Adjectives for Rest

Adjectives For Rest

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing rest, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe rest can subtly change the tone and implication of a sentence. A little rest signifies a brief pause, while a complete rest implies thorough relaxation and recovery. An absolute rest transcends mere physical repose, hinting at a deeper, possibly spiritual, rejuvenation. Conversely, short and long rests quantify the duration, affecting the context in which the rest is taken. A good rest, however, universally conveys the beneficial nature of the pause. Each adjective unveils unique shades of meaning, giving insight into the importance of choosing the right descriptor. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'rest' to master the art of nuanced expression.
littleHer years of little rest had taken their toll on her thin, stressed face.
completeThe doctor ordered complete rest for the patient.
absoluteThe doctor prescribed absolute rest for the patient.
shortThe hikers took a short rest before continuing their journey
longThe party took a long rest to recover from their wounds.
goodAfter a good rest I felt refreshed and ready to take on the day.
eternalHer soul has found eternal rest
perfectWhat the exhausted traveller sought was perfect rest
briefThe hikers took a brief rest at the summit to enjoy the view.
muchI need much rest after a long day.
moreThe doctor recommended more rest to help me recover from my illness.
adequateIt is important to ensure you get adequate rest every night.
prolongedI'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by 'prolonged rest'.
properGetting proper rest is essential for overall health and well-being.
enoughI feel refreshed after getting enough rest
quietI found a quiet rest under the shade of the big tree.
backThe ergonomic chair has a comfortable back rest
bedThe doctor ordered bed rest for the patient with a broken leg.
physicalPhysical rest is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.
everlastingMay her soul find everlasting rest in God's loving embrace.
sufficientI ensured I had sufficient rest to tackle the day ahead.
relativeA cat sleeps in relative rest on the roof of a home during a beautiful September morning.
trueTrue rest is found not in avoiding activity, but in doing what you were made to do.
mentalAfter a long day, I enjoyed some mental rest
peacefulHe slept for hours in peaceful rest
sweetI wish you a sweet rest after a long day.
longerHe needed a longer rest before he could continue on his journey.
strictThe doctor ordered strict rest for the patient after the surgery.
heavenlyThe exhausted traveler finally found heavenly rest in the cozy inn.
minuteThey took a minute rest and then resumed the journey.
entireThere was an entire rest in the middle of the song.
comparativeI looked back with comparative rest at our little town.
deservedShe went to bed feeling content and ready for a well-deserved rest.
betterI got a better rest after the pillow was replaced.
dayThe day rest was a nice break from the long week.
holyI yearn for the holy rest that only comes from the divine.
occlusalThe dentist examined the patient's occlusal rest to determine the best course of treatment.
footRelax your legs on the comfortable foot rest
necessaryThe necessary rest will allow the athlete to recover from the injury.
weeklyThe employee is entitled to a weekly rest period of 24 consecutive hours.
extraI was able to catch up on some extra rest this weekend.
welcomeAfter a long day's work, it was a welcome rest
deadLet the dead rest in peace.
niceI've had a nice rest this afternoon.
temporaryHe took a temporary rest under the shade of a tree.
steadyThe steady rest helped to support the workpiece during the machining process.
spiritualThe spiritual rest one finds in meditation can be profound.
blessedAfter a long day of hard work, I enjoyed a blessed rest
endlessAfter a life filled with challenges, she found endless rest in the peaceful embrace of an eternal slumber.
physiologicalAfter the race, the runner entered a state of physiological rest
sacredI cherish my sacred rest as it nourishes my soul and renews my strength.
armI leaned back and put my feet up on the arm rest
promisedExhausted after days of travel, he embraced the promised rest
wearyThe weary traveler finally found a place of weary rest
undisturbedThe undisturbed rest of the night was a much-needed respite from the chaos of the day.
nightlyAfter a long day of work, I longed for my nightly rest
comfortableAfter a long day, I sank into the comfortable rest of the couch.
needfulAfter the long journey, the travelers found needful rest at the inn.
thoroughAfter a thorough rest I felt refreshed and ready to face the day.
uninterruptedHe enjoyed uninterrupted rest after the tiring day.
unbrokenHe enjoyed an unbroken rest for the first time in weeks.
occasionalHe walks for hours with occasional rest
pleasantHe enjoyed a pleasant rest after his long journey.
happyThe happy rest of the day was mine.
solemnThe fallen soldiers now lie in solemn rest
hourHe took an hour rest before his class started.
momentaryAfter the arduous climb, they found momentary rest at the summit.
perpetualMay you find perpetual rest in the afterlife.
insufficientI am sorry, I am not able to generate the requested content due to insufficient rest
gloriousThe birdsong filled the air, creating a glorious rest for the weary soul.
brokenAfter hours of broken rest I finally drifted into a deep sleep.
extendedI need an extended rest to feel refreshed.
refreshingThe cool breeze offered a refreshing rest for the weary travelers.
patientThe patient rested on the bed.

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