Adjectives for Review

Adjectives For Review

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing review, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'review' can significantly alter its impact and clarity. A 'judicial review' conveys a legal examination, while a 'psychological review' shifts the focus to mental health analysis. Opting for a 'brief review' promises conciseness, but a 'comprehensive review' indicates a thorough exploration. The tone changes with a 'critical review', introducing a level of scrutiny or evaluation. Meanwhile, a 'recent review' emphasizes timeliness or currency. Each adjective not only nuances the type of review but also subtly influences the reader's expectations and understanding of the subject matter. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can pair with 'review' and enhance your written communications.
judicialThe Supreme Court's power of judicial review allows it to determine the constitutionality of laws.
psychologicalI read the psychological review of the study and found it to be very insightful.
briefThe film received a brief review in The New York Times.
criticalThe critical review provided valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the paper.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive review of the project identified several areas for improvement.
recentThe recent review was very positive.
systematicUsing the methodology of a systematic review current evidence on the psychological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been summarized by researchers.
historicalTo derive a maximal clinical benefit from these imaging findings, a careful historical review and a recognition of the limitations of the imaging techniques are required.
excellentThe book got an excellent review from the famous critic.
quarterlyThe quarterly review of the company's financial performance was very positive.
generalThe general review of the product was positive.
detailedI read a detailed review of the movie before watching it.
annualThe company's annual review is scheduled for next week.
extensiveWe conducted an extensive review of the literature on this topic.
thoroughI conducted a thorough review of the project plan and identified several areas for improvement.
carefulAfter careful review the team decided to move forward with the project.
clinicalThe clinical review of the patient's medical history revealed several potential risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease.
shortI want to write a short review
geographicalGeographical review shows the distribution of the population, the location of the place, and the distinctions between different ethnic groups.
completeThe researcher will conduct a complete review of the existing literature and identify current best practice in the field.
hispanicI enjoy reading Hispanic review a quarterly journal that publishes scholarly articles on Hispanic literature and culture.
periodicCompanies should conduct a periodic review of their cybersecurity measures to ensure they are up to date and effective.
quickI'll give it a quick review
retrospectiveAfter a retrospective review of the data, the company decided to proceed with the project.
philosophicalI found a philosophical review of the book in a magazine.
favorableThe book received a favorable review from critics.
analyticThe analytic review was conducted to assess the risks of the project.
finalThe final review of the performance was glowing.
exhaustiveAfter an exhaustive review of the evidence, the jury reached a verdict of not guilty.
yearIt has been a great year, check out my year review on our website!
internationalThe international review of the film was overwhelmingly positive.
comparativeHere is a comparative review of the two products.
independentThe project was subject to an independent review
unsignedThe unsigned review of the movie was overwhelmingly positive.
monthlyThe data and results of the monthly review will be available soon.
usefulThe useful review helped me make an informed decision about the product.
regularThe book received regular review from the critics.
constantThe company's success was due to constant review and adaptation to the changing market.
grandThe commander watched the grand review of troops on parade.
cursoryA cursory review of the data revealed no significant anomalies.
formalAfter making the necessary changes, submit the document for a formal review
developmentalI am excited to announce that I successfully passed my developmental review
selectiveThe selective review process helped identify the most important areas for improvement.
preliminaryThe preliminary review of the data revealed several inconsistencies.
peerThe scientific paper underwent a rigorous peer review process before it was published.
literaryThe literary review provides a comprehensive overview of the existing research on the topic.
sociologicalThe sociological review of the data revealed significant trends in social behavior.
technicalThe team conducted a thorough technical review of the proposed solution.
democraticThe democratic review of the controversial proposal took several weeks.
administrativeThe administrative review of the project is still pending.
constitutionalThe constitutional review process was initiated by a petition filed by a group of citizens.
conciseThe paper provides a concise review of the current state of affairs in the field.
rapidThe rapid review helped the team identify potential risks.
saturdayI like to read the Saturday review
weeklyI scheduled a weekly review of all our projects.
continuousThe company uses a continuous review system to evaluate employee performance.
aboveThe hotel was clean and the staff was friendly, as mentioned in the above review
feministThis is a feminist review
psychoanalyticThe psychoanalytic review of the film revealed deep-seated anxieties and repressed desires within the characters.
quantitativeThe professor conducted a quantitative review of student essays.
depthThe team conducted a thorough depth review of the project plans.
integrativeThe results of the integrative review will be discussed in the next section.
literatureThe literature review summarizes the existing research on a specific topic.
lengthyThe director wrote a lengthy review of the film.
anonymousThe anonymous review process ensures that all submissions are evaluated fairly, without bias or influence from the authors' identities.
architecturalThe architectural review process was very thorough.

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