Adjectives for Results

Adjectives For Results

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing results, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe results can subtly change the tone and implication of a sentence. For instance, good results implies satisfactory outcomes, while best results suggests an unsurpassed standard. Experimental results, on the other hand, hint at outcomes derived from testing or research, potentially carrying a nuance of novelty or uncertainty. The comparison between similar results and positive results brings out distinctions between mere equivalence and outright success. Finally, the transition from good to better results speaks to improvement and progression. These nuances underscore the importance of adjective choice in conveying precise meanings and perspectives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe results and their various connotations below.
goodThe student achieved good results in the exam.
experimentalOur experimental results show that the new method is more accurate than the old method.
similarThey both produced similar results
bestFor the best results I would recommend using a soft cloth.
positiveI am very happy to hear about these positive results
betterWe can achieve much better results if we work together.
satisfactoryThe survey yielded satisfactory results
excellentTheir research has produced excellent results
negativeThe negative results were consistent with previous studies.
preliminaryThe preliminary results from the study were promising.
followingThe following results were obtained from the experiment.
finalWe are still waiting for the final results to come in.
numericalThe numerical results were presented in a table.
accurateThe experiment yielded accurate results
interestingThe experiment yielded interesting results
termThe term results were promising.
practicalThe study team were able to demonstrate practical results
disastrousThe reckless experiment had disastrous results
significantThe study yielded significant results
recentRecent results show a significant improvement in performance.
empiricalThe empirical results of the study were significant.
poorHe was disappointed with his poor results
actual"The actual results are very good".
mixedThe experiment yielded mixed results
beneficialThe study showed beneficial results in the treatment of the disease.
clinicalThe clinical results of the study were statistically significant.
unpublishedThe study, which is based on unpublished results found that...
aboveWe accept the above results without prejudice to a later examination.
initialThe initial results were promising.
theoreticalThe theoretical results suggest that the new method is more efficient than the traditional one.
favorableFavorable results have been obtained in the laboratory.
testThe test results show a high level of accuracy.
successfulObtaining successful results was the culmination of arduous efforts and meticulous planning.
reliableThis experiment yielded reliable results
consistentThe tests produced consistent results
promisingThe study yielded promising results
tangibleTangible results demonstrated the effectiveness of the new initiative.
usefulSearching for information online can provide useful results
typicalThe typical results of a physical examination can reveal information about a person's overall health and well-being.
overallThe overall results of the study were positive.
quantitativeThe quantitative results showed a significant increase in sales following the implementation of the new marketing campaign.
identicalThe two experiments produced identical results
remarkableThe innovative approach yielded remarkable results
unexpectedThe experiment yielded unexpected results
comparableThe two tests showed comparable results
encouragingThe clinical trials show encouraging results
fatalThe doctor's fatal results were due to a misdiagnosis.
contradictoryThe study had contradictory results showing both a positive and negative effect of the intervention.
statisticalThe statistical results show a clear trend in the data.
disappointingThe project produced disappointing results
concreteThe project yielded concrete results that exceeded expectations.
quickWe expect quick results from the new machine.
falseCertain medical tests can sometimes produce false results
unsatisfactoryThe experiment yielded unsatisfactory results prompting the researchers to reassess their hypothesis.
intermediateThe experiment produced intermediate results that required further analysis.
definiteThe experiment yielded definite results
evilEvil actions can lead to evil results
valuableThe research team's study yielded valuable results
correctThe correct results were calculated with a high degree of accuracy.
detailedThe detailed results of the experiment were published in the journal.
optimalCalibrate the system to achieve optimal results
impressiveThe study yielded impressive results
variableThe study of the drug yielded variable results
conflictingThe conflicting results of the research halted their progress.
surprisingThe experiment yielded surprising results

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