Adjectives for Running

Adjectives For Running

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing running, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe running can dramatically alter the perception of the activity. Whether you're talking about a smooth morning jog that sets the tone for the day, a free and liberating sprint, or a meticulously calculated distance run aimed at efficiency, each adjective unveils a unique aspect of running. From the effortless glide of a smooth run to the strategic pacing of an efficient one, and the authenticity of the actual experience, adjectives color our understanding and appreciation of running in nuanced ways. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives below to explore the myriad facets of running.
smoothThe car's smooth running impressed the test driver.
dayThe car had its day running lights on.
freeI love doing free running when I work out.
distanceDistance running is a popular form of exercise.
efficientThe new car has an efficient running engine.
actualThe actual running time of the program depends on the input.
normalShe has a normal running speed.
continuousShe refused to concede defeat and continued continuous running
dailyI enjoy my daily running routine.
longThe long running show has been on the air for over a decade.
successfulThe athlete's years of dedicated training have now resulted in a successful running career.
slowThe runner's slow running didn't help them win the race.
westThe west running river soon joined the larger stream on the other side of the valley.
gunThe authorities are currently investigating a case of international gun running
properMaintaining proper running form will help you avoid injuries.
currentThe current running through the wire heated it up.
overThe project is over running and we need to find a way to speed it up.
hardThe hard running could help to win the race.
steadyI went for a steady running in the park yesterday morning.
longestThe longest running TV drama in the United States is 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,' with over 450 episodes.
swiftThe deer's swift running enabled it to escape the predator.
parallelThe application of parallel running is the ability to run multiple programs or processes simultaneously on a computer system.
silentThe spaceship stealthily cruised through the vastness of space, its silent running mode ensuring it remained undetected.
lateI will be late running for the bus because it departed early.
effectiveEffective running involves a combination of proper form, endurance, and efficient energy usage.
constantThe constant running had taken its toll on his body.
rapidThe player's rapid running allowed him to escape the defenders.
quietThe lawnmower's quiet running allowed me to enjoy the peaceful morning.
everydayEveryday running is a great way to stay in shape.
competitiveCompetitive running is a sport that requires dedication and perseverance.
regularRegular running can improve your cardiovascular health.
smootherThe latest software update has enabled smoother running of the computer.
ordinaryHer ordinary running routine had become a peaceful escape from her busy life.
countryThe country running event took place on a beautiful Saturday morning.
wildThe wild running horses galloped across the open plains.
overallHis overall running was 12 kilometers.
frontThe traders were accused of front running the stock market.
safeRemember to follow safety precautions while safe running
quickThe quick running hare sped away from the crawling tortoise.
clandestineThe clandestine running of weapons across the border was a dangerous operation.
orderlyThe orderly running of the store was a calming sight.
excessiveThe excessive running made his legs sore.
economicalThe economical running of this car makes it a great choice for budget-conscious drivers.
dryThe new engine will begin dry running next week.
satisfactoryThe performance of the machine after services was satisfactory running without any problems.
irregularThe runner's irregular running pattern made it difficult to predict their next move.
coolThe cool running water provided a refreshing respite from the summer heat.
strenuousThe strenuous running left John exhausted and out of breath.
halfThe girl was half running to catch the train.
unevenThe car experienced uneven running due to a faulty ignition coil.
lightThe light running shoes are perfect for everyday activities.
emptyThe empty running of the conveyor belt was noticeably noisy.
fastThe dog was fast running towards the park.
intervalThe workout calls for a series of interval running segments.
fairShe did fair running in the race.
routineI incorporate routine running into my daily schedule.
voluntaryThe researchers found that voluntary running improved spatial memory in the mice.
skiSki running is a great way to get around in the winter.
franticThe students were engaged in frantic running around the track.
stationaryI prefer stationary running to jogging outside.

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