Adjectives for Road

Adjectives For Road

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing road, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'road' can convey a wide array of atmospheres and situations, subtly altering the reader's or listener's perception. A 'long road' stretches out with a sense of journey and endurance, while a 'narrow road' hints at constraint and intimacy. The 'old road' evokes history and mystery, suggesting countless stories untold. In contrast, a 'paved road' brings to mind civilization and modernity. Each adjective paints a different picture, offering a rich palette to draw from when describing landscapes, both physical and metaphorical. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'road' to capture the precise essence of your narrative.
mainThe main road was closed due to an accident.
highShe decided to take the high road and forgive her ex-husband.
oldThe old road wound through the hills.
longThe long road stretched out before them.
narrowThe narrow road wound through the dense forest like a snake.
pavedThe paved road stretched out before us, inviting us on an adventure.
dustyThe dusty road stretched far into the distance, disappearing over the horizon.
openThe open road stretched endlessly before him.
rightTake the right road to get to the destination quickly.
onlyOnly road leading to the town was closed.
publicThe public road was closed due to construction.
roughThe bumpy journey ahead presented a rough road to our destination.
romanThe Roman road led to the city.
straightThe car sped down the straight road
royalIf we can't find a royal road to learning, we should at least avoid a thorny path.
directWe took the direct road to the city.
hardLife is a hard road but it's worth taking.
broadThe broad road led to the castle.
steepThe car struggled to climb the steep road
militaryThe military road was closed due to heavy snow.
wrongI realized I was on the wrong road and turned back.
wideThe wide road stretched out before us.
lonelyThe lonely road stretched out before him, inviting him to explore the unknown.
middleThe politician's stance on the issue was to take the middle road
darkI cautiously tread the dark road its shadows dancing eerily.
coastalThe coastal road wound its way along the rugged coastline.
laneThe lane road was narrow and winding, leading to a secluded cottage nestled in the heart of nature.
muddyThe muddy road stretched out before us, a treacherous path that promised an adventure.
easyTaking the easy road may seem like a tempting choice, but it rarely leads to meaningful results.
badThe car swerved to avoid the bad road
ancientThe ancient road wound its way through the forest.
backThey took the scenic route home down the winding back road
rockyThe bumpy ride was a rocky road to my destination.
smoothThe smooth road led to the countryside.
busyThe busy road was filled with cars and trucks.
sandyThe sandy road led to the beach.
sunkenThe sunken road was a testament to the ravages of time.
ruttedThe rutted road made for a bumpy ride.
difficultThe journey ahead is a difficult road but it is one that must be taken.
unpavedThe unpaved road led to a secluded cabin in the woods.
metalledThe metalled road stretched out before me, a long and winding ribbon of progress.
bumpyThe bumpy road jarred the car.
nearestThe nearest road is about a mile away.
shortestThe shortest road to success is through hard work.
minorThe minor road led to a secluded village.
excellentI drove on an excellent road to get to my destination.
emptyThe empty road stretched out before me like a desolate wasteland.
southThe bus stop is at the end of the south road
mileI drove down the six mile road
railThe train was running along the rail road
capitalistThe capitalist road is full of obstacles.
quietThe quiet road led to a secluded lake.
secondaryTake the secondary road to get to the beach.
northernWe drove along the northern road for hours.
westThe west road is closed due to construction.
dangerousThe dangerous road was closed due to heavy rain.
sureStaying in school is the sure road to better opportunities.
northI asked for directions to the north road
concreteThe concrete road was smooth and easy to drive on.
yellowWe walked down the long, winding yellow road
wetThe car skidded on the wet road

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