.
flexibleThe company emphasized the importance of a flexible response to market changes.
fastThe team provided a fast response to the customer's request.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory response to the query was encouraging.
affectiveThe listener may have an affective response to the music.
nonThe non response was disappointing.
maximalThe treatment was designed to elicit maximal response from the participants.
exaggeratedThe audience's exaggerated response made the performer blush.
proliferativeThe proliferative response of the cells was significantly increased after treatment with the drug.
rationalThe politician gave a rational response to the difficult question.
learnedThe dog's learned response to the sound of the bell was to sit and wait for food.
inadequateThe inadequate response from the customer service representative left me frustrated.

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