Adjectives for Return

Adjectives For Return

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing return, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe return can finely tune the nuance of your sentence. From the venous return in a medical context to the safe return of a beloved one, each adjective unveils a different dimension. A fair return on an investment speaks to ethics, while an annual return lays out a timeline. The average return offers a benchmark, and the net return tells us what's truly gained. These adjectives do more than describe; they invite us to consider the depth of the concept of return. For more insights into how adjectives can enrich your understanding of return, explore the full list below.
venousVenous return is the blood that flows back to the heart from the body.
safeWe all wish the explorers a safe return
fairThe company is committed to providing a fair return on investment for its shareholders.
annualThe annual return on the investment was a modest 5%.
averageThe average return on investment for the past five years has been 10%.
netThe company's net return for the quarter was $10 million.
totalThe total return on the investment was 10%.
immediateYou can expect an immediate return once the project is concluded.
jointMy tax preparer worked with my spouse and me to file a joint return
financialThe company's financial return was lower than expected due to the recent market downturn.
higherWe expect a higher return on our investment with this new strategy.
speedyI hope you have a speedy return to health.
eternalPlato's concept of eternal return suggests that every moment will repeat itself in the same exact way, forever.
earlyThe function uses early return to terminate execution if the input is invalid.
quickThe quick return on the investment was a pleasant surprise.
adequateWe provide our investors with an adequate return for their risks.
triumphantThe general's triumphant return was met with cheers and applause.
finalI filed my final return last year.
economicThe economic return of the investment is expected to be high.
betterI will invest in bonds to get a better return
reasonableI am looking for a reasonable return on my investment.
possibleWe must consider the possible return on our investment.
gradualThe gradual return of the birds from the south heralded the arrival of spring.
expectedThe expected return on this investment is 10%.
realDespite its recent surge, the real return of Bitcoin is still negative.
rapidThe coffee shop experienced a rapid return to its usual business after the storm.
highestOur highest return investment strategy is to invest in blue chip stocks.
suddenHis sudden return interrupted the flow of our conversation.
greaterInvesting in education has a greater return than investing in the stock market.
maximumThe company aims for maximum return on its investments.
eventualAfter a long and arduous journey, the travelers finally made their eventual return home.
federalI filed my federal return early this year.
earlierThe project was successful due to its earlier return than expected.
excessThe investor's excess return over the benchmark was 5%.
poorThe stock's value saw a poor return after the market crash.
partialI submitted a partial return and expect to file an amended return next year.
taxI filed my tax return last week.
completeThe complete return of the prodigal son was celebrated by the whole family.
actualThe actual return on the investment was much lower than anticipated.
greatestThe greatest return is always the one we get from helping others.
grossThe gross return on the investment was 10%.
consolidatedThe consolidated return is a single tax return that is filed by an affiliated group of corporations.
marginalAs the marginal return on investment declined, the project was canceled.
separateHusband and wife can file a separate return if they choose to do so.
imminentWe anticipate his imminent return from the business trip.
subsequentThe subsequent return of the travelers was delayed by a week.
positiveThe investment yielded a positive return
falseThe lawyer was accused of filing a false return with the court.
slowThe slow return of the turtles to the sea was a beautiful sight.
promptWe request prompt return of the borrowed books.
briefHe made a brief return to his hometown after 10 years.
unexpectedHis unexpected return startled everyone.
potentialThe investment has the potential return of 10%.
triumphalThe general made a triumphal return after leading his troops to victory.
happyHe gave us a happy return for our hospitality.
minimumThe investment has a minimum return of 5%.
satisfactoryThe investment gave a satisfactory return over the long term.
successfulThe mission was a successful return to the moon.
anomalousThe anomalous return on the stock was attributed to a positive earnings surprise.
meanThe mean return is the expected long-term average return of an investment.
nonThe non return valve prevents any backflow through the system.
officialThe official return of the spacecraft took place on March 12, 2023.
monetaryThe company invested heavily in research and development, hoping for a significant monetary return
monthlyThe monthly return on this investment is 5%.
profitableThe company's investment in the new technology yielded a profitable return
abnormalThe abnormal return on the stock was due to a combination of factors.
overallThe overall return of the portfolio was a positive 10%.

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