Adjectives for Route

Adjectives For Route

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing route, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a route can illuminate its character and purpose, guiding readers through the literal or metaphorical paths it traverses. Whether it's the same route taken daily, a direct path cutting through the landscape, a circuitous journey full of unexpected turns, the shortest distance between two points, or the main road bustling with activity, each modifier adds a layer of meaning. Opting for a different route, on the other hand, suggests an exploration beyond the familiar. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives to discover the nuances each brings to the journey ahead.
sameThe two buses took the same route and arrived at the same time.
directThe direct route is the shortest path to the destination.
circuitousThe circuitous route led them to their destination much later than expected.
shortestTake the shortest route to get to the destination.
mainThe main route to the city is through the highway.
differentWe can take a different route to avoid traffic.
bestWe need to find the best route to the destination.
onlyThe only route to success is through hard work.
alternativeThe closure meant that they had to take an alternative route to get home.
northernThe northern route is the most scenic.
southernWe will take the southern route to avoid the traffic.
majorTruck drivers are required to stop at every major route
intravenousThe medication was administered by the intravenous route
possibleI'm sorry, but I cannot provide a sentence with "possible route".
shorterWe took the shorter route to save time.
usualWe took our usual route to the store.
alternateSorry, I can't find an alternate route at the moment.
entireThe entire route was closed off for the marathon.
easyShe took the easy route and didn't do any research for her paper.
roundaboutTo avoid traffic, we took a roundabout route to the airport.
shortThe short route to the beach took us through a scenic forest.
regularThe bus driver had to deviate from his regular route as the road was blocked by a tree.
longerThe truck had to take a longer route since the bridge was closed.
centralThe central route to persuasion is more effective when people are motivated to think carefully.
westernThe western route is the shortest way to get to the city.
preferredThe preferred route would be to take the highway then turn left on Main Street.
indirectShe took an indirect route to avoid the traffic jam.
scenicWe took the scenic route to enjoy the beautiful countryside.
quickestFollow the quickest route to get there on time.
latterIn addition to the aforementioned method, a latter route can be taken.
traditionalThe traditional route to the summit is via the south ridge.
intramuscularThe intramuscular route is a method of administering medication directly into muscle tissue.
easiestThe easiest route is the one that is most direct.
mileThe 10-mile route was too long for the beginners.
difficultOur journey along the difficult route was fraught with obstacles.
safeTake the safe route to avoid any potential hazards.
ancientThe ancient route led to the ruins of a civilization that had flourished centuries ago.
principalThe principal route from A to B is via C.
coastalWe decided to take the coastal route to enjoy the beautiful ocean views.
practicableThe most practicable route is through the valley.
seaThe new sea route has significantly reduced the travel time between the two countries.
exactWe will take the exact route back to the airport.
southThe south route is the fastest way to get to the city.
easierTaking the easier route was the smarter decision in the long run.
easternThe eastern route is the most scenic.
westTake the west route to get to the city center.
convenientTraveling through this convenient route will save you a lot of time.
obviousThe obvious route would be to take the highway.
tradeThe Silk Road was an ancient trade route that connected the East and the West.
deviousThe spy took a devious route to avoid detection.
intendedWe will have to adjust the intended route based on the weather conditions.
fastestThe fastest route to our destination is via the expressway.
familiarI took the familiar route home to avoid getting lost.
staticThe network administrator configured a static route to ensure that traffic destined for the remote network is routed correctly.
safestPlease take the safest route back home.
syntheticThe synthetic route to this compound was not straightforward.
atlanticThe Atlantic route is a popular choice for travelers heading to Europe.
circularWe will take a circular route to avoid the traffic in the city.
likelyThe likely route to the village is through the forest.
southerlyThe ship took a southerly route to avoid the storm.
plannedWe should stick to the planned route
northerlyThe explorers decided to take a northerly route to reach their destination.
throughThe new road was built as a through route for lorries.
feasibleThe engineers studied numerous options, and eventually decided that option B was the most feasible route
nearestThe nearest route to the city is through the highway.

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