Adjectives for Reviews

Adjectives For Reviews

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing reviews, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe reviews can subtly change the reader's perception. A recent review might suggest timely relevance, while several reviews hint at a consensus or a variety of opinions. A critical review brings to mind detailed analysis or perhaps a negative viewpoint, contrasting sharply with an excellent review's implication of high quality. Meanwhile, an annual review suggests a regular, periodic evaluation, and a systematic review implies thoroughness and methodical approach. Each adjective unlocks a different aspect of the reviews, helping to shape the reader's understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'reviews' to enhance your writing or analysis.
recentThe restaurant has been getting great recent reviews
severalI have read several reviews of this product and they all seem to agree that it is a great product.
criticalI read critical reviews of the movie before I went to see it.
excellentThis restaurant has received many excellent reviews
annualMy company has annual reviews to assess employee performance.
systematicThere were 22 systematic reviews of diagnostic tests.
goodThis restaurant has consistently received good reviews
mixedThe movie received mixed reviews from critics upon its release.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive reviews were very helpful in my decision-making process.
periodicThe company conducts periodic reviews of employee performance.
favorableThis product has received very favorable reviews
extensiveThe application has received extensive reviews from users.
detailedWe read detailed reviews of the product before purchasing it.
regularThe team conducts regular reviews to ensure quality.
literaryI am reading some literary reviews of Jane Austen's novels.
numerousThe product has received numerous reviews from satisfied customers.
physiologicalPhysiological reviews is a scientific journal published by the American Physiological Society.
positiveThis restaurant has received many positive reviews
previousMany previous reviews have mentioned the hotel's friendly staff.
contemporaryContemporary reviews were very positive, with many critics praising the film's originality.
quarterlyThe team meets for quarterly reviews to discuss progress and make adjustments.
badThe movie received several bad reviews after release.
negativeThe product received overwhelmingly negative reviews
earlierEarlier reviews have been accurate on food quality and service lately.
briefThe book contains brief reviews of more than sixty films for the classroom, each written by a recognized film scholar.
biologicalNumerous biological reviews have highlighted the impact of epigenetics on development and disease.
frequentThe company's positive reputation was strengthened by frequent reviews of its products and services.
bookI often read book reviews to see if the book is worth reading.
usefulThe website provided useful reviews
enthusiasticThe new restaurant has received enthusiastic reviews
monthlyWe conduct monthly reviews of our financial performance.
thoroughThe company's thorough reviews ensure that their products meet the highest standards.
favourableThe restaurant received favourable reviews from the critics.
technicalThis product has received many technical reviews and is well-received by experts.
retrospectiveThe film critic wrote retrospective reviews of several classic movies.
subsequentThe subsequent reviews of the book were more positive.
internalThe team conducts internal reviews every quarter to assess progress.
peerI value peer reviews because they give me valuable feedback that helps me improve my work.
weeklyThe team lead conducted weekly reviews to monitor progress and provide feedback.
independentOur services are backed by many independent reviews
endocrineEndocrine reviews are a type of peer-reviewed scientific review article that deals with current research in the field of endocrinology.
environmentalThe company will conduct environmental reviews before beginning construction.
pharmacologicalThe journal publishes comprehensive pharmacological reviews of current topics and publishes original articles of high scientific quality.
microbiologicalThe journal Microbiological reviews publishes review articles and perspectives on all aspects of microbiology.
occasionalThe product had occasional reviews
helpfulThe article contains helpful reviews
depthThe company received glowing depth reviews from employees and customers alike.
carefulI always read the careful reviews before buying any product.
periodicalThe contract includes periodical reviews to ensure compliance.
bacteriologicalBacteriological reviews are a type of scientific publication that focus on the latest research in bacteriology.
unfavorableThe company has been met with unfavorable reviews
scholarlyThe book received positive scholarly reviews
authoritativeThe company received authoritative reviews from their clients.
analyticThe marketing team analyzed recent analytic reviews and identified several key trends.
thoughtfulThis book has received thoughtful reviews from critics and readers alike.
laudatoryThe latest release has received laudatory reviews from various critics.
epidemiologicEpidemiologic reviews have long demonstrated the impact of socioeconomic factors on disease occurrence.
integrativeIntegrative reviews provide a comprehensive synthesis of existing research on a particular topic, helping researchers identify gaps and develop new directions.
anonymousThe website allows for anonymous reviews so users can give their honest opinions.
immunologicalImmunological reviews is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original research articles and review articles on all aspects of immunology.

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