Adjectives for Round

Adjectives For Round

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing round, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'round' in any context can subtly change its meaning, creating an array of nuanced interpretations. Whether it's the 'first' round, signifying the beginning of a series, the 'second' or 'third' indicating progression, the 'next' round promising future action, a 'new' round introducing fresh opportunities, or even a 'daily' round establishing routine; each adjective sets a distinct tone and expectation. The adjectives we pair with 'round' paint a vivid picture of sequence, renewal, and frequency, shedding light on the importance of descriptive precision in communication. Explore the full list of adjectives to enrich your understanding and use of the noun 'round'.
firstWe are in the first round and I feel that we have a good chance of winning.
secondIn the second round the competitors were much more evenly matched.
nextI hope you win the next round
newWe are starting a new round of the game.
dailyThe doctor completed his daily round of patient examinations.
thirdThe third round of negotiations was the most difficult.
lastThe last round of the competition was incredibly intense.
finalThe final round of the competition will be held next week.
wholeThe whole round was the most exciting part of the show.
fourthThe fourth round of interviews was the most difficult.
endlessThe endless round of work left him feeling exhausted.
usualHe followed his usual round of visiting the sick and praying.
singleThe sniper took aim with a single round
merryThe merry round brought a smile to the children's faces.
yearThe resort is open year round
fullShe took a full round of the park on her morning run.
latestThe startup had attracted millions of dollars in its latest round of funding.
fifthThe boxer won the match in the fifth round
shortIndiana Jones teamed up with Short round in Temple of Doom.
currentThe current round of negotiations has been difficult.
constantThe constant round of meetings left her exhausted.
annualThe daffodils made an annual round of the garden.
initialWe won the initial round of the competition.
dullThe dull round blade of the knife struggled to cut through the thick fabric.
previousThe team won the previous round but lost this one.
sixthThe sixth round of negotiations concluded successfully.
ceaselessThe relentless machine worked in a ceaseless round producing countless items without rest.
freshThe baker made a fresh round of bread every morning.
seventhThe seventh round was a difficult one for the boxer.
continualShe felt trapped in a continual round of monotonous tasks.
seasonalThe seasonal round is the progression of tasks and activities associated with the different seasons of the year.
wearyThe weary round of daily life eventually wore me down.
continuousThe continuous round of applause lasted for several minutes.
eternalThe eternal round of life and death is beyond human comprehension.
centreThe whole of the children's education should centre round their needs.
regularThe regular round of the competition has started.
mortarThe mortar round exploded with a deafening roar.
sharpThe sharp round knife sliced through the butter effortlessly.
perpetualThe perpetual round of life and death continues without end.
monotonousThe monotonous round of daily life eventually dragged on his spirits.
eighthThe boxer was knocked out in the eighth round
drearyThe dreary round of the days went on.
perfectThe large moon appeared in the sky as a perfect round
inchThe inch round pipe was perfect for the project.
narrowThe narrow round window had a clear view of the mountains.
quickThe boxer finished the fight with a quick round
topThe top round roast is a lean and flavorful cut of beef that is perfect for roasting or grilling.
yearlyThe concert will be held in the town square yearly round
preliminaryThe preliminary round of the competition was intense.
ninthThe boxer was knocked out in the ninth round
trivialWe discussed trivial round throughout the meeting.
longestThis was the longest round of applause I've ever heard.
lowestI've hit the lowest round of golf of my life!
busyThe children were busy round the Christmas tree.
bentThe chimneys were all bent round and the roofs were askew.
topmostThe topmost round of the treehouse offered a panoramic view.
unceasingThe millstone turned in an unceasing round
curvedThe road curved round the mountain.
incessantThe incessant round of parties and social events left her feeling exhausted.
familiarHer favorite spot was under the familiar round oak table.
customaryThe customary round of shaking hands and chatting in the foyer was dispensed with.
quietThe quiet round of golf was just what he needed to unwind.
theI saw the round ball in the field.
nightlyThe doctor made his nightly round of the hospital.

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