Adjectives for River

Adjectives For River

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing river, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of rivers through adjectives reveals a rich tapestry of geography and sentiment. Calling a river 'great' can evoke its historical significance or sheer scale, while 'little' and 'small' rivers might conjure images of quaint, serene waterways ideal for a peaceful afternoon. The terms 'lower' and 'upper' navigate us through a river's course, emphasizing its journey and the landscapes it traverses. The adjective 'large', on the other hand, underscores the river's breadth and volume, often hinting at its role in shaping civilizations. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, inviting us to appreciate the diverse characteristics and intrinsic beauty of rivers. Discover more adjectives and the unique stories they tell below.
greatThe great river flows through the heart of the city.
littleThe little river meandered through the meadow.
smallThe small river meandered through the lush green valley.
lowerThe boat sailed down the lower river
upperThe upper river was a shallow and rocky place.
mainThe main river flows through the center of the city.
broadThe broad river flowed through the valley, its waters sparkling in the sunlight.
mightyThe mighty river surged forward, its powerful current carrying away the debris from the storm.
wideThe wide river flowed peacefully through the valley.
bigThe big river flowed slowly through the countryside.
beautifulThe beautiful river flowed through the meadow.
deepThe deep river flowed through the valley.
navigableThe Mississippi River is a navigable river that flows through the heart of the United States.
redThe Red river flows through the southern United States.
nearbyWe took a hike along the nearby river
largestThe Nile River is the largest river in the world.
sacredThe Amazon River is a sacred river to the indigenous people of the region.
downWe floated down river for hours.
darkThe dark river flowed swiftly through the valley.
longestThe Nile river is the longest river in the world
muddyThe muddy river wound its way through the forest.
frozenWe skated on the frozen river
nobleThe noble river flowed through the valley.
flowingThe flowing river snaked through the lush green valley.
narrowThe narrow river wound its way through the valley.
shallowThe shallow river flowed gently over the rocks.
latterThe latter river was also known as the "River of Gold."
swiftThe swift river carried the boat downstream.
rapidThe rapid river surged forward, carrying everything in its path.
yellowThe Yellow river is the second longest river in China.
tidalThe tidal river flows into the sea.
principalThe principal river is the Nile, which flows through Egypt and Sudan.
fineThe fine river flowed through the forest.
clearThe hikers followed the path beside the clear river
northWe sailed up the north river
undergroundThe team of scientists stumbled upon a vast underground river while exploring the subterranean caves.
wildThe wild river rushed through the narrow canyon.
ancientThe ancient river flowed through the lush green valley.
famousThe Amazon River is one of the most famous rivers in the world.
nearestWe drove along the nearest river for hours.
holyThe Ganges is considered a holy river by Hindus.
coldMy feet were freezing after I accidentally stepped into the cold river
majesticThe majestic river flowed through the valley, reflecting the golden rays of the setting sun.
blueThe blue river meandered through the meadow.
turbulentThe kayakers navigated the turbulent river with ease.
greenThe boat floated lazily down the green river
middleThe middle river was glistening like a thousand diamonds under the sunlight.
brownA brown river flowed through the lush green valley.
sluggishThe sluggish river meandered through the dense undergrowth.
vastThe vast river flowed through the verdant countryside.
potomacThe Potomac river running for 405 miles, is the fourth largest river along the Atlantic Coast of the U.S.
quietThe quiet river flowed gently past the lush green banks.
icyThe icy river flowed swiftly through the rugged canyon.
distantThe distant river meandered lazily through the landscape.
dryThe dry riverbed still held pools of water that reflected the sky.
tributaryThe tributary river joins the main river at a confluence.
slowThe slow river meanders through the park.
magnificentThe sun shimmered and danced on the magnificent river
lovelyI enjoy walking along the lovely river
pollutedThe polluted river emitted a foul odor.
madA canoe capsized on the Mad river
placidThe boat glided smoothly down the placid river
hugeThe huge river flowed through the valley, carrying sediment and water downstream.
southWe hiked along the south river

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