Adjectives for Room

Adjectives For Room

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing room, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a room can drastically change the perception of its size, ownership, location, and ambiance. A little room evokes a cozy, possibly cramped space, while a large room hints at vastness and potential. Calling it your own room adds a personal touch, making it uniquely yours. The next room introduces concepts of proximity and sequence. Describing a space as dark can either imply mystery or a lack of light, bustling with possibilities. Each adjective opens up a universe of interpretations and feelings, painting vivid pictures in the mind. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuanced worlds they unlock for the humble noun 'room.'
littleThe car is full of passengers, so there's little room for more.
largeThe meeting was held in a large room
ownShe has her own room now.
nextShe peeked into the next room
darkThe dark room felt eerie and uninviting.
moreI need to find a new apartment with more room
frontThe front room was filled with sunlight
privateThe patient was moved to a private room
mainThe main room was filled with people.
bigThe big room had enough space for everyone to dance.
adjoiningI hurried to my adjoining room to get my passport.
muchThere was much room in the house.
dressingI'm going to the dressing room to try on some clothes.
oneThe guest stayed in one room for the entire trip.
singleI booked a single room for my stay.
emptyThere was nothing in the empty room
darkenedHe crept into the darkened room and closed the door behind him.
sickThe nurse was very attentive in the sick room
innerI entered the inner room and found it to be surprisingly spacious.
schoolThe school room was filled with laughter and learning.
ampleThe apartment had ample room to accommodate our family of four.
upperThe disciples were gathered in the upper room waiting for the Holy Spirit.
separateHe had his own separate room in the dormitory.
warmThe warm room was inviting me to take a nap.
classThe class room was bright and airy.
quietThe quiet room provided a sanctuary for relaxation.
tinyThe tiny room was filled with nothing but a small bed and a dresser.
bedI love the new bed room set.
anteThe ante room was crowded with people waiting for the interview.
backI went to the back room to grab a few things.
spareI have a spare room in my house that I'm thinking of renting out.
drawingThe drawing room was filled with people.
spaciousThe spacious room had plenty of space for the guests to move around.
waitingI waited in the waiting room for my appointment.
crowdedHe slipped away unnoticed in the crowded room
furnishedI'm looking for a furnished room to rent.
courtThe verdict was read in the hushed confines of the court room
bareThe bare room was empty and cold.
greenThe actors waited in the green room before their performance.
lessThere was less room in the house than we had expected.
outerThe outer room was dimly lit, casting an eerie glow on the guests.
narrowThe narrow room was filled with dusty old furniture.
comfortableThe hotel offered a comfortable room with a city view.
cleanThe clean room was spotless.
sufficientThe apartment had sufficient room for all the furniture.
hugeThe party was held in a huge room with a dance floor and a stage.
lightedHe emerged from the dimly lighted room
livingI love spending time in my cozy living room
adjacentThe kitchen is through the adjacent room
floorThe room had ample floor room for the large gathering.
billiardThe billiard room has a large table in the center.
smallerThe smaller room was perfect for a nursery.
stateI booked a state room on the new cruise ship.
doubleThe double room was spacious and comfortable.
threeThe house has three rooms.
coolLet's hang out in my cool room
pleasantWe spent a pleasant afternoon in the pleasant room
extraWe have extra room in the car for you.
closedThe meeting will be held in a closed room
orderlyThe orderly room was spotless, with everything in its place.
dimHe sat in the dim room lost in thought.
fourThe spacious house had four rooms upstairs.
secretI discovered a secret room hidden behind the bookcase.
musicThe students gathered in the music room for their weekly choir practice.
brightThe bright room was filled with sunlight.

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