Adjectives for Role

Adjectives For Role

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing role, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a role can profoundly affect the perception of its importance and function. Words like important, major, and significant emphasize the weight and impact of the role, suggesting that it is crucial to the success of an endeavor. Meanwhile, adjectives such as central and key highlight its indispensability and pivotal nature in a particular context. Using active to describe a role implies a dynamic and engaging contribution to progress or change. Each adjective shades the meaning of a role differently, illustrating the nuances of its contribution and importance. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to perfectly articulate the essence of any role by exploring the complete list below.
importantEducation plays an important role in the development of society
majorShe played a major role in their success.
significantThe teacher played a significant role in shaping the student's future.
centralHe played a central role in the organization's success.
keyTheir ability to build relationships with key stakeholders played a key role in the project's success.
activeShe played an active role in the development of the project.
crucialCommunication played a crucial role in the success of the project.
leadingHe was cast in the leading role in a major motion picture.
vitalThe project manager played a vital role in the successful completion of the project.
criticalCritical role has become one of the most popular Dungeons & Dragons podcasts in the world.
prominentShe had a prominent role in the play.
dominantThe company played a dominant role in the development of the new technology.
possibleThe possible role of a float could be seen in various industries.
essentialA leader plays an essential role in setting the direction of a team.
minorDespite playing a minor role in the movie, he made a lasting impression on the audience.
decisiveThe decisive role in the development of the plan was played by an analysis of the results of the survey.
primaryThe primary role of the project manager is to ensure the success of the project.
greaterA greater role in AI development is being played by open source initiatives.
pivotalThe scientist played a pivotal role in the development of the new vaccine.
dualThe actor played a dual role in the movie.
potentialHe is a qualified candidate with potential role for the position.
properThe editor performed his proper role
largerThe company gave her a larger role in the project.
positiveThe teacher played a positive role in the student's life.
passiveShe took a passive role in the meeting.
secondaryIn the film, the actor took on a secondary role
limitedThe assistant had a limited role in the process.
fundamentalEducation plays a fundamental role in a child's development.
functionalThe proposal for the new process describes its functional role in detail.
futureEngaging in activities to better prepare myself for a future role in the industry.
uniqueThe white paper played a unique role in the development of the company's strategy.
subordinateThe new employee played a subordinate role in the project.
physiologicalSodium plays a physiological role in maintaining the body's fluid balance.
femaleThe female role in the movie was played by a talented actress.
maleI need a male role model.
usefulThe negotiator played a useful role during the crisis.
sickThe doctor confirmed that the patient was playing the sick role
causalSustained elevation in IL-6 plays a causal role in the hyperinflammatory syndrome of COVID-19.
protectiveThe protective role of the drug was evident in the reduction of the adverse effects.
regulatoryThe regulatory role of the government is to ensure that businesses operate in a fair and competitive manner.
predominantThe company's predominant role in the industry has allowed it to establish strong partnerships with key suppliers.
powerfulKnowledge plays a powerful role in shaping our beliefs and actions.
strategicCIO played a strategic role in the digital transformation of the company.
exactThe exact role of this protein in the disease process is unknown.
preciseThe precise role of the protein remains unclear.
mediatingThe mediating role of technology in social interactions has been widely studied.
supportingThe actor had only a supporting role in the film.
parentalThe parental role is often challenging and rewarding.
supportiveShe played a supportive role in the school play.
substantialThe company's marketing department played a substantial role in increasing sales.
influentialThe advisor played an influential role in shaping the student's career path.
constructiveThe teacher played a constructive role in resolving the students' conflict.
historicThe city played a historic role in the development of the nation.
integralThe in-house graphic designer played an integral role in the rebranding effort.
advisoryThe board member played an advisory role in the company's decision-making process.
biologicalThe biological role of the molecule is to provide energy for the cell.
maternalThe maternal role is one of the most important and rewarding roles in life.
symbolicThe dove is a potent symbolic role in the movie.
instrumentalThe representative played an instrumental role in the peace negotiations.
masculineThe masculine role in society has been changing in recent years.
supervisoryHe was promoted to a supervisory role in the company.
creativePrakash played a creative role in designing the new website.

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