Adjectives for Rewards

Adjectives For Rewards

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing rewards, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe rewards can significantly impact the perception of their value and type. Financial and monetary rewards speak to tangible, economic benefits, emphasizing an exchange of value. Extrinsic rewards highlight the external benefits one receives, often motivating behavior. The adjective great amplifies the desirability or size of the rewards, adding a layer of enthusiasm and expectation. Meanwhile, social rewards focus on the intangible benefits received through social interactions, pointing to a deeper, more personal level of recognition. Each adjective shades the noun with a unique nuance, revealing the diverse ways rewards can be conceptualized and pursued. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with rewards below.
financialThey offered him financial rewards if he would sign the contract early.
extrinsicEmployees are motivated to perform well by extrinsic rewards
greatThis project has great rewards
economicThe employees were motivated by the economic rewards
monetaryPeople are motivated to work harder when there are monetary rewards
socialSocial rewards can motivate individuals to engage in prosocial behaviors.
futureWe are striving to create a better future for all, filled with endless possibilities and future rewards
tangibleThe program offers tangible rewards for good work and accomplishments.
greaterThe greater rewards for the greater labors.
richDiligence often brings rich rewards
intrinsicIntrinsic rewards are non-material rewards that come from within oneself.
largeDoing well in the job carries large rewards
potentialThe potential rewards of investing in the stock market are great, but so are the risks.
immediateImmediate rewards are readily available and easy to obtain.
externalExternal rewards can motivate people to change their behavior.
personalWorking hard provides personal rewards like a sense of accomplishment and pride.
greatestEmbark on the quest that leads to the greatest rewards
substantialThe government has offered substantial rewards to whistle-blowers who provide information leading to the conviction of corrupt politicians.
higherWith greater effort comes higher rewards
pecuniaryHe was motivated to work hard by pecuniary rewards
positivePositive rewards can help motivate and reinforce desired behaviors.
eternalEternal rewards await those who strive for righteousness.
individualThe company offers a variety of individual rewards for employees who exceed expectations.
appropriateParents provided appropriate rewards after the son cleaned his room.
highestThe highest rewards will go to the most persistent.
justThe diligent student received just rewards for their hard work.
possibleThe possible rewards are a trip to Hawaii or a new car.
spiritualEngaging in acts of kindness often leads to spiritual rewards
termThe term rewards are given to those who have completed their assigned tasks.
differentialDifferential rewards can be used to shape behavior.
symbolicThe employees were given symbolic rewards for their hard work.
psychologicalPsychological rewards such as praise, appreciation, or recognition can be just as motivating as monetary incentives.
heavenlyThe heavenly rewards await those who live a righteous life.
emotionalThe job offers many emotional rewards but few financial incentives.
ampleThe explorer embarked on a perilous journey, knowing that ample rewards awaited him upon completion.
psychicThe psychic rewards of volunteering are well documented.
intangibleShe was driven by intangible rewards such as the satisfaction of helping others.
materialThe employees were motivated by material rewards
organizationalEmployees were more motivated by organizational rewards than by financial incentives.
liberalThe company offers liberal rewards for exceptional employee performance.
handsomeShe's offering handsome rewards for any information.
temporalTemporal rewards can help encourage long-term behavior change.
adequateEmployees who exceed expectations should receive adequate rewards
hugeEmbarking on this project could lead to huge rewards down the line.
earthlyThe earthly rewards of wealth and fame are fleeting.
fewerShe was disappointed by the job because it came with fewer rewards than she had expected.
unequalThe system has unequal rewards for different tasks.
suitableStudents who excel in their studies will receive suitable rewards
contingentThe contingent rewards are a type of reinforcement where a reward is given only if a specific behavior occurs.
generousThe team will receive generous rewards for their hard work.
equalEveryone shares equal rewards in the cooperative.
concreteEmployees are motivated by concrete rewards such as bonuses or promotions.
divineThe diligent student reaped divine rewards for his unwavering commitment.
enormousThe project holds enormous rewards
basedEmployees can earn based rewards for meeting or exceeding certain performance goals.
extraI signed up for the loyalty program to earn extra rewards
dueHe reaped his due rewards after years of hard work and dedication.
nonmonetaryEmployees were motivated by both monetary and nonmonetary rewards
verbalWe gave the team verbal rewards for their exceptional performance.
ultimateThe ultimate rewards of life are not material possessions but experiences and relationships.
delayedDelayed rewards involve postponing immediate gratification for a greater benefit in the future.

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