Adjectives for Royal

Adjectives For Royal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing royal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'royal' carries a weight of dignity and grandeur, hinting at a world beyond the ordinary. When paired with adjectives, the nuance can shift dramatically, painting a vivid picture of the subject. A 'handsome royal' evokes an image of gallant aesthetics, while 'large royal' suggests opulence and spaciousness. The term 'old royal' wraps the subject in a cloak of tradition and history. Each adjective, from 'first' to 'more', and 'mont', layers an additional shade of meaning, offering a kaleidoscope through which to view royalty. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to discover the multifaceted narratives they unfold.
handsomeThe handsome royal prince charmed the hearts of all who met him.
largeThe large royal palace was a magnificent sight to behold.
oldThe old royal family tree spans centuries.
firstThe first royal to visit the new school was Prince Charles.
moreThe lions were treated more royally than the zoo's other animals.
neatThe neat royal was greeted by the king and queen.
palaisThe Palais royal is a former royal palace in Paris.
rightThe king threw a right royal party for his subjects.
mostThe queen was the most royal person in the entire kingdom.
portPort royal was a pirate haven in the 17th century.
frontFront royal is a town in Virginia.
prerogativeThe prerogative royal is the right of the sovereign to act according to his or her own judgment.
astronomerThe astronomer royal is the official astronomer of the United Kingdom.
princessThe Princess royal was the eldest daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
historiographerThe historiographer royal has meticulously chronicled the history of the royal family for centuries.
mainThe main royal residence is Buckingham Palace.
lateThe late royal was known for his charitable work.
imperialThe imperial royal family was revered by the people.
chapelThe chapel royal is a place of worship for the sovereign and the royal family.
presentThe present royal family has been ruling the country for over a century.
courtThe court royal was a gathering of the most powerful people in the kingdom.
formerThe former royal family now lives in a secluded villa.
britishThe British royal family has a long and storied history.
lessThe cardinal was less royal than the bishop.
hisHe was given a garland by his royal highness.
famousThe famous royal used to live in a large castle.
valeThe Vale royal today is a borough of Cheshire, England.
englishThe english royal family has a long and storied history.
battleThe battle royal was a fierce fight between the top contenders.
doubleThe queen wore a double royal diamond necklace.
chantThe chant royal is a nineteenth-century poetic form.
cityThe city royal was a bustling hub of trade and commerce.
ancientThe ancient royal palace still towers over the rest of the buildings in the city.
bloodLady Jane Grey, who was of blood royal was unjustly executed.
charlesbourgThe Charlesbourg royal was the first ship to reach New France in 1608.
annapolisAnnapolis royal is a town in western Nova Scotia, Canada.
herI hope to meet her royal majesty, the queen.
pennyI love the smell of penny royal in the spring.
thickThe thick royal velvet robe was especially admired.
oppositeThe group of protesters held opposite royal banners.
carrierThe carrier royal was a large warship used by the British Royal Navy in the 16th and 17th centuries.
elegantHer elegant royal demeanor was a testament to her noble lineage.
mizzenThe mizzen royal is the highest sail on the mizzen mast of a sailing ship.
princeThe prince royal was a handsome young man.
minorThe minor royal was escorted by guards.
majestyThe majesty royal ceremony was a grand spectacle.
trampThe tramp royal wandered from town to town, a solitary figure on the dusty roads.
superThe Queen celebrated the super royal milestone of her 60th yearreign.
cannonThe cannon royal fired a deafening roar, sending shrapnel and terror across the battlefield.
nearbyThe nearby royal palace was built in 16th century.
magnificentThe magnificent royal peacock strutted its iridescent plumage.
calledThe variety called royal had a bright crimson colour.
mineThe swarthy gentleman entered the mine royal and was dazzled by its riches.
hotelWe stayed at the luxurious Hotel royal for our wedding anniversary.
centuryWellington's victory at Waterloo in the early 19th century royal helped to define Britain as a great power.
demiThe demi royal was a type of cannon that was used in the 16th and 17th centuries
longerHe spent many longer royal hours in the library.
belovedThe beloved royal was known for his kindness and generosity.
sportTennis is known as the sport royal

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